D&D Art Game : More Pokemon Fusions

D&D Art Game : More Pokemon Fusions

Okay so apparently this was less stupid
than I thought because you guys really liked it, which is cool because I flippin’
lovemaking creatures. You guys were so heckin’ supportive so thank you so much. Alright, to recap, I will be rolling on two different tables one with Pokemon
the other with D&D monsters and merging the two together. Please note, that these
stats for the resulting monstrosities can be found in the description below. Alright I’m jazzed. Let’s start rolling First role will be
16! That’s Cubone. Yeah Cubone. Aww, all right Oh starting off with like… potential cute. Next one is sixty- aww really? Really? Okay actually wait I think I know
which one this is because one of my players actually claimed that number so
this one goes out to you! Okay which one is it? Couatl! Yes okay oh snap we actually might have something cute here let’s get
started So on the one hand we have Cubone and orphaned Pokémon wearing the
skull of its dead mother whose cries echo across the cave walls in the hopes
of staving off its irrevocable loneliness. On the other we have Couatl a lower
level celestial garden and knowledge and secrets, and one of the few Celestials that
are actually mortal. One of the binding tenants of the Couatl’s life is a divine
task that they must enact even if the deities demand exceeds their own
lifespan If that is the case herein is the
unexplored territory of the tiny Couatling. With a few pricks of its egg tooth the small winged serpent was free they waited expectantly for its divine
insight to come or to be given purpose but its only gift for silence. Its mother
coiled limply around the nest expended all of her essence before her right could be
passed down in the quarreling was left aimless in a dangerous world being small
easy targets for hungry fiends orphaned Couatlings use their mother’s skull as a
dramatic fear-evoking display using flashing eye spots at the base of its
wings. Newly hatched Couatlings are typically a dull brown to assist in
camouflage and will brighten over several centuries. These young divine
serpents will actively seek out companionship with good-natured
individuals and make excellent familiars for celestial warlocks. Couatlings hope that with their partnership they will finally find the right path toward their
righteous purpose [Couatling Squeaks] [Couatling Screeches] Alright not a bad start really
but things can always go horribly wrong so second roll. Alright. 80! Porygon. Okay Porygon thrown into the blender with a 43, a Gnoll. Oof, ohh- Okay well there’s there’s a look. Let’s
work with this. This time we’ve got two distinctly different creatures here.
Porygon is an artificial pokemon born from the virtual space from written code.
Then you have a gnoll which is a brutal race of hyena-folk that fed on the scraps of
the chaotic aftermath of the dark God Yeenoghu. You know two very easy to
fit together creatures. So I do offer up the devilish trickster the Wild Mange. In the wake of the Spellplague where the weave of magic was all but snuffed
out, there lingered pockets of destructive wild magic that tainted the
lands and creatures like a radioactive poison. Born from his toxic and twisted
magic, the WIld Mange is a creature torn between the plains clawing its way
through the realms through aberrant bursts of teleportation magic. It thirsts
for stable magic to tether it to the Material Plane and will feed on the
spell slots of its victims. Symptoms of a Wild Mange incursion include wayward
objects glitching into walls as well as nearby creatures appearing to lag or
repeat actions in real-time. Spellcasters that managed to escape the jaws of a
hungry Wild Mange may find their spells tainted by wild magic.
if you’re faithful wizard received multiple lacerations from this glitched
fiend they might experience subtle cravings for magic that progress into
fits of madness and finally a full metamorphosis. The curse of the Wild Mange is one of the most dangerous forms of lycanthropy which can best be
surmised as a teleporting glitch wolf that explodes with a deadly strobing
light Best of luck adventurers come your next
long rest [Wild Mange clicks and snarls] On to our third roll, let’s see with the table of horrifying hybrids
gives us this time- 76! That’s an Onyx! Okay best rock boy is
crossed with something cool maybe- 33, that’s Chimera! Now this has some serious TPK material
going on. All right I’m sorry in advance for any players I have to deal
with this. In one corner a titanic rock snake bores new tunnels with the
spinning jagged body and feeds on rare minerals and in the other, a twisted
amalgam of beasts birth to satiate the boredom of the chaos God. It seems cruel to
fuse something to an already malformed fusion but here we stand at the titanic
foot of the Gargolem. This gargantuan construct was formed from a massive
menagerie of petrified creatures from an avid collector. Callous beholders or cruel
Archmages may find a sickening new purpose for their growing mountain of
terrified sculptures and turn their amassing material into a powerful new
tool to keep adventurers from straying into their lair. Nothing brings the
