(playful upbeat music) – [Josh] Hey everyone, what’s up? This is ergo.josh and welcome
to my YouTube channel. You already know that I’m
drawing Billie Eilish again. Guys, please help me. She’s forcing me to do this. But this drawing is about 90% complete, which is a good start
for using blending modes. This is a good technique
for using monochromatic and grayscale drawings but
I’m sure you’ve heard about using the color mode and
how it’s not really perfect and it can make things kind of dull. But I’m going to show
you a cool trick today to kind of combat that. You’re going to get a lot more inspiration for your own colors and
look like you actually know color theory. So, first, we’re gonna
work with a flat image and then group and merge any layers. Then, after that, we’re gonna go ahead and focus on the skin. Oh, and before I go any further, I had to record this twice and
I’m not going to redraw this. So I’m actually doing this as a voiceover. So pardon me if it looks
weird when my voice doesn’t really match up
with what you’re seeing. Now, we see that she’s
got a pretty nice, peachy kind of skin color here with
some reds in the corners and I’m gonna go ahead
and trust my original skin rendering here to guide me with how I’m going to add the colors later on. I’m also going to go ahead
and guess the first color and just use that. Now, first off, we wanna go ahead and make the brush very opaque
and start coloring there. I’m already noticing that this
looks super bland and dead. (upbeat music) It’s okay to color the mouth but make sure you avoid the eyes. (upbeat music) Now, we notice she pretty
much looks like a zombie. Let’s go ahead and alpha lock
the layer and then use the brush to play with that color. Don’t use the hue saturation
and brightness slider because that’s not nearly as effective. One thing to remember is that
you need to use a darker color than you see in the reference
because that’s just how the color blending mode works. Dark brown is looking really
good and warm and lifelike right now and let’s just use
it to add a good base value. Now if you wanna find the original color, just make the layer normal
again and then color pick it and fix the areas that you missed. Make sure to also add skin
under the hair at the top. Often, the hair leaves skin showing. So we really don’t wanna
forget that and have this weird white area in the
transition between the hair and the skin. Now, let’s go ahead and
alpha lock the color layer and wow, that is a pretty
big difference from the real thing, isn’t it? Let’s add some color to the
lips and stay in the same layer just to keep things easy and consistent. Now, the lips look like a
coral pink in the reference. So, let’s go ahead and pick a dark red. This is coming out
great, so let’s go ahead and fill the rest in. (upbeat techno music) now, we aren’t going for
replicating the exact reference. We’re just trying to make
it look real by adding a practical color to the
areas where the color changes. (upbeat electronic music) for the eyes, let’s remember
to make it a super light shade of red. (upbeat music) Let’s pick a similar color for the lips to use for the corner of the eyes so that they’re not super
hot pink, just a nice, soft, realistic one. The eyes are light blue, so
let’s also find a blue color to use for that. (upbeat techno music) Now we’re done and everything is looking super over-saturated. Let’s make a new layer above the skin and let’s use it for adding
variation to the skin tones. Staying above the skin
layer, let’s make it a linear burn mode and then, use a rich red color. She’s starting to actually
look pretty realistic now, don’t you agree? I can tell you, I can’t tell you actually why it looks better this way but, I’m trying to stay in the
center just to make it a little bit more interesting. (upbeat techno beat) Now, let’s make a new
layer and set that layer to color burn and then pick a
red color for lightly adding in some shadows. (soft upbeat music) We don’t need to be super perfect. We can fix some areas later on. So, don’t worry. (upbeat techno beat) Let’s set a new layer to overlay
and start making the things lighter that need to be lighter
and add some highlights, but not these super white
ones we’ve already done, just some subtle ones
and put them everywhere they need to be across the face. It helps blend the colors
that we’ve put down before as well. (upbeat music) I’m pretty happy with this so far. I think the only things I
need to fix are gonna be after we do the little color
grading trick later on. Next, let’s just go ahead
and attack the hair. First, let’s group these
layers so that we can stay organized and call it face. Now that we have a layer for the hair, I’m noticing that there’s
some purples and some tans and oranges and browns in the reference. So let’s go ahead and
make that layer color mode and start playing with it just
like we did with the face. (upbeat techno music) So, I’m back. I hope you like the hair. It’s not as exact as I would
like but I do enjoy the colors a lot especially with the shirt. The shirt is a lot more
closer to the reference than it used to be and it
has this cool glow to it. I think it’s because I used a linear light layer for that one. The background is pink because
of course, pink everything. This is ergo.josh. You’re not on any other channel (laughs). Now, for the secret sauce
that I told you about already before in another video, it’s the app called Ultralight. Let’s go ahead and export
this and save it as a png for the best experience in Ultralight. We will bring it to the
camera roll and then open up Ultralight. It’s a great free app. You can pick whatever you want
but I could be super picky and I take forever every
single time when I do this. So I will make a decision
eventually and check back with you guys soon. (upbeat techno beat) So, I finally picked
the filter that I want. I think I decided to go with
something called Film 11. I made a few changes to it. You can too. Have as much fun as you want. I liked it because it feels
nice and bright and warm and it made everything fade
out nicely on the edges. It also has a retro look
that I feel like Billie seems to have a lot in her
content whether it’s her own pictures or album covers. One thing I did notice
is that the eye lash are these weird enemy
eyelashes that show up in front of the hair and that’s
not looking good at all. So I’m gonna have to come
back and fix those things in Procreate, so let’s
go ahead and save this to the camera roll, get inside Procreate, and hide the reference. Now, let’s go ahead and import the photo and fix up the details. Let’s work on the
shadows, fix the eyelashes and some parts of the messy hair. And yeah, this is gonna take a while, so I’ll check back when I’m done. (upbeat techno beat) So, I’m done, guys. I hope you enjoyed it
and I hope, of course, that it helped you out a lot. Go out there and play
with these blending modes and let me know if you
have other fun new coloring techniques in the comments. Thanks for watching and I’ll
see you in the next one. Peace. (upbeat music)

66 thoughts on “COLOR DIGITAL ART EASILY!”

  1. Seeing your work inspires me to try digital art! I’m well and truly a ‘traditional’ artist and I specialise in colouring pencils but I might have to trade them in for a new iPad aha

  2. Sooo i‘ve been drawing a lot when I was younger but then I stopped. And now you inspire me to start again! Thank you 🙏🏼

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  6. My coloring technique is basically "These colors kinda go together, what if I just put them all in one thing?"

  7. ha, I kinda liked the “anime eyelashes” effect personally! great tutorial, I’m nowhere near doing painterly realism yet with my art but it’s given me some ideas for colour matching and using various blending modes! thanks!

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    I would also i would appreciate it if you could send me the picture. I would like to use it as my wallpaper.

  11. I wish Procreate had gradient maps, but since it doesn't I have to use Affinity Photo if I want to color that way on the iPad (after getting hooked on it in Photoshop on PC).

  12. I think the reason why adding some red to the center of the face looks so good is because the skin in the center of the face is thinner than that of the outer parts of the face. Because of this, you will see more of the blood under the skin, and blood is red. It looks more real, warm, lively.

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