Do's and Don'ts of Realistic Eye Painting Art

hey hoodie I have this idea for a video that I want to help with I figured I'd paint one half of a face and you can pay the other half of the face yeah so we'd be basically demonstrating how to paint realistic eyes oh yeah yeah okay when does this so god good but I I just wanted to make sure you knew before we got into it that you know the reason I want your help is because I'd be demonstrating like yes no I understand we're demonstrating realistic eyes oh yeah if you difference yeah okay so any speak and lies to do you moving but packing a bit of watermelon it's really getting heavy I think it's time for Isis go ahead and get started I know what I'm doing we'll be fine all right yeah yeah so with a little help from hoody we are going to do a do's and don'ts of painting realistic eyes today thank you to super ray dizzle for her d's and don'ts of drawing realistic eyes inspiration for today's video I will link it in the description below and without any further ado let's jump right into it welcome to the voice-over straightaway we're going in with a very peachy tone without heavy using any complimentary colors we get a very bright pink on our skin we want a more muted tone next time and with a straight white on our eyeball we do not have any definition of the actual spherical shape of our eyeballs so that is why shading is very important here on our iris how do you went in with a straight brown most irises are gonna have a bit more color contrast and definition especially my eyes are actually a hazel versus of groan now on those eyelashes Heidi had much too large of a paintbrush for this task while hoody did a great job in fanning the eyelashes away from the eyeball you want to create a bit of a thicker base and then move toward a thinner tip at the end that eyebrow is just one solid block versus doing the individual structure of it and well hoodie did a great job acknowledging that little inner fleshy corner I want to make sure we do a mixed color versus a straight from the tube red lots of black outlining is going into this and very flat colors without any shading you're not going to have a realistic overall effect now on my side I very weirdly decided to go in and do the eyelashes at first but quickly abandon that and went right into my iris now I have a blue outer rim followed by a green and then a brown in the middle I think it's important to paint what you're seeing directly in your reference photo and not just assume you know what colors you're working with and I do emphasize using a reference photo for your portraits if you are in fact going for a realistic look now on my side I am using a blue to show the shadows where the eye is more recessed in the face and only hitting the very front of the eyeball with that bright white to show that it is protruding the most and getting light on top of it showing a little bit of light reflecting in the eyeball depending on your light source that might look a little different and then for my outlining around to my eye I am using more naturalistic pinks and browns versus a black outline and creating a water line on the bottom that water line will be where our eyelashes come out of on the bottom of the eye whereas Hoodie did them straight from the eyeball we actually want them to come out of the water line next I'm doing a crease in my eyelid since I do have a crease out eyelid you may have more of a hooded shape and we are going in and using that same color to define the outside of the eyeball and putting a little bit of pink in that inner corner versus the straight red onto the outside of our eyeball you want to make sure you are hitting the brow bone and cheek bone with the highlights they are the most protruding on the face so they get more light on them whereas the inside socket of your eyes and have a lot more shadowing it is more recessed and now onto those eyebrows we want to do a thin brush with individual hairs growing in the direction that your hair's naturally grow going up in the inner corner and moving towards the tail if you do have little flyaway hairs like I do you can put those in as well more definition in our eyebrow crease I eyelid crease and now onto our eye lashes which are think of the base and get thinner to the tip you want to make sure you do fan it around the eyeball but if you have some criss-crossing ones that is actually quite natural to see that and now we are doing very thin light bottom lashes much shorter than the top lashes just going to define our shadows and highlights a bit more show the actual bone structure coming through that bone structure is everything and showing what the person looks like so really make sure you're getting your shading correct and then like hoodie I am gonna put in some of those little creases under my eyes and some freckles but we're gonna use much more purpley brown tones versus a black if you guys are interested in some of the do's and don'ts of the other facial features make sure you leave it in the comments below I am very interested in doing the do's and don'ts of realistic hair is very simple to achieve once you get a grasp of it so if you guys are interested in seeing that make sure you hit the like button on this video so I can gauge some interest and there you have it here is our finished product I'm actually stoked about the way this came out I love the contrast of looking at the do's and dont's do's and dont's don't and a big THANK YOU to hoody for being so willing to demonstrate some of the amateur mistakes that are made in the process of making our realistic eyes well I think things are sorted between me and hoody now half of that little miscommunication if you guys are interested in seeing the do's and don'ts of realistic hair painting make sure you drop a like on this video and we will see you guys next Friday bye

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  1. Great Video I do believe you have had more than one acting class? I may be mistaken, just natural flair? In any case I truly love watching you videos and want to thank you for continuing to create wonderful content for all to enjoy! Be sure to catch my question about Water-soluble Oil paint . . . Have a lovely week-end.

  2. Very nice 👍 cud you pls tell me the mix of colors for that last coat of skin color that you applied all over the right side? I know tht various colors are used etc …actually i just want to knw tht last coats mix break up….since m really hvng a hard time reaching tht color😐

  3. Book called Figure Drawing
    Design and Invention
    By: Michael Hampton
    Figure Drawing: Design and Invention

  4. I thought Hoodie and Robin were the same person but in this video they were talking to each other and were in the video at the same time so there is no way they are the same person.

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