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  1. Imagination is funny
    It makes a cloudy day sunny
    Makes a bee think of honey
    Just as I think of you

    Imagination is crazy
    Your whole perspective gets hazy
    Starts you asking a daisy
    What to do, what to do

    Have you ever felt a gentle touch
    And then a kiss and then and then
    Find it's only your imagination again, oh Lord

    Imagination is silly
    You go around Willy Nilly
    For example I go around wanting you
    And yet I can't imagine that you want me too

  2. OMG what dirty attitude and an impure vision towards all the human beings, the ignorance of what we are and Who is Our the Spiritual Father, and performing of all kinds of sinful deeds bring to our bodies. That physical costume, body of that human soul named Chet Baker was nice in its young age but here, on that picture (the very beginning of this video!), that body is totally ruined. And that example of a horrible transformation of that body is not that lonely example because all we that is our bodies become as corpses after Satan catches us in His net. That word "corpses" is God's word He uses to be able to visually evoke in Us our state we've reached in this old World which will be destroyed soon. And, by the way, for this soul, this music is good, the sound of that voice is good but, again OMG, only dirty needs are hidden in the words of this song that is for that soul there is a need its body to be touched, kissed by another embodied human soul. And if there is no such being on the horizon which could fulfil their whishes then the human beings try to destroy their very precious physical costumes completely by drugs, cigarettes, alcohol etc… because they think that they are unloved if there is no any soul who will play those dirty games with them, they wrongly think that they are unattractive, abnormal. God says that that is the highest form of impurity when human soul identifies itself it is its cart. That mistake brings Us so much pain and suffering in our lives. But what can we do when in this Old World purity isn't IN. The loudest ones are those the most degraded ones, they are so boastful so others, the young ones are under their influence. They don't know how they will finish so badly so no soul amongst Us should make a deal with that Satan, the worst enemy of the human souls, the beloved God's children.  PRAJAPITA BRAHMA KUMARIS WORLD SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY

  3.      Как только не называли тембр его трубы – трепетный, доверительный, самоуглубленный. Оставим все это на совести критиков.   Для меня куда важнее, что его исполнение по настоящему волнует меня.   Знаменитый стандарт Джимми ван Хьюзена – Imagination (1940),  в разные годы исполняли Глен Миллер, Ширли Бэсси, Элла Фицджеральд, Дэйв Брубек и многие другие. Эта версия Чета Бейкера,  вошла в саундтрек к известному фильму о творчестве великого джазового трубача  Let's Get Lost (1988), снятого незадолго до его трагической смерти…

  4. Hermoso tema, hace volar la imaginación, despierta los sentidos… relax total, una copa de compañía… o la cálida compañía también…

  5. One of my favorite Chet tunes! Thanks for bringing it stone! This is as good as it gets all around! The Tune, arrangement, Chet Baker and all the amazing musicians that were on this gig! Thanks

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