Deep in the Artist

Alright, welcome back to “Deep in the Artist.” My name is 0. What’s my process? I feel like the term process isn’t very postmodern. My work exists in a space beyond creation beyond process. I want i want you to see the artist hand but it needs to have a machine like precision. I also want you to feel very deeply while you see it. But it needs to feel effortless… My work exists in a space that is I’d say post-process, post idea, post effort. Tools are another area where I feel like other artists are using a crutch. It’s my body and it’s my mind and everything else is…is a vessel. It’s a very paternalistic relationship that I have with my art. It’s unrestrained. I allow the piece to feel how it wants and then it returns the favor to me in the way that I just don’t get from anything else. They said to me, if you continue to do this you’re going to die. Yes, it is damaging and I kill an enormous number of brain cells each piece but I’m literally killing myself for my art. Very few artists are actually willing to put in that work. I forgot the question. Where am I?

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