Daryl Johnson’s Life Advice Will Change Your Life (MUST WATCH) Motivational Speech 2018

Daryl Johnson’s Life Advice Will Change Your Life (MUST WATCH) Motivational Speech 2018

Thank you Tyreal for that amazing introduction. Good evening everyone!!!!!! Greetings BSI C/o 2018!!!!! How are you all feeling today? Are you sure you want to leave this place? Alright….Your diploma is a one way ticket….no refunds. During my preparation for this speech I took a second to reflect on the thing’s that I took away from my high school graduation back in 2010. Truth be told I have no idea. My focus at the time was probably on getting on with life, the start of college, and possible careers, and what most desire after high-school…the freedom to simply moving on from this to see what’s next. My challenge for myself today is to simply
keep it REAL with you, speak from the heart, …and give you all something that you can carry with you. After today you all will be entering into
a phase in your life where every decision that you make will set the foundation for the next 4 to 8 years of your life. So my challenge for you today is to soak this moment up, because you will never get it back. Like many of you my road to this graduation speech has been far from easy. …starting with the day Ms. Rogers and I discussed my very being here today. Considering the fact that I was sitting in those very seats 8 years ago. I know that the completion of this journey has come as a result of a hard work, trying times, and many successes. So give yourselves a round of applause for fighting your way to the end. Also, I would like for all of those who sit
in support of these all so inspiring graduates to give yourselves a hand as well. Your support will never be in vain. This is a very humbling experience. 8 years ago I could have never imagined that I would be up here speaking to you today. So I would like to say thank you to Ms.Rogers and the BSI family as a whole for providing me with this amazing opportunity. I spoke with Ms. Roger’s via text I believe
on November 3rd of last year. I had just completed a priority work assignment at Golds Gym Laval up in Montreal, Canada. ….which by the way is one of my favorite places to visit. I soon found out that this would be my last travel job with my former employer. At this time I was at a point in life where
I can honestly say I was excited for a good reason… I was beating the odds and beating
them without anyone’s approval, but my own. So during this amazing stretch when I received the text message from Ms. Rogers. Simply asking me to speak at graduation here today….. I’m going to be honest with you…. I couldn’t have been more nervous and excited all at once. I thought to myself this is a DREAM come true. This added to my excitement. Since graduating from BSI in 2010 every opportunity that I could during college breaks and business travel I made my way back through these doors and assisted in any way that I could asking for nothing in return …even if it was just for a few minutes. Simply because of all of you all and special moments like this one. You are all are worth it! Every single last one of you. No matter what your GPA, ACT/SAT or anything else for that matter. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. ANYONE!!! Sooo… the very next day… well I can’t exactly tell you about the next day. For the rest of my life November 4th, 2017 will be a blur. I woke up in the hospital on November 5th and found out that I was struck by a sedan-like vehicle while being escorted… going (about) 35-40 mph while in handcuffs. I was told by friends with me that night that when the vehicle hit me I flew airborne. As my body hit the concrete I eventually was stopped by a street sign. (STILL IN HANDCUFFS) Still in disbelief I was told that I continued
to ask the same questions over and over. My recovery continues on today. Within a matter of 24 hours my life shifted
in ways I could’ve never imagined. I was listed as a suspect in a situation I
had NO control over! In a month’s time my job that I had been
working for the past 3.5 years… TERMINATED ME!!! I was forced to relocate back to Chicago after nearly 8 years with my parents, leaving behind my apartment due to my health and finances. Then just when I thought things couldn’t
get any worse as a result of the loss of my job I was left with no medical insurance. Class of 2018 I had officially hit rock bottom…. With no one to explain why or the desire to receive one. On top of many other factors I stand before you on a road to recovery that only those who believe in a higher power can understand. Jehovah…God spared my life! Why am I sharing this with you all today? We’ll let me explain! I have 5 Points that I am going to cover with you all. So hang in there! The 1st point that I am going to cover with you all is “Blessings of Undiscovered Lessons” The next the “Art of Response”… Then: “Progressive & Meditated Failure and Success”.. Then: “Waiting On Others Approval” & the very importance of “Graduation”. SO STICK WITH ME and Enjoy your final ride! My 1st Point: “Blessings of Undiscovered Lessons” This month makes 8 months of what I would call a blessing of many undiscovered lessons. In life you will have your fair share of “Blessings of Undiscovered Lessons”. I’m sure many of you sitting in the audience today can attest to this, graduates included. When you are faced with such obstacles I want to encourage you NOT to spend much time on planning to react right away…. using social media, drugs or alcohol as a temporary shield. …or trying to figure out why, how, and what many/most people do.. beat themselves up on; the woulda….shoulda… coulda. When your journey redirects you ACCEPT IT. Re-organize and keep it pushing!!! Even if your push isn’t as strong as it
