Cornell’s Jenny Sabin turns AI into art

Cornell’s Jenny Sabin turns AI into art

JENNY SABIN: It’s not just
about producing and designing a beautiful, interactive
form, but to think about that as a live experiment. [MUSIC PLAYING] So Ada features two surfaces– an inner surface that’s soft,
which is what you’ll inhabit when you’re on the inside,
and then an outer surface that is semi-rigid. Connecting those two surfaces
will be these knitted cones, which actually– when they’re in full tension– will actually springs. And then running on the
outside, as I mentioned, will be hundreds of these 3D
printed nodes, each one having a fiberglass reinforced rod
connecting to its neighbors. So we have individually
addressable LEDs. And that network of LEDs will
then be activated in real time with people’s sentiment
and their interaction with these cameras. So when we want to read
the collective sentiment across the atriums, the whole
project will be activated. So the name Ada comes from the
name of a famous mathematician, Ada Lovelace, who,
in many ways, was an early predictor
of the computer age and, like many
women from her time, was not given her
sort of due credit. And the project, in many ways,
celebrates similar themes. Early on, just going
back to the topic of artificial
intelligence, we were interested in how
the project perhaps could smile back at you, right? That there could be a
personal engagement with Ada. So my hope is that
it, at the very least, opens up new questions,
but that it ultimately presents a kind of positive
nature to this type of research and how we, as
humans, are really the ones kind of pushing
it forward and probing the possibilities of it. You know, the relationships,
the materials, the systems that we’ve
set up could easily translate into
larger applications. You know, Ada could be a
building facade, for example. I think there will be multiple
lives of her location.

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