What’s the deal with all the hate on soy
recently? For some reason, it’s been part of a popular
term used in a way to emasculate others. Supposedly you’re less of a man if you eat
soy regularly cuz soy KILLS YOUR TESTOSTERONE. Before we even dive into it… yes, it’s
a ridiculous claim born entirely out of hyperbolic reactions and sheer ignorance of the sciences. Per usual in this channel, let’s quell this
claim with a solid dose of research. The main issue stems from soybeans containing
something called phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens do in fact interact with our
sex hormones, notably estrogen and… testosterone, and also their respective receptors. It can bind to estrogen receptors, where in
men it can mean a greater estrogenic effect. In the same breath, it’s interaction with
androgen receptors might ultimately lead to a reduction in testosterone. These phytoestrogen properties are in fact
true, particularly the phytoestrogens in soy known as isoflavones. The only problem is that the imposed effects
are rather weak compared to the effects of estrogen and androgens themselves. And that’s where we see the testosterone-killing
claim of soy fall short in the research. A 2001 paper in Japan showed that compared
to a control, drinking roughly one and a half cups of soymilk per day for 8 weeks did not
have any statistical effect in total and free-testosterone levels. A 2007 study looked at young men split into
four groups consuming either 50 grams of soy concentrate, soy isolate, a soy isolate and
whey blend, or a whey blend only. After 12 weeks, total and free testosterone
as well as lean mass gains were similar across all groups. Much of the same is seen in a longer 3-month
study in 2006 done on older men (>50), where eating soy at amounts similar to Asian countries
did not affect testosterone. And once more, this time in a high quality
2010 meta-analysis detailing 32 different papers, found that soy protein or isoflavone
intake had no significant effects on free and total testosterone. However, having TOO much soy might still pose
a problem. In 2008, a study found that exposing rats
to 20 milligrams of isoflavones per kilogram of bodyweight did lower plasma testosterone
by 35% compared to control. When we adjust the amounts of isoflavone consumption
to equal that of a 180-pound male, that adds up to 1,636 milligrams of isoflavones per
day. Or in a simpler scale, that adds up to FIFTY
FOUR… and a half cups of soymilk DAILY. As mentioned earlier, consuming amounts equivalent
to that of Asian countries, where soy consumption is the most prevalent, did not cause any testosterone
dips. That amount if roughly 65 milligrams of isoflavones,
well well well below the amount in the rat study. Suffice to say, the testosterone-killing claim
looks to be effectively quashed. But if you’re even remotely concerned about
it, then just remember, like everything else, moderation is key. Based on the research, it looks like a safe
bet to consume up to 50 grams of soy protein per day without any problems. As for the type of soy foods, fermented soy
or tofu are decent choice, containing fewer phytoestrogens than raw or whole soybeans. IF you want to use soy protein supplements,
shoot for soy concentrates or isolates that are alcohol washed, which removes almost all
of the phytoestrogen content. As long as you’re not getting all of your
protein from soy, then chances are things will be fine. But to reiterate, soy DOES not kill your testosterone
despite what the media might tell you. Practice moderation and enjoy your soy milk
or tofu curry from time to time. It’s gonna be okay. If you’re enjoying all these fitness and
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in the comments. Also, let me know what other strange claim
out there with a lot of blind support you think needs addressing. As always, thank you for watching and GET
YOUR PROTEIN. From soy if you like.

100 thoughts on “Does SOY Lower TESTOSTERONE?”

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  2. Soy consumed in the East is a different species and most often fermented first and have almost zero isoflavones. I.e. Using studies from Japan which shows no estrogen effect does not apply to the West. Soy studies in the west are also iffy because they use natural soy or isolates derived from natural soy when in fact 99.9% of soy in the US food-chain is GMO soy packed to the brim with phytoestrogen. Until studies are done on GMO soy specifically, use at your own risk.

  3. Did the studies focus on unfermented soy? That's where the phytoestrogens come from.
    Furthermore what's important about reversing its effects is doing regular exercise, at least daily

  4. Even if it does not have effect, (which it does) Why would anyone care to defend this shit that is bad for us anyway, there are many examples of dead soy fed babies, just eat normal food, you will be fine.

  5. Studies aren't looking at real medical impacts of long term soy consumption. Yes, your hormones are not affected while consuming soy (in moderate quantities), however human bodies react on a negative feedback basis. When your body is pumped with external sources of estrogen, your body will compensate for this by a) producing less estrogen and/or b) producing more testosterone. The real issue is what happens when you stop consuming soy. Since your body is no longer pumped with estrogen your body may not be able to adjust. Think of what happens to a guys balls after getting off steroids (STERILE ANYONE?)

  6. People stating these "facts" are the same people who totally ignore the tremendous amount of estrogen in cow's milk and beer

  7. Wait people actually think of you even see soy you turn into a women I always thought a soy diet over time would make the estrogen over power the testorone to make you effeminate

  8. Wait, so free testosterone levels didn't lower, but isn't the issue that the isoflavones can attach to androgen recptors?

  9. Dude, your reputation proves what you were trying to disapprove. You’re saying that so he does lower testosterone in high amounts… Well what if you’re getting another Waze?

