38 thoughts on “Dr. Choi’s Patient Goes to Extremes – Chicago Med (Episode Highlight)”

  1. aw he always tries to save his patients and do right by them for their health, even when they don't want to. i like dr choi ☺️

  2. Natalie is bored when we go to see the halstead brothers without suffering and happy and in love with other love interests please ask the public and we are tired of memory loss Natalie and Hayley Upton who never decides

  3. This movie is weirder and weirder! So what do we learn in this film : THAT DOCTORS SHOULD LET PATIENTS DYE…. I'm not going to what any more of this nonsense…

  4. that we are going to have to lower the entire chicago med ranking so that he understands that we do not want this triangle to leave it as the last to understand that we no longer want Philips understands writers audience this boring of this story wants us to continue punishing them

  5. The sound that came out of my mouth when maggie said stop was like the onevine with the lipstick in the valentino bag. lol

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