villains abode together like a walking trophy of the party’s mistakes. The Gargolem waits motionless for its prey and appears to all the world as a garden
of large statues and broken busts. Until its tremorsense detects the
presence of footsteps approaching. In a storm of weaving stone it assembles into
a horrifying mass of frozen visages of its master’s conquests. A broken symphony
of petrified allies cluttering in unison and ready to add you to the pile. A unique trait of the brawling Gargolem is the ability to disassemble at
will, showering and crushing the party in an avalanche of stone beneath it. This
insidious construct can use this ability to feign death to surprise trespassers
from below. Rising rapidly upward these golems can gather at and trap creatures
in a walking stone prison to await their masters. [Roaring Gargolem] [Heavy Stomping] Okay no whammies. 4th roll- 71! Banette. Okay this is- tis the season to be scary. Okay then we have 74 which is
Ochre flippin’ Jelly. I can rest happy now We got an ooze. We got an ooze, guys. Okay I’m so
happy. Okay I don’t know what I’m gonna do with this but I’ll figure it out okay
let’s go! Oh Banette, a terrifying trickster puppet
that is animated by pure hatred and malice this nightmare goes nicely with a
fine dish of Ochre jelly. Now this isn’t your average cup of jello unless your
jello moves, divides, and tastes like 1d6 acid damage good on you for having good
taste and dessert monsters. Regardless I bestow upon you the terror of the Marrownet. Slinking upon the ceilings of the
Underdark is an ooze of frightening intelligence that enjoys playing with
its meal. Unlike most oozes, the Marrownet is
careful to expel and clean the weaponry and treasure of its victims. It forms a
neat and tantalizing pile of wealth beneath its slithering mass to tempt in
more warm bodies using thin cores of slime that descend from above it sets the
trap for careless creatures that blunder into its lair. The sticky tendrils
latch onto the limbs of its prey and with a telekinetic shock, the
Marrownet forges a new plaything to puppeteer for a while. If the ooze fails
to commandeer a suitable live puppet, it will instead use a few of its expired
models to deal with the unruly guests one of the more unsettling features of
the Marrownet’s lair is the leftover meals it binds to the ceiling. It puts
these skeletal husks to quick use orchestrating their movements to strike
adventures in a macabre dance. Though at first glance they may
seem impossible to reason with, Marrownets can be bribed with interesting or exotic
live creatures however their hedonistic streak may mean their alliances are
rather dubious. Never shake on a Marrownet’s word, lest you become another
one of its many puppets [Marrownet swishing and squishing] Okay final roll, guys. Alright, rollin’!
53! Okay that’s Unown. Okay Okay. It’s an okay Pokemon. Has cool lore-
Not bad mixed with 92! [Ohoho~ anime evil laugh] (Tongue click) …But why. But why though? No… I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this- (Jess internally dying) Okay then. Unown is a bizarre Pokemon. They have a
childlike and playful curiosity for humans. When they gather in great numbers
they even have the power to bend reality to the will of their companion and open
up portals to other worlds. A succubus often has more dastardly plans for their
potential partners and will seduce their victims to an early grave often through
their dreams. So this is quite the paradoxical mashup but nevertheless I
present the Engimirror. Once a powerful but now banished Archfiend, the
Enigmirror’s name and face have been lost to time. A husk of its former self, this
oddly gentle aberration hungers for company and will form strong maternal
connections with the unlikeliest of people. The Enigmirror’s fractured mine is
plagued by curiosity and seeks to better understand the vexing intricacies of
sentient creatures it wishes to love but has a poor grasp of how best to show it
often misunderstanding what things can and cannot speak
the Enigmirror often takes the guise of an ordinary object or animal and will
assail the party with endless questions. If the adventurers patience holds strong
enough, the Enigmirror will adopt the party, the object or animal that it once inhabited
will suddenly combust, and she will visit them in their dreams. Much like a doting grandmother, the Enigmirror will happily spoil the party with grand gestures however her magical
gifts never seem to work as intended. An adventurer’s request for a mass
teleportation may indeed end poorly when when the Engimirror wasn’t expecting
mortals to be so… delicate. Enigmirror: “What are you?” I’d like to especially thank all my
Patrons and Kofi donors that support me in doing what I love. It really baffles me because I never thought I’d get this far doing this and
you’ve all been so great. Even though I might not have the time necessarily to reply to all of you, I do read your comments and they mean a lot to me so
thank you. I’m not really sure where I’m gonna go with this Fusion series but
I’m experimenting. And figuring it out is the fun part. So I hope you can stick
around to see where this goes alright See you next time. Bye!