once was. PUSH FORWARD!!! All of you will face some sort of challenge
along the way. Some will relocate, switch schools, switch majors, or even discover that school isn’t for you and that’s ok. Reorganize seek out help from your prospective support systems and keep it pushing. If that doesn’t work don’t be afraid to
get counseling. I am proud to let you know that it has helped me through my many stresses… that life has presented. Mental Health IS REAL… and it definitely is becoming more evident in all cultures because it is presented as a sign of weakness. but actually it’s the exact opposite. This is something that my friend at Regal
State of Mind has helped me to take pride in. If any of you would like to reach out to me personally I will gladly help you in any way that I can. JUST REMEMBER EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! and It’s not about what happens to you in
life…. it’s your response that mean everything. It’s your response that mean everything. So don’t waste time trying to figure the
lesson out, because In due time that reason will present itself…. so until then keep on PROGRESSIVELY moving forward. This take’s me to my next point… “The Art of Response” Now on your road to progressively moving forward… You will need to UNDERSTAND and PRACTICE the “ART OF RESPONSE”… When someone is being unreasonable…AS PEOPLE WILL EVERYDAY It is important to give them the VERY best version of you. “GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY DIDN’T GIVE YOU!” I REPEAT… GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY DID NOT GIVE YOU! Surprise them with a smile, a peaceful
response in the midst of their struggles, insecurities, nastiness, and overall ignorance. Make sure that you give them the necessary space for their own personal growth. They’ll need it! Show respect regardless to whether you receive it or not. It’s your way of creating your very own
“Signature Culture”. As you walk off you will maintain your self
control and you will leave them looking in and you will leave them looking in the mirror trying to figure out what is wrong
with THEM….NOT YOU! Remember Misery loves Misery so free yourself GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY DIDN”T GIVE YOU! As most medicine… commercials warn you in a very fast commercial. I will do the inverse and slowly remind you that the effects of GIVING PEOPLE WHAT THEY DIDN”T GIVE YOU… will make you VERY UNCOMFORTABLE …. …. AT FIRST. The only difference is you will be rewarded with more peace than you could ever imagine. REMEMBER THAT!!! Point #3… WE’RE ARE ALMOST THERE! (Haha) WE’RE ARE ALMOST THERE! Progressive & Meditated Failure
and Success! Remember those “Blessings of Undiscovered Lessons”. Those blessings are often found deep down
in this place we all have confronted… “FAILURE”. See I LOVE FAILURE… LIKE KIDS LOVE CAKE…. “PROGRESSIVE & MEDITATED FAILURE” that is. An example of this is being asked to give
a graduation speech following a life threatening… accident and knowing that it will be a challenge, but preparing and doing it anyway. I’ve learned so much from failure and I
realized back in high-school that I couldn’t shake it… So I changed my perspective. Upon graduation I read 2 books that changed my life. The first one was “You Can If You Think
You Can” by Norman Vincent Peale. This book helped me accept the fact that whatever I tell myself I can do… (I can) because I can. YOU HONESTLY CAN! IF YOU THINK YOU
CAN! As a result you’ll learn to accept your failures as blessings. The second book was gifted to me… By a former teacher Mr. Kruidenier… It was called “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho’s. This book helped me to be more open to the unknown journey that lies ahead! ULTIMATELY THE MORE YOU FAIL …THE MORE YOU GROW!!! Let’s briefly touch on “Success” FROM A SHOW OF HANDS FROM EVERYONE….HOW MANY OF YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL? I KNOW I DO! NOW FROM A SHOW OF HANDS….WHO WILL BE SUCCESSFUL? Success is subjective. It’s is whatever you deem it to be. You have to determine that according to your individual circumstances. Stretch your success beyond LIKES, COMMENTS, and SHARES. Take your time… THE REAL WORLD NEEDS YOU BACK!!! Point NUMBER 4 I Know (Haha) “Never Wait On Anyone’s Approval”. You will be waiting forever. I want to encourage you all to educate yourself everyday. Build a network of people that flows like
a well oiled machine. CREATE and OWN the businesses that your community needs. Start programs that you know will help you, your family, your community, and most importantly society as a whole. STRATEGICALLY challenge those doing business…in your community to give something back. Then make that the standard for all new businesses to come. In this graduating class I see future business owners, doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists… FBI Agents, Presidents, YOU NAME IT! Everything is possible so WORK HARD. Write your goals down on a piece of paper
