Cold Showers Every Day for 30 Days Challenge

Cold Showers Every Day for 30 Days Challenge

So I decided to try taking a cold shower
every day for 30 days. I’ve heard a lot about the potential benefits of having
cold showers and cold shower therapy so I wanted to try it for myself. So I’ve
been doing some research online and the benefits of cold showers allegedly
include but are not limited to increased alertness, improved circulation, improved
immunity, stimulation of weight loss, improved recovery, easing of stress,
relieving of depression, increased testosterone, building will power, building emotional resilience, boosting fertility reducing inflammation and
even improving sleep. Cold showers seemed to date back as far at the ancient
Romans but they now are a preferred biohacking tool for many including the
elites of Silicon Valley. So instead of having a completely cold shower I first have my normal shower and hygiene routine but then I have at least two
minutes of completely cold water. This means you get the benefits of both types
of shower and it creates contrast between the water temperatures. So you’ve
probably never see me like this before but this is how I look straight after a
run which is not very nice but it’s been a really hot day and I can’t wait to
actually get into my cold shower she’s something I never thought that I
would say After the initial cold shock it feels pretty good. It feels nice and fresh. So I just took my cold
shower about five minutes ago I now feel awesome like really awesome and although
I didn’t enjoy the cold shower itself that much I feel so good after it’s like
a real feeling of accomplishment we sounds stupid but just how I feel. A
lot of the benefits of the cold shower come from the initial cold shock which
creates an acute hormetic stress response and you react by taking deep
gulping breaths of air. Acute stress releases hormones like adrenaline along
with endorphins that can make you feel great I can have a positive impact on
the body and in some cases can help to relieve chronic stress. As such these
responses are often called positive stress. So something that cold showers
really help with is willpower now cold showers are uncomfortable and having a
cold shower when you really don’t want to takes effort. Now I’ve been using a
technique called mental override which is where you basically forcibly ignore
all the voices in your head that say this is going to suck it’s gonna be
really cold and you just do it anyway now the way that I do this is at the end
of my warm shower I then set my timer on my stopwatch for two minutes and then
before I can even think about it I just turn handle immediately to cold. Now what
I’ve noticed is that by doing this it actually helps me make better decisions
throughout the rest of the day so rather than willpower being this kind
of finite resource that you need to use sparingly in fact it seems it’s
something that you can actually train and make stronger. Out of all the amazing
possible benefits associated with cold showers the one that seems to create the
most interest is fat loss. So how could having a cold shower make you lose
weight? In the body there are different types of fat the two were most
interested in are white fat and brown white fat is the most common it contains
large fat droplets, it’s stored beneath the skin and the abdomen and is used as a
source of energy during fasting. Brown fat contains small fat droplets and more
mitochondria which breaks down a fat to generate heat to protect you from the
cold via a process called non shivering thermogenesis. In a small 2014 study men
exposed to a cold environment at an increase in brown fat volume as well as
corresponding fat metabolic activity. However from what I can see and despite
a lot of the claims online there’s not enough research to suggest that taking
cold showers would definitely lead to fat loss. So one of the great things
about cold showers is that it really wakes you up in the morning, to the point where I no longer feel like I need coffee anymore. Now I still drink coffee
because coffee is awesome and it tastes amazing
but it now feels more like a treat rather than something that I need in
order to just function throughout the day. So I’m really enjoying having my
cold showers in the morning but apparently if you take a cold shower
about one hour before you’re due to go to bed it can actually help you have a
really good sleep so let’s give it a try So I’ve just had me cold shower, and if I’m completely honest I feel wide awake so I guess we’ll find
out in the morning if I slept any better So I did actually get to sleep pretty
quickly last night and I think I slept pretty well but did
I sleep any better than normal? I don’t know. So after having daily
cold showers for 30 days will that continue to take them? Now I am definitely
gonna continue to take cold showers out of all of the alleged benefits I can
probably confirm about four which is the increased alertness in the morning
feeling great having that sense of accomplishment but having done something
difficult and ultimately building more willpower.
Now if half of the other alleged benefits are true then I could be on to
a really good thing. Now if you’ve never tried cold showers before then there I’d
highly recommend that you try them essentially they are free and they could
have quite a profound impact on your life. At the very least I would recommend
against having super hot showers. Now if you enjoyed this content don’t forget to
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56 thoughts on “Cold Showers Every Day for 30 Days Challenge”

  1. dude what was wrong with your voice about 30 secs in lol. "feels pretty good" didnt sound that convincing man ha ha. very very interesting though.
    FAT LOSS!!!!! right i will now have a cold shower morning, noon and night lol. dude i had no idea you could sing lol

