Developer Advocacy and Creativity

Developer Advocacy and Creativity

hi I'm Sylvia spy vs. Co developer community manager I'm here with a very special guest Roger hi my name is Roger Dickinson I work out of the City office in UK and I'm a developer evangelists busy busy team you guys are always working tell us about your most recent weekends yeah so our team covers all emerging technologies so anything from AI blockchain virtuality we also run a lot of events so like hackathons so some of the recently in fact last weekend we did all women hackathon which is an Athena hack where we were getting attendees to code against weget WebEx teams and the theme of the hack was to solve the problem of plastics in oceans and they were including WebEx and chat BOTS into their their solutions which arose which was really good a couple of months ago we did another hack for children for ages from 13 to 18 and again this was a chatbot base but they were asked to build a cheeky chat bot which was anything but helpful for evil Corp and the kids the kids were just amazing it was one of most fulfilling times at Cisco for me to actually see these kids and let loose on technology and and they were just phenomenal and the things I came up with were just crazy and really inspiring you know it's a real treat to see you in person I know that I see in person sometimes but most of what I see is you through your art and I'm starting to see some similarities between similar your characters and I won't say which one just yet but tell us about your art because I know you're really passionate about that yeah so when I'm not evangelizing I am I do cartoon in animation and I've been doing it for a few years now and I've some characters captain cloud API girl Carl the net DevOps engineer and I try and use my art and animation to engage with people in a different way and that could be just through stickers I've now got an animation series that we're we're doing and in all of my presentations you will always get a cartoon of some description I want to know more about that what is a doctor machine learn artificial intelligence the guy with the glasses okay so the new character is is dr. VR so one of my focuses for the last number of months is virtual reality so I create the character dr. VR who who's been living in virtuality for the last six months and he's not come out which has had a bit of an effect on him but yet virtuality is a big topic and I'm actually talking about it this afternoon and virtuality is one of those classic example of where applications meet infrastructure because virtual reality is an application needs a very specific infrastructure requirements you need a lot of processing power so you need GPUs everywhere to deliver that content you need smart intelligent networks to actually push the content to the users where wherever they are whether they're in an office or in a remote location where in a head-mounted displays so you need intelligent infrastructure to be able to do that because one thing you can't invert reality afford is since saw it in sensorial misalignment which in other words is motion sickness which is what you can get if your your infrastructure isn't delivering so if your I move my head my the images in my head mounted display have to move exactly at the same time otherwise I'm going to start to feel ill and that is not good at vert for virtuality if people are feeling ill when they're using it I've loved definite crazies to my first definite great there's a great buzz it's very different to like a Cisco live and there's a lot of energy a lot creativity here and yeah absolutely has been an awesome time thanks very much to me let me be thank you

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