and chip away at them. and then repeat…. People will tell you what wasn’t possible
for “THEM”. So stay focus and go after what you want. Understand that sharing your goals sometimes means SCARING THOSE WHO FAIL TO DREAM as BIG as you. KEEP —-SCARING —-THEM!!! START BUILDING YOUR OWN…..SO THAT THE DAY THEY STOP PROMOTING YOU… YOU CAN PROMOTE YOURSELF. Through my parents and support system’s I was always taught to work hard with a quality effort, finish what I started, and most importantly have a STANDARD! If you don’t set a standard someone else
will create one for you. Set your own standard and be prepared to compromise. THIS BRINGS ME TO MY LAST AND FINAL POINT “Laughing” THANK YOU…haha If today is your graduation then when will your next one be? If today is graduation then what is tomorrow, or next week, or next month? This may surprise you, but those are all graduations periods as well. IN LIFE YOU SHOULD NEVER STOP GRADUATING!!! In fact today let do this. Let’s graduate from the original definition
of GRADUATION. According to WEBSTER Graduation currently means: the act or receiving a diploma, degree from a school, college, or university Let’s give graduation a new definition Graduation now serves as the definition for
ANY CHALLENGE that you ACCEPT, COMPLETE, or CAN MEASURE GROWTH FROM. Graduating in today’s society means a lot
more than a DIPLOMA, a DEGREE, AWARD, or PROMOTION, OR TITLE. Graduating now means:
finding a solution for A problem (NOT ALL) that will help to change an entire generation or culture. It means taking on a challenge that you know you may fail at in exchange for growth. It means recognizing a weakness and then seeking out a book to strengthen it. It means trading in those DESIGNER Brands… for a PASSPORT, to travel to foreign places in exchange for a different perspective on life. It means understanding that FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, & OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS… are all tools that can destroy you before you even get started. I REPEAT It means understanding that FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, & OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS are all tools that will destroy you before you even get started. Use them responsibly!!! GRADUATING means recognizing that just because
people (Family, Friends, and whomever), who are supposed to support you doesn’t mean that
they will. KEEP PUSHING FORWARD!!! IT MEANS RECOGNIZING THAT when someone tells you that you CAN’T.. your reply should be “Woah woah woah woah, yeah yeah yeah yeah” and SHOW
THEM THAT YOU CAN! I know that y’all like those vocals (Haha) It means cherishing the fact that you can
actually Feel Meek Mill when he said “Started off poor with plans to own more”. Now we’re going to leave it there…BUT…YOU GET THE POINT! It means looking to your left and to your right and saying to your fellow classmates WE’RE ARE GOING TOGETHER NOT ALONE WE ARE NOT COMPETING AGAINST ONE ANOTHER WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM!!! LASTLY GRADUATING means redefining what it means to be a BLACK QUEEN and a BLACK KING from the the South Side of Chicago!!! This is WAKANDA! Let’s take it back! In closing This is what you all have been waiting for (Haha) Remember you don’t get a refund. You can’t come back… In closing BSI ℅ 2018 I want you to remember these thing’s: Accept the blessings in the undiscovered lesson’s be on the lookout for the lesson’s along the way. Master the ART of Response: “GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY DIDN’T GIVE YOU!” Don’t create bad Karma for yourself. Remember there’s nothing wrong with PROGRESSIVE
& MEDITATED FAILURE One quote that I live by is “Success is
a safe haven that endless failures must travel”. “Never Wait for anyones approval.” You will be waiting forever. Never allow what someone else was supposed to do to stop you from doing what you came to do!!! Finish what you started. Last but not least “Never Stop Graduating”. Make this a habit. Graduate today, Graduate tomorrow, and Graduate forever. BSI ℅ 2018 this is only the beginning..Congratulations! One more!!! (haha) I promise, I promise. Before I leave you I have one more gesture to make. seriously… seriously…I have one more gesture to make. On behalf of Signature Culture Consulting
and our efforts to “Create a Culture That People Just Can’t Stop Talking About”. I would like
to present 2 awards. If I can have Mr. Christopher Rucker & Tera
Lewis to join me at the podium. These two have redefined for me why I live
my life the way I do. My accident really challenged me… and my will to KEEP PUSHING!!! You two in particular have reminded me of
why I REFUSE TO STOP. CHRISTOPHER & TERA I WANT TO CONGRATULATE YOU BOTH on being the very first recipients of The Signature Culture Consulting Scholarship Award!!! I promised myself that I would not allow my car accident… or circumstances to stop me from doing what I originally planned to do so I made it happen. You both have been awarded $500 Scholarships to assist with your financial needs as you all pursue your dreams. This is not just a scholarship this is the
beginning of a bond, a life long mentorship. So let’s give them one last round of Applause. BSI Class of 2018 Congratulations!!!

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