DIY Drinking Glasses from a Beer Bottle

DIY Drinking Glasses from a Beer Bottle

Today on household hacker, an oldie but goodie.
Drinking glasses from beer bottles. To make your own customized drinking glasses,
you really don’t need too many materials. We’ll start with a little tupperware container
and place it on a sturdy countertop. Next we’ve got to get a flammable liquid
as we will be essentially weakening the bottle’s integrity with flame. I will be using Isopropyl
alcohol which is easily obtained at a grocery store. Pour it into the container and we can
continue on to the next step. If you don’t have any empty bottles well
then this step should prove to be quite fun. Drink a beverage of your choice and place
the bottle near the container. We just need a little string now… I am using
some yarn I found in my grandmother’s basement. It should do the trick here. Cut off enough string to wrap around the bottles
a few time and soak it in liquid for a minute or two. While it is soaking, get another container
or just use your sink and fill it with cold water. Once we ignite the bottle we will be
placing it in to the cold water bath to help separate the bottle in to two pieces. Now all you need to do is slowly and carefully
tie the string around the bottle and make sure it is snug… and secure. Once you are satisfied with your knot, simply
ignite the string and rotate the bottle around until the flame burns out. I highly suggest
doing this near water to stay on the safe side. though the flame is not much more than
that of a big candle. Once the flame burns down, place the bottle
into the water bath and if you did it right, it should split into a couple pieces. To get the split right it may take some practice
but since we have the modern invention of sand paper, we can typically smooth out any
rough edges and make this into a drinking glass that will last for a long time to come. So bottoms up and have fun, just remember
to keep it safe and wear proper protection when handling flames. See you next time.

99 thoughts on “DIY Drinking Glasses from a Beer Bottle”

  1. That looks cool!! But u should see ThreadBanger do it.. It's Funny😎 Suscribe To Me Please I will Suscribe back

  2. I might try this when it gets warmer, but i would probably have to drink real beer, leck. I like my fruity beer. Its tart and yummy~~


  4. After buying the string alcohol and beer why not just buy a fucking glass! Itll save you about 20 stitches from cutting your mouth on a fucking gay ass beer bottle glass

  5. safety glasses, safety gloves, fire extinguisher (and near water) facial mask nose and mouth cover if sanding glass. sand glass over box.

  6. its nice. but its easier and cheaper to just go buy a glass !!! :)))) i mean its super dangerous like the way you prove .. for science its nice, but for day to day use .. its not recommended !

  7. can i do this with any type of bottle, for example a wine bottle?
    I don't know because the glass is thicker as a beer bottle

  8. Key point- rinse your hand off before you light the bottle on fire if you don't want your finger to go up in flames

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