Did I Always Want To Be An Artist?

Did I always want to be an artist Well, I never really seen it as trying to be an artist because I just Would great things for the fun of it I just created art because I wanted to keep my mind off of stuff And I had every was tough life growing up as a kid. We didn’t have much money we didn’t have a lot of the things that You have now take a lot of technologies vast a lot and At the time I didn’t have there wasn’t these drawing pads all those stuff that you can do on the internet and everything and because My life was really tough. It was really low income. I didn’t really have The inner meaning I had the internet, but it was extremely slow because we had dial-up internet And if I wanted to look up something online If I had a question about something if I was to look it up on there it would take a Really long time to load and most of the time before the page was even done loading It would just freeze and I had to refresh the page But from a young age I started drawing. I’m about 4 years old and ever since then I just I kept creating things that it’s kept having fun with it I wasn’t trying to really be anybody or try to be a type of artist I just created things because I wanted to because I enjoyed it because it took my mind off of everything that was going on around me and All the things that was bothering me at that point so There were people that I looked up to I mean the famous artists that we all know of Michelangelo Leonardo DaVinci and all that so I Would look at their artwork. I will be inspired by it. I would want to create our work that Really captures you in the moment to what you see it and your Justin all of how good it is and I remember seeing those paintings and the artwork they created and It seemed like it was too good to be real I mean it was just so detailed and then I I was inspired by it, but I Didn’t want to be like that or like them. I wanted to create my own Artwork. I wanted to create it how I won is you and When I was really young I missed her drawing. I would draw no little stick figures and old dinosaurs. Uh, Just really? No, no stuffs a lot like his draw and I Just continued doing that too over and over kept drawing that and then it progressed from drawing stick figures. I would actually start drawing the faces and then I got into portraits and then as I was older, I would say I really I Started to get to drawing more at around the age of 16 I Started doing it more and more everyday spending more time on it. And then I really focused on a lot more when I was 23 years old and Then from 23 Onward I kept practicing putting work into it and then by the time I was the age of 26 That’s when I really started drawing a lot. I would spend about 10 hours a day drawing and practicing and I’m trying to get better at it and from 26 to Now I’m 28. I’ve been doing it I guess the word you could use for it would be obsessively. I’ve been doing a lot more art of work I’ve been creating a lot more doodles and abstract things and making more portraits so I never Really thought of it as Did I always want to be an artist because to me I always was an artist It was something that I started out with some very beginning so when I look back on it, I don’t remember a time of when I Wasn’t grading something so the question of if I ever wanted to be an artist, as I said, I don’t remember time of one I Wasn’t and so that started as far back as I can remember I don’t I don’t think I have really any memories before that age, but I’ll think about it and If I can ever remember anything, I’ll let you know but at the moment that’s probably about as far back as I can remember and so I Always see myself as an artist and never really seen it as trying to be an artist because I always knew that I was and so I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and keep creating artwork and I Think that I’ll get a lot better. I’ve got a lot to improve on but I’ll get there. It just takes time a lot of practice I mean It’s taking me 24 years not to get where I’m at And it might not be as good as what people might compare me to you as people that can draw a realistic artwork But I’m still practicing And I’m still having fun and I’m still working on it So if as an artist you’re at a point to where you don’t feel like you’re getting much better Just have patience keep working towards it because it’s taking me a long time to get to where I’m at. And Some people improve better at a faster rate. We’re all different. We all have our own skills and talents so just keep keep working on it, but I Always felt like I was an artist. I’ve never really seen it as something I was trying to be because I’ve I’ve always been creating it. I always will be curating and I’m having fun doing this and it’s helped me a lot through life And I was done the same for you So good. Let me know what she was thinking have you always wanted to be an artist and would you liked it great and You have a good day, and I’ll see you later. Keep on creating

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