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– Was that you that circled both of them? – You know what?
– Again. – I’m trying my best here. (catchy music) – What’s up guys, it’s Sam and Colby. – We’re about to take a pop quiz and we have no idea what the subject is. – Little envelope there, so violent dude. – Dude, I hate tests. The paranormal arts. – So we should ace this test dude! – When have you ever done an
art project with a spirit? – Is that what, that means? – Paranormal art?
(drum beat) – Listen I cheated off of Sam every single day in high school. – You did? Alright well, I do a lot of
research on the paranormal. We’re ghost hunters, we freaking got this. – This is gonna be easy. – There. – Alright let’s start off
with the first question. Using the word bank, match each location to its correct urban legend ghost. How the (bleep) are we
supposed to know this? – What are you talking about? We got this. – Are you sure?
– Yes. – Wait, wait, wait, whoa, whoa. – This is paranormal, we got this. – Okay okay. – There’s a river, there’s a forest. There’s a hospital.
– Hospital. – And a mirror. – So La Loraina.
– La Lorona. – Wasn’t that like the
weeping Mexican ghost? – Yes, the weeping Mexican ghost. She is a spirit that
drowned her husband and kids in a river, I think. La lorona is definitely the river. And if you’ve ever done a
ritual in your entire life, it’s probably been the Bloody Mary, which obviously,
– You need a mirror for that. – You need a mirror. – And I don’t know if
you guys have ever heard of a witch that lives in a hospital, – We only know witches are in forests, because we’ve done Witches’ Forest, – We did do a series
called the Witch’s Forest. – So that only leaves the hospital for La Planchata.
– La Planchata. – That sounds like something
you’d buy at Taco Bell. – You have really good handwriting. – Thank you. (bell dings) – We got it!
– Yeah! – It’s almost like we’re ghost hunters! – I knew it. – Next question! – Good bye. – That’s a long one.
– Oh my God. – We got this word: Triskaidekaphobia. – Triskai-deka-bop-boop-boop! Triskaidekaphobia. Sounds like something with a three in it. – Yeah I was gonna say I don’t think it’s dead bodies. Screw that.
– Screw that. – The fear of witches, we definitely have been fearful of witches, and I don’t have triskaidekaphobia. – Yeah. – So, screw that. – I feel like I’m a genius, and it is the number thirteen, because tris-, – I think so too, I’ve heard it before, I think it’s,
– Dude, you circled both of them. – What are you talking about? I definitely circled the C. Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number thirteen. (bell dings) – Yeah! Two for two, boys. – In Mexican folklore,
la chuzas, white owls, are believed to be, a bad omen, a witch that has shapeshifted
into a white owl, a loved one watching over you, or, B and C. I know it’s a bad omen for sure. – Yeah, yeah, la chuzas
is in every ritual. All these questions, if
you’ve ever gone to school, which probably you haven’t, whenever it says answers B and this, it’s definitely that one. – Yeah for sure, it’s B.
– We’re life-hacking. – It’s both B and C. (bell dings) – Yeah, see. (laughs) – Life hacking these things. Which household item is used in folklore as a barrier against angry spirits? Holy water is not a household item, so scratch that off. Garlic is to get rid of vampires, so scratch that off. Salt is the correct answer. And then lamps?
