Cape May’s Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities (MAC)

MAC is a not-for-profit multifaceted organization we provide tours and activities and events for visitors to Cape May New Jersey this beautiful Victorian town on the seaside. You know MAC always provides a lot of content for the folks coming to Cape May. There’s always a lot to do. There’s craft fairs. There’s house tours. It’s really the reawakening of Cape May after winter and on the other end of the season we’ve got our Victorian Weekend That’s always on Columbus Day Weekend, and it’s huge I think that that’s probably the biggest single weekend event of the year. We have a lot of historic tours that we do; we take visitors throughout the historic town of Victorian Cape May and they’re able to learn about the history of this interesting and beautiful town. MAC has really lovingly restored its three historic sites. The Emlen Physick Estate is our flagship historic site. It’s attributed to Frank Furness who was the father of American architecture. It’s a very unusual house, very modern for its time. The Physick Estate is an amazing tour. It’s an amazing home. What I love about it, is it’s just like it was back when Emlen Physick lived here. We operate and manage the Cape May Lighthouse, which is an 1859 lighthouse. Really – it’s a beacon. It’s a beacon to not only mariners who actually still use it — — it’s a working lighthouse — but also it’s a beacon to the community and to visitors. Everybody knows and recognizes the Cape May Lighthouse. One of our historic sites is the World War II Lookout Tower on Sunset Boulevard. It’s actually called Fire Control Tower No. 23. It was a part of Fort Miles, which was the defense of the Delaware River and Bay during World War II. It’s restored you can climb it you can see some of the equipment that the people used during World War II in their spotting activities and also on the third floor we have a Wall of Honor where we have photographs of our local veterans then and now. I usually recommend Especially for a first-time visitor the best way to be introduced to Cape May is to take MAC’s combination trolley tour That’s a trolley tour through the historic district of Cape May. It takes you through the town, the historic district, showing you the beautiful homes telling you the stories of the town pointing out architectural details about these homes that you probably would miss because it’s kind of overwhelming if you’re doing it on your own. Well the music festival it was started in 1990 the core of the music festival is a four concert Chamber music series We have had a 25-year association with the New York Chamber Ensemble and also with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players We also have been working with the Bay Atlantic Symphony to do a small chamber orchestra concert and then we supplement the series by presenting groups like the Atlantic Brass Band and some jazz and traditionally American music as well. A trip to Cape May at Christmas is definitely the way to put yourself in the Christmas spirit It’s all magical you know our Christmas preview weekend starts the weekend before Thanksgiving. So you’ve got a chance to get down here well before your Christmas shopping panic kicks in and see what Cape May is all about. There’s never a bad day in December to come to Cape May and of course I always think That any day in Cape May is a great day. you

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