Caricature Tip: Focal Points

Caricature Tip: Focal Points

hello everyone AJ Jensen here with yet again another tune heads video in this video I'm going to talk about a little caricature tip known as vocal points vocal points are main features on people's face that make them unique finding these vocal points is a great tool to use to find out what to exaggerate by Maroon usually the vocal points on someone's face will be their main features eyes nose mouth ears whatever but sometimes it can be something a little bit more unique it could be how small their forehead is are that mole on their face are how crooked their teeth are the list is vast for how many ways a teacher can look for someone to be unique because finding the things that make someone unique is a brilliant way to figure out what to exaggerate on a caricature a good friend of mine Matt Garcia talked about a good tip on how to find someone's uniqueness imagine that you're a bank teller working every day and then one day someone comes in with a gun he holds everybody up in demands money you get three seconds to see how that person looks he gets the money he leaves he gets away with it everybody's freaked out screaming raving oh my gosh oh my gosh I can't believe someone robbed a bank so someone calls 9 1 1 when the police show up and then ask you to describe how the person looks the points you would describe our features that made that person that person this is a great way to find vocal points on a person sometimes when I'm drawing live caricatures I do this I take a second look at the person look away and think about what made that person that person because whatever I remember are going to be the most important features to exaggerate do I have a couple pictures of different people that I'm going to show each picture is going to be shown really quick and I want you guys to figure out what each focal point is for that person remember these vocal voice can be anything from main facial features to unique ones okay so here we go here's the picture really quick and disappeared all right so what do you remember about this face what do you remember what made this person that person if you were gonna say his pointed beard then you're right on track of what I was thinking so let's try another one here's the picture really quick yeah yes a pan okay so what do you remember let's take just a second do we have to play the song do we have to play so was it the bald head or the beard remember it could have been anything but whatever the idea that was embedded in your head to remember what that person looked like is going to be a good source to figuring out what to exaggerate when it comes to caricature ring all right let's try one more okay here's the picture right here try to remember what it looks like and disappear this is fun this is like I'm a magician I would be a terrible magician so what do you think the main vocal point was for that person do you think it could have been the mouth about I think it was the mouth because there's a lot going on right there so this is a good tool to use to find someone's vocal points and this is something that you can do just go into the grocery store you can just look at someone and think what makes that person that person because learning to see is a really hard thing to learn when it comes to caricature and guess what the more you practice the better you become so now I'm going to go ahead and draw my subject that was kind enough to upload some pictures to the giveaway page remember if you guys are interested in the giveaway page and getting your very own free caricature go ahead and click this box right here okay um the box is not showing up so I don't know oh oh okay right on the face um if you guys are more interested about the giveaway page go ahead and click this box that's you know right over my face awesome this week I'm going to be drawing Caleb who is kind enough to upload some pictures to the giveaway page here's a couple pictures of what Caleb looks like we already saw this face before you remember the mouth so let's go ahead and go towards my drawing desk and get started on Caleb's caricature okay so I'm gonna dive straight into Caleb's caricature right now doing a little speed drawing I do not draw this quickly I wish I did but I don't the reason why I speed up the drawing is because I don't want you guys to sit there forever and just kind of idly watch my whole drawing if you guys are more interested in seeing the whole process of the drawing and not seeing it sped up go ahead and comment in the box below and I can do that and just kind of give you my thought process of me drawing the caricature so I was asked a couple questions in the previous video that I want to answer and this one comes from Caleb j15 and he asks what is the hardest type of face to caricature and is it nerve-racking to exaggerate certain features in fear of offending the person I actually had to run this with one of my good buddies Aaron Goodwin who's a fantastic caricature artist if you guys are more interested in looking at Eric's stuff go ahead and click this link right here anyways we came up with the answer that the hardest face to caricature is probably the face you never really caricatured before I know this seems like a cop-out answer oh let me explain when it comes time to caricature a face you always need some sort of idea floating around in your head there are faces out there that just spark this explosion of ideas through your head the ideas are usually presented because of your perception to caricature our relating the face to an impression you already created then there are faces that generally give you the lack of ideas usually these faces are faces that you have never caricatured before that's why it's extremely important to always sketch and study as many faces as you can for caricature okay next part of question is it nerve-racking to exaggerate certain features in fear of offending the person when I first started doing live caricatures yes and I think that's because I wasn't fully confident enough to present my artwork to random strangers at that point but I think once I started getting a bit more relaxed with customers and not being so critical with my artwork I ended up loosening up a bit but I think it's impossible to do caricature and never offend someone no matter how cute you draw them or how crazy there will always be that one person that could get upset and personally if someone were to get offended with what I draw I see that more as their own issue and not really my fault I know that could come out sounding harsh a little bit but it's their own decision to get their own caricature I will admit a lot of people do not understand what caricature actually is some people think it's just got a car town but these are the people that you find typically to get upset the people that are uneducated about caricature but the way I look at it is if someone were to go to a restaurant and order their spiciest buffalo wings the waiter tries to reason with the person saying look sure those wings are very very very very spicy like I'm talking hugely spicy are you sure you want to order the spiciest wings on the menu and the guys like oh yeah duh Abid do you not think I could like handle it so he orders the spiciest wings on the menu and I'm talking these wings are hot like turns your tongue retarded so the customer gets the wings takes a bite out of them and then starts screaming on how spicy these wings are he starts running around like a headless chicken while everyone laughs at his misery but then the person whines and complains to the restaurant because the wings are too spicy and he doesn't want to pay for it now whose fault is that is it gonna be the restaurants fault for making spicy wings and that's the kind of way you have to think when it comes to caricature some people do not know what to expect when it comes to caricature and if they are to get offended that is kind of their fault so I'm almost finished up here and I kind of want to run you guys buy a great podcast channel that I listen to it's called it's supposed to be funny a caricature podcast you guys can listen to it on iTunes are on her website so if you guys are more interested check out the description box for the link below are you guys can just click this little box right here but I really love this podcast it's funny it's great Ally knows what she's talking about and it's just it's just something that you can just zone out and listen to while you're drawing or while you're going down the road so be sure to check out that podcast it's great alright so I'm gonna talk really briefly about this caricature and what was going through my head I really wanted to exaggerate the mouth region because that is a huge vocal point on Caleb and I really wanted that part to just pop out and I never really drawn braces before so that was a little interesting when I was doing this so here's Caleb's full caricature if you guys liked the video please put a thumbs up remember to comment some questions for me for next video and this is a JJ it's insane umbrellas do not help you fly you guys take care of yourself see you later