100 thoughts on “D&D Art Game : More Pokemon Fusions”

  1. But… The Spell Plague is canon in Forgotten Realms lore, just like the Far Realm, it allows freedom of homebrew. That glitch Gnoll, Wild Mange, could be a real thing.

    Also, Plague Touched were a thing, lead to mutations & madness, but even magical power for those touched lesser, they got blue fire, real raw magic stuff as an attack that Mystra typically gives to Mystra's Chosen.

    Mestiphosoles has a fiendish magic call hellfire, used by hell fire warlocks before 5e, it uses life force, but can ignore immunity and turn Eldritch blasts into the same flame.

    There's even more unique magics in the continent of Kara-Tur & Zahkara. Zahkara has elemental magics, which would be hard for a Faerunian (European) to cast, despite Zahkaran fire balls having the same effect.

    The most unique magics are in Osse (Aboriginal Australia) & Maztica (Aztec-Mayan South America), Maztica has magics called Talon Magic & Feather Magic.

    There's an Uncolonized America in the Forgotten Realms but can't remember it's name, it's most interesting feature is that everythings fucking hostile & will eat you.

    Also, a Primorial who allied with the gods owns Chult, the rest were sent to Abeir, after Asgorath yeeted a meteor into the planet and Lord Ao, the overgod intervened an turned Abeir-Toril, into Abeir & Toril, with Abeir being in a pocket plane, where dragons enslaved the Dragonborn, sadly during the second sundering, the only free nation and safe harbor for Dragon Born, was swapped with a civilization on Toril… Rip whoever lived there.

    The Best Place, was the island of Lantan at it's peak. It's apparently being rebuilt, but at its height it's gnomes worshipped gond, traded fluently, were technologically power with & without magitech. The smokepowder (which is magical gun powder, though makes sense, I hear theres lore behind mundane gun powder being inert) was a craft gond gifted the Lantans. Do you think they destroyed themselves in squabble?

    Nope, The gnomes of lantan at the island were on the verge of the printing press & non magical portals. Then, the spell plague destabilized the highly reactive smokepowder stockrooms, blasting the island sky high.

    Also, the spell plague created "radioactive" zones, until Mystra was reborn, the whole world of Toril & Abeir were far fucked. Genasi could manifest two elements or become Quasi-Elemental Genasi & Para-Elemental Genasi… Ooze Genasi were cool, same with Ice, & Dust.
    In the end, plaguelands did remain, too much exposure there could drive a sorcerer mad, or far worse for any being, no matter the magical aptitude.

  2. I have to say, I love the drawings and the format of your video, but I'm having a bit of a nitpick with your narration.

    You tend to "sultry slur" the last part of your sentence, likely to make what you say sound more 'mysitical'. It'd be fine once or twice to me, but for a longer duration of the video is a bit hard to watch.

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