100 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a Japanese Manga Creator”

  1. https://bit.ly/2FXYTwz – More Japan Day in the Life vids coming soon. What else do you want to see? If you missed any Day in the Life vids, here's the entire series playlist. Also, https://discord.gg/xX4Y2tw if you have questions about Japan, your travels, food, want to connect with people who love Japan, or even discuss this Mangaka video in realtime, check out my Paolo from Tokyo community on discord!

  2. Bro just speak in Japanese to him and put subtitles; its weird af dubbing your english over you clearly speaking Japanese to him

  3. That's the job I want something peacefull where I can draw what I like and have good friends =D (have to be hard sometimes but is funny)(I am from LAS so I have to learn a lot yet thanks for given me a new perspective of the future I want 😉 )

  4. After working in Japan i can appreciate this, no family life. He actually lives in a huge house, must be very successful.

  5. My employees lose their shit just working a normal 8 hour shift… meanwhile, in Japan, they struggle to not work a 16 hour day…

  6. I like Japanese culture they respect people, communicates. organize, clean environment and hard work. We need that in US. I like Paolo videos keep on coming.

  7. In the background an episode from an anime called "The Quintessential Quintuplets" is playing. 10/10 recommend this one.

  8. I think it's insane how Mangaka are expected to complete chapters on a weekly rolling basis and if they don't meet that, publishers cancel indefinitely o_o.

  9. Cant imagine this same type of setup but with hentai like…so many people have to go over it and be like yup this is fine LOL

  10. wait what he got 4500 for a one shot of 53 pages
    i thought that manga creators got so little payed (and yes i know they take weeks to make) but still if i want that kind of money for my first job i would have to work about 450 hours at max pay (or about 600 hours at low pay)

  11. is it true mangaka are underpaid? but why do they look well and owns alot of expensive & hi tech tools for drawing digitally? and eats at a restaurant too.

  12. That environment reminds so much of a start up. The weekly crunch time, working your own projects, staying in a room sitting at a desk working away on the computer…fun times

  13. Как же это охиренно заниматься тем что любиш и не имееть финансовых проблем

  14. Anyone feel depressed looking at this kind of life? Living entirely around fictional world in dozens of squares studio. All day every day.

  15. Perhaps the digital equipment really improves the productivity as the stereotype of manga creator (at least shown on youtube) is that they are overworking and usually sleep less than 6 hours per day. Respect this man

  16. So his staff is his family at this point. He spends the day with them and even has lunch and dinner with them. I guess family is left for weekends.

  17. Enter's the room with a big drawing pad
    me: seems interesting
    (REIJI MIYAJIMA Enter's the room)
    REIJI: this is my private office
    Paolo point's on something
    Me : NANI?!?!

  18. the advice from famous artist in my country
    "if you wanna become artist don't wish money in front
    instead you must made good art"

  19. yes. pixiv is a great site to find hidden gems (manga).
    although most of them are short, the plot can sometimes be interesting. maybe because it doesnt have an editor so the author have full reigns.
    the art quality can be a hit or miss though.

  20. I am kind of rookie in your channel but I really appreciate your authentic so enjoyable videos at least we get an outline of what it takes to get job done. I would suggest you to make little spontaneous and silly videos

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