CLA Presents: Inspiring Women in the Arts (PART 1)

Like my teachers They taught their students and involved in arts until the end of their lives If I’m lucky enough to continue this work To maintain our traditional dance If I have the strength to train hundreds of students I will be very happy. Traditional dance is like a tree For me, It’s like a big tree with very deep roots that makes it grow very well. It has a lot of branches. For now, let’s say it has only three branches. So first, I arrange our traditional dances …the best way that I can The second branch are new stories, new creations, using traditional ingredients… …such as costumes etc. The third branch is another kind of creation, more contemporary. It’s still start from traditional dance But I would design new costumes. Using traditional ideas but derive it to make it more contemporary. I would set up the stage differently, create a new choregraphy, create new dance moves. My perspective is that we need to accompany the growth of these 3 branches together These three branches help each other. We need to understand our traditional dance So that we know what our identity is and its characteristics. I’m trying very hard to do art in order to encourage Cambodian people, to show them that even today, we can also do something well, with international standards, and allow Cambodians to have faith in themselves.

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