  10. y…yeah soy does reduce testosterone levels….BUT GUYS! GUYS! IT'S NOT LIKE YOU CAN'T HAVE ONE GLASS OF SOY MILK ONCE IN A WHILE ! KEEP BUYING SOY!

  11. Thank you for this. I'm tired of the BS propaganda spread around the internet and through the media about soy. It's like repeat a lie enough times until it becomes the truth. This world is a little bit of a joke sometimes, like it really is but hey, what fun would it be if the world was perfect. It's getting better, I think.

  12. Seems legit. However , the first study you find when googling "soy kills testosterone" is this one:

    Im heavily confused sometimes. Seems like tjat there are studies which support both sides of an argument on basically any discussion..

  13. You used japanese soy which is fermented which changes the chemical compound (gross oversimplification) . Us soy is not fermented and is always gmo. So yea soy isnt something you should chase. And it does have estrogen mimicing phytoestrogens which can affect hormone levels. Also using asians who have been eating soy for generations. The west has not

  14. So you say it does lower testosterone and then you say it doesnt.. Same double talk as always. SOY IS ESTROGENIC..DONT EAT SOY POINT BLANK..

  15. So it is indeed safe for men to be vegetarian without losing all his gains and turning into a flamboyant soy boy. lol I figured it was exaggerated.

  16. So it does…"insignificantly" No increase in testosterone no "significant" decrease. But minutely it does

  17. Now your twisting the result data it does not affect the free testosterone it does however block testosterone receptors
    Therefore reducing the testosterone uptake inbyge make body
    That why there is a maximum recommended in take.
    Next the results in western European make and Asian males
    Where significantly different please if your going to use data use it responsibly.
    Asian males due to evolution of diet do not respond to soya the same as western European males. Where soya intake did have a huge effect on testosterone uptake by the body and reduced testosterone levels to that seen in Asian males.

    As some who has testosterone production problems soya in my diet has a huge effect on my levels
    Never have more than 50g soya a day and avoid eating soya

  18. That up-scaling logic is wrong unless there is a reason to back it up.
    You can use the same logic when looking at drugs, e. i., 120lbs man would need a one inhale of crack to get high, so 300 lbs would need 3x as much or 3 inhales, but we know that is not how it works.

  19. If you want to know how the people who think soy ruins your testosterone levels think, start watching from the beginning but stop at 1:00.

  20. Funny how he initially says it doesn't kill testosterone then recommends eating 'alcohol washed' soy that removes phytoestrogens.
    The affirmation should actually be:
    Estrogen does kill testosterone, but just a little.

  21. Why are all these test only done with soy milk the most water down version what about the meat/soy blends I would love to see this done on them

  22. What this video got wrong was the fact that in Asian countries where human consumption of soy is high which is true, but in that part of the world soy is fermented for years which removes the testosterone lowering elements but here in America that is an uncommon practice.

  23. I like soy sauce a lot but even if it remotely affects male body, I'm not interested anymore. There are better things to give you protein like chicken breast mmm..

  24. Kind of disappointed with this video. I guess the main issue with soy is that it can exert estrogenic effects by activating estrogen receptors. The studies you mentioned almost all referred to total free testosterone though, which is a big difference.

  25. This is great. This is exactly what YouTube needs, I have one meal a week that is flavoured with soy sauce, it’s my favourite meal and I’m glad I don’t have to cut it out. Bravo fella!

  26. Oh no I have multiple health problem so I start drinking soy milk for some months it true I noticed my body skin is very soft and my erection is weak and no longer ejaculations zero semen finished I'm andropause and disappeared my hairy chest, my chest look too soft and lose hairy around my body. I start to feel freak my body look like a woman

  27. 5 secondsinot the vid "okay so its not true"
    30 seconds into the vid "okay it is true"
    50 seconds in "so wtf was the first 5 seconds bruh?"

  28. Simple the more Soy you have or eat your Oestrogen will go up and your testosterone will go lower causing your oestrogen to shoot up and then you will get the same hormones as women

  29. i tried to consume soy as my primary protein source instead of meats or legumes, which ended up being over 50g per day. I did notice a drop in drive and aggression, which was unfortunate because I've always liked soy foods. I might give it a shot another time but so far it doesn't seem to do well as a staple food, no harm done if you're having it here and there for variety

  30. Now let’s take into consideration of “vegan/vegetarians” who consumes a diet consisting of mainly soy. A vegan or vegetarian diet should be VEGETABLES, not meatless meat.

  31. What if I want to intentionally lower the amount of testosterone in my body? Is consuming 1636 mg of soy a day somehow possible? Are there other easier ways to do it?

  32. I'm actually glad soy protein is controversial… It keeps the price really cheap compared to whey protein that undergoes the same process but is priced double or triple the amount of soy powder.

  33. My friend was told, by a doctor, to eat and drink soy products as a way to begin their transition until they are able to afford hormones. My friend has the beginnings of breasts now and has yet to start hormone replacement therapy.

  34. I’ve taken soy protein since I was in 6th grade competed in Wrestling, Football, Rugby, and did Powerlifting in College. Soy hasn’t slowed me down a bit.

  35. I personally feel amazingly stronger and faster after making conscious decision to not eat soy when I have the chance. I still love tofu and use soy sauce with stir fry and sushi. but honestly. I think it affects males more a d even moreso if ur genetics don't like it.

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