– Come on, lamps? – Why is that on the list? Come on, lamps? – (laughs) You circled both of them! – You know, I’m trying my best here! But we know it’s salt. – It’s salt, we’ve used that before. (bell dings) – Four for four! – Abraham Lincoln appeared as a ghost to Winston Churchill when he was: A, sleeping and dreaming: B, watching a play in a theater, – He was killed when he was watching, – Oh you’re right, that’s
when he was assassinated. – That’s when he died. – You are right. In his bedroom while
visiting the White House, naked and getting out of the bathtub. Wouldn’t mind seeing that ghost, you know what I’m saying? You’re right about this one, you know what I’m saying? ‘Cause that’s when he got assassinated. – While visiting the White House. Well that would make sense, because Abraham Lincoln would be a ghost at the White House. – Right, I would say it’s C. – Naked and getting out of the bathtub is the answer I wish for. So if it is, I’m going to be mad. (buzzer) – Dang it! We should have gone with out gut feeling. – We wanted to see Abe naked. – We wanted to see big old Abe. (laughs) – Oh we got this. A famously cursed
intersection of Los Angeles has been the setting of an
unexplained plane crash, the murder of a gangster, violent car accident, and many more freak incidents. Which of the following neighborhoods is home to LA’s own Bermuda Triangle? – Hollywood’s mostly famous for, – The Roosevelt, right? – The Roosevelt, but
then the sign itself is, we did a video there, remember? – People jump off the Hollywood sign and commit suicide. Downtown Los Angeles has
a lot of scary places, like the Biltmore Hotel. Long Beach is where Queen Mary is, that’s like every single
one of our YouTube videos. But, Beverly Hills has everything. – Yes sir. – So circle that ish. – All right. (bell dings) – We know all of our paranormal ish, guys! – There we go.
– Yes. – Which pop star claims to have had a chilling close encounter
with actual demons after visiting a Kansas cemetery? Whoa, this one is hard. I have no idea. So we got Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, did I say that right? People are gonna kill me in the comments. – It’s Ariana Grande. – Cool. And then, Victoria Justice. – Process of elimination, who do you actually
think would visit Kansas? – Definitely not Billie Eilish, she’s like, fifteen, right? – Yeah she’s like twelve, and she’s lived here all her life. – I don’t think it was Victoria Justice, she’s too busy trying to
follow Ariana’s footsteps, know what I’m saying?! She’s gonna watch this. – So Miley Cyrus? You think Miley Cyrus has
been to a Kansas cemetery? – You think Ariana Grande has? – Miley, isn’t she like, country? I feel like she’d be more in the Midwest than any of those people. – Really, should we try Miley? I think it’s Ariana Grande!
– Really? – I think I’m changing my gut feeling. – Why, why? – Oh, it is! Because she went to The Gates of Hell. – Oh the Seven Gates of
Hell, the Kansas one? – Yes, it’s Ariana Grande. – Ariana Grande, final answer. (bell dings) (laughs) – Yes!
– Yes! – Thank God! – Circle the following choices that are signs of demonic possession. Flies, the smell of sulfur or another foul scent, – Yes. – Definitely, trust me, it gets really ghostly at our house sometimes. – It’s so bad after Chipotle. – It’s really ghostly after that. Superficial, charming spirits, don’t think so, scared animals, yes.
– Yes. Damage to religious symbols. – Yes. – Really? Damage to religious symbols? – You’ve never seen crosses
fall down and stuff? Like after we came home from Queen Mary, my cross was (whistling). A, B, D, and E. – I guarantee we’re
gonna miss one of them. Well actually, you might be right. Let’s just go for it. – Let’s go for it. – A, B, D, E. (buzzer) – Dang it! – Wait, what was C? Can we just talk about that? – Superficial, yet charming spirits. I’m going to look that one up, I don’t believe you. – Fill in the blanks, light as a blank, stiff as a blank. – Do you remember? – Light as a feather, stiff as a bee. – A board, that’s what I was, yeah, light as a feather stiff as a board. Light as a feather, stiff as a board. You can lift anything up if you try that with your friends. – Oh yeah, we just tried that. – Yeah we just lifted you up. – Yeah, it didn’t work at all. – It didn’t work at all. – Light as a feather, board? (bell dings) – Yes! Good job, Sam! – Cheers to that, dude. – Mythical creatures have
a long history in folklore, so do the methods of killing them. Match each creature to the weapon you would use to slay them. So we got a werewolf, we got a vampire, a zombie, and a demon. And then the objects are a wooden stake, exorcism, beheading, and a silver bullet. Garlic and a cross and stuff like that would be for a vampire, right? – So connect those. Exorcism, we’re trying to do that to out friend Cory ’cause
we think he’s possessed. So obviously, get the demon out of him. (laughs) – Zombies are a silver bullet. – No, what are you talking about?! – What?! – The only thing that controls a zombie is its head, so you have to behead him. (laughs) – No, what are you doing?! – What do you mean, I’m
putting