21 thoughts on “Caricature Tip: Focal Points”

  1. This was amazing! I started practicing caricature last night, my goal is to really learn all forms of art and succeed them to my ability . So I'm here trying to learn and get tips to really know what I actually need to focus on and how to start a caricature. Shapes and shading, focal points as you mentioned, and exaggerations . So thanks for the awesome video !

  2. If you ever get bored with caricature vids, you have a future as a funny voices channel.
    I would subscribe. 🙂
    Nice vid – thanks for sharing your knowledge. (Oh, and subbed.)

  3. Hello! I'm really enjoying your channel. Your tips will be valuable for me to better understand the caricature. Continue with these tips, I know that will help many people.
    It will be a little hard to understand the videos, because I am Brazilian and I do not speak English very well, but I know that your tips will help me a lot!
    Thank you very much!
    (Sorry my English, translated with google translate)

  4. Incredible caricature, and really good words too! That 'police sketch' exercise seems helpful, I'll definitely try that soon.
    The only thing I couldn't get past in the video was your pronunciation of… 'vocal points.' Heheh. Seriously though, first video I saw on your channel and I'm definitely subscribing. Thanks for making it!

  5. Yes, would be interesting to hear your thoughts about how you draw a caricature as you do it–in other words, not as speeded up.

  6. Thank you for answering my question! That's a great way to put it, with the whole "getting offended" thing. That's just like when parents take their kids to an R rated movie, then complain that it was inappropriate for kids Deadpool 😛 Great job though on the caricature!

  7. Guess who's back! Glad to see you back here on YouTube . I was looking through my favorites and I saw your old Toonheadz! Missed ya man.

  8. I love your work! Ever since you drew me in Atlanta at the tabernacle I've been so interested in your work. So fun!

  9. Yay AJ your back your videos are so helpful and also funny please keep up the good uploading schedule. P.s were is Mike and will he ever color your videos again? first comment baby!!

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