Draw My Life: ThreadBanger

What’s up, ThreadBanger? Rob and Corinne here with the
Draw My Life ThreadBanger edition. But before you get to know
ThreadBanger, you’ve got to get to know
the people who started it. Since I’m 14 days older than Rob,
I’m going to go first. My mom and dad both joined
the air force after high school. My dad’s from Florida,
and my mom’s from Pennsylvania. They were both stationed in Turkey
for their first assignment. Yeah, not the bird,
the actual country. I was conceived in Turkey,
I imagine, during a scene
kind of like this one, but I really don’t want to
talk about that. After Turkey, my parents both
went back to the United States, where they found out my mom
was pregnant and had a
shotgun wedding. The air force brought them
to Las Vegas, Nevada, where I was born. But after a year and a half,
my parents got divorced, and I moved with my mom,
through the air force,
to New Jersey. We lived on McGuire Air Force Base,
New Jersey. Then, when I was about 4 years old,
my mom and dad got back together and, when I was six,
had my baby brother Schuyler. We lived a very happy life
at that time. I did things like Girl Scouts
and ballet and drama, and then, when I was
in the 10th grade, we found out we were moving
to Orlando, Florida, and I was very sad,
and I wrote a lot of sad poetry and drew a lot of pictures
of sad people. But I eventually made friends
and had a great last couple years
of high school. So my name’s Rob.
How’s it going, everybody? I was born in Miami, Florida, and lived alongside my mom,
my dad, and my older brother. My dad was completely obsessed
with video cameras, so we always had the latest one,
which meant my and my brother making a lot
of stupid videos growing up. If I had a book report to do,
I would be the kid in the back of your class
that made a video instead. I wasn’t the coolest,
to say the least. Now, I didn’t get cool
until the end of middle school, when I learned about bands
like Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails. I went from being grunge Rob
to goth Rob to raver Rob
in a short period of time. In the 11th grade, my high school
TV morning announcement
program that I hosted ended up getting me a job
hosting a local kids TV show. Since I was already in the biz,
once I graduated high school, I blew college right off and moved
directly out to Hollywood. So right after I graduated
high school, my parents
got divorced, big surprise, and my mom
moved to Destin, Florida, and I moved in with my friend
Danielle into our first apartment
ever. We pretty much wreaked havoc
and partied way too much. Needless to say, we didn’t attend
classes as much as we needed to. But anyway, Danielle would always
tell me about Rob and how much
I would like him, but we never actually met. Eventually, Danielle and I both
pleaded to move back in
with our parents, so I moved to Destin, Florida,
and she moved to Miami, Florida. In Destin, I got a job
waiting tables and actually made a lot of money
doing that and started dating a guy
named Aaron. We started doing a lot of research
and learning about the environment and starving children and just
all the F-ed up things that are
happening in the world, so that brought us to Haiti,
where we opened a safe haven in Port-au-Prince
for street chidren, and we also built a school
in the countryside of Haiti. That’s where I started doing
my first documentary-type work and editing my first videos. That’s about the time
when I was out in Hollywood
having my dreams crushed. Okay, well, not really.
I did some cool stuff. I had a couple cool jobs,
but none like when I was hired by AOL
to make daily video blogs
for them. My job: travel the world,
live on rock tours, interviewing rock bands
and reporting from shows. It was amazing. After nearly four summers
of living on the Warped Tour, you get pretty good at pinning,
sewing, stenciling, and ripping up
your clothing. This was the punk rock
Rob phase and my first introduction
into DIY. Then one day I got a call
from my mom, and she told me she had cancer. And within a year and a half,
she passed away. I pretty much freaked the fuck out. Corinne’s mom passed away
about six months before mine, and it was pretty rough. This took me back to Florida
for a while to be with my family. Corinne just happened to be there
also and recently single. She was roommates again
with Danielle, which was great, and that brought me over
quite a bit. One thing led to the other,
and Corinne and I started dating. On our very first date,
Corinne ended up skinny dipping
in the ocean. That pretty much sealed the deal. She apparently doesn’t want me
to tell you that part of the story. Due to our touring and traveling
and bus-living kind of lifestyle, we ended up both jumping onto
one of Corinne’s friends’
veggie buses, which is a bus that runs
on recycled vegetable oil. This was definitely
the hippie Rob phase. And then one day,
completely out of nowhere, this crazy stomach thing happened
and I had to go to the hospital and have 18 inches of my
large intestine removed. It was awesome. I stayed with Rob day and night
in the hospital, and then we moved into
Rob’s dad’s house. One day, someone from Rob’s
old Hollywood days called him and asked us if we were interested
in making videos for the Internet. So we flew to New York City
and pitched them ThreadBanger. They loved it, and in 2007
we started posting videos
to YouTube. Yeah, we were actually technically
one of the very first DIY how-to channels to come out
on YouTube and have consistent
programming. Eventually, this led us
to moving out to New York City, where we worked out of
a small studio with other channels like Indy Mogul, Barely Political,
and Vsauce. We were in Brooklyn
for about three years making ThreadBanger
and traveled the country meeting tons of designers
and artists. It was awesome. In Brooklyn, we met Meg,
and we actually lived right down
the street from her. It was such a great time
of friends, DIY, and the birth of Internet video. In 2008, the economy came
to a screeching halt, and by 2010, we weren’t able
to make ThreadBanger anymore. To keep the lights one,
we left Brooklyn and moved across the country to Los Angeles. And after seven years,
I finally proposed to Corinne, and she said yes.
Sweet. To make money, I began making
videos for folks like Craft Magazine
and About.com. And I started working
at a fancy Beverly Hills
talent agency that specialized in some of the
larger YouTube channels. So for like two years I worked
alongside folks like Freddie W., the Annoying Orange,
Epic Meal Time,
tons of great people. But we really missed
the ThreadBanger community and spent a lot of nights
crying about it. So when YouTube said that
they would help fund ThreadBanger this year, we said, “Hell yeah.” I quit my job, and Corinne
returned full time to the channel. And that brings us up to now. We’ve got almost 200,000
subscribers, which is awesome, and we’re now putting out
three shows a week— every Tuesday, Thursday,
and Saturday. Our entire lives are devoted
to ThreadBanger. So if you want to see more,
be sure you click that red button right there. And, hey, we’ve got some more
videos, so if you want to check out
another one, click this box right here. Thanks for watching, everybody,
and we’ll see you next time.

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