  2. I've been doing this myself….I think we already talked about this didn't we LOL ???? Anyways nice to know all these facts !!! I take mine in the morning and then before bed unless I've worked out it happens right after that. Fat loss, too bad the study didn't definitively conclude it helps it……Luke SINGING…..Now you gotta go in front of Simon and you'll be the nest Susan Boyle LOL

  3. Sweet baby Jesus Luke I'll stick with my coffee on a morning brother there's one thing about cold showering it didn't improve your singing voice haha you have a great weekend my friend MINT

  4. never thought i would enjoy a video of you in the shower! 😉 hahah i'm going to try it….how did you get footage of jon bonjovi in the shower?

  5. As a mom of 3…..cold showers happen more often than I like. I am not happy after a cold shower, it is always disappointing. But I do feel physically better compared to hot showers. I don't think I will be doing this by choice for 30 days…..but maybe a few times a week…..

  6. Dred, a cold showers is my normal shower, didn't know it was special. Every morning hot coffee and a cold shower and at nights after work. You should do it for longer than 2 minutes though.

  7. I like where you are going with these vids mate. Interesting idea but I challenge you to do it in winter 😂

  8. Brilliant brilliant video Luke, very hilarious too! God knows what your neighbours will think with you huffing and grunting every morning… along with the swears…. and the 'Jovi too!! Epic!! 😂

  9. When I lived in California I used to occasionally take a cold shower when I was feeling too hot. What's weird though is that after the cold shower I still sweat as much as if I had a hot shower. Nowadays I only take hot showers, like very hot, and sometimes I turn it to luke warm to cool off at the end. By the way, in your profile pic you look a bit like Alexander Skarsgård, has anyone ever mentioned that?

  10. Omgggg….his character & accent and there goes love at first sight! 😅

    I take cold showers everyday…absolutely love it. Its like being in a waterfall id imagine, ive never been in one, but thats one of my dreams someday. But getting used to cold water, i can thank Rhode Islands Misquamicut beach as well as my first love at the time for that. He was enlisting as a Marine and to prep/support id take the super cold showers with him.

  11. Hurricane Season usually means at least one cold shower…Since there isn't any a/c at this time the cold shower is very welcome…after the initial shock.

  12. great video man! very informative! I'm also having cold shower for a while feels amazing! especially for muscle recovery I feel it really works

  13. I take two cold showers a day, the one in the evening is for actual bathing and the morning shower is for the mental resolve of leaving a warm environment to experience a uncomfortable one, it does build mental resolve and is great for getting your day started

  14. I love cold showers. Actually I love the benefits, not the actually shower. Cold showers hurt, but it's worth it. Thumbs-up.

  15. I've been trying the Wim Hof method for a little while now. It pretty much concists of breathing excersizes and exposing yourself to uncomfortably cold temperatures and I feel great after taking a cold shower or ice bath. I feel like i have more energy and it's true, for some weird reason you actually feel like you've accomplished something! Great video btw man!

  16. One of my favorite parts of working out is the cold shower after. I've been taking them on and off since I started losing all the weight. Loved this.

  17. This is great, man! I do the same thing with most of my showers – start warm to get clean, then finish off with a minute-long blast of cold. I've not been bold enough to jump into a cold shower straight away yet, though I know that's just my mind holding me back. I've wondered about the health benefits, myself – but it definitely wakes me up and makes me feel good. Great editing in this post, too!

  18. Awesome Luke! I’ve been trying this, but it doesn’t seem to work. Perhaps it has something to do with the “cold” water in Phoenix. It’s actually not that cold. 🤣


  20. I tried cold shower for 2 weeks and I really enjoyed it but for the first time in my life I had otitis really a bad otitis my doctor said stop cold shower it's not for you 🤣 😆 the truth is after cold shower we don't feel cold this is the opposite we feel warm, when spring comes back, I'm going to start the cold showers again now the water is too cold and I don't want to have otitis again 😆

  21. Showering cold not only makes you feel as a spartan…but it really touches on a spiritual side of life. Been doing it for almost 3 years without thought. Its amazing.

  22. Well, it depends on where you live. Even tap water is warm here in Egypt most of the time (except for now).
    So, how cold was your trial? Did you cheat and make the challenge in warm August? 😂 😂

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  25. I'm confused, this is my second day and for some reason I feel absolutely tired after it, for the rest of the day I feel like shit….. However I struggle to stay under the shower for a long time so maybe this is why!? Should I continue with this, I always lack energy and want to become more alert

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