Dr. Phil Questions Woman Accused Of Being A Con Artist About Her Prior Criminal Record

you said that you’ve never had any other criminal activity other than that one thing well according to public record police court documents that’s not exactly true is it you you asked me if I’ve had if I was ever been charged I said the only thing I’ve ever been charged with was slapping the girl yeah I had a constable in 2001 and I fought back and now everything that he said was false then I had another girl in 2005 that did the same thing they jumped on the constables bandwagon and I was awarded half a million dollars by the state of Louisiana and the Department of Agriculture because I fought back it was all false and then the deal with the 2001 I’ve already sat there and said I did it I did it okay I did it so total pattern no this isn’t a pattern that man that man sought me out you didn’t see the Channel 2 News in Houston do you think I saw it after that I don’t believe everything I see on TV especially you know what artists you shouldn’t either that’s for sure you surely shouldn’t listen to what you’re doing today 2005 why would I be awarded federal court why would I be awarded against the Louisiana Department always how much do your works is the one you decided you know why are you twisting the story around there you just said to Thomas pointing out you said you’d never had any other criminal activity and that’s just not true I’ve never had any charges here I’ve never caught her they never caught you know – you had issuance of bad checks and you know to where your criminal record says you plead no contest to that I’ve no mm to me she has so many she forgets them it’s in the public record well I’ll be glad to look it up when I get back you have a case pending now for identity theft from your mother that apparently phone company says right – I think we presented that yeah yeah that turned yourself in that not happen but your old mother had you arrested but then the phone company says that that was a mixup that you shouldn’t ever have been they didn’t say mix-up yeah II did the letter yeah they said that you didn’t do anything wrong I know because my mother was standing there right beside me we went in there together that’s what I’m saying yeah I didn’t do anything wrong you’re right I didn’t what the hell he argued about them there are a lot of people that are upset according to the Facebook group ELISA and Michael say that there was this default on the verbal house agreement Regina says there was a default on the verbal business agreement Jennifer says there was a default on a verbal agreement concerning a horse and a some kind of bed set chastity says there was a default on a verbal agreement and concerning a car and unpaid wages demarcus said unpaid wages Britney says the problem with intimidation family at the rodeo Johnny says intimidation of family a former friend Cindy says restraining order threat to slap 13 year-old default agreement regarding a horse lorry intimidation and harassment children says there’s not supposed to be any conversation a mother identity-theft that we said was not did not happen family member that sides with the Facebook group there seems to be a pattern of conflict that you seem to be in conflict with a lot of I got some things to say the other side of this but I’m just saying if you know if you do you get up in the morning go to the gas station and you know fight breaks out and you leave there and go to the church and the fight breaks out and you leave there and go to the grocery store and a fight breaks out maybe I shouldn’t be going anywhere you kind of need to wonder what the common denominator is anybody can say anything but it doesn’t mean it’s actually fact I’m asking you do you have any ownership in any of this and I think I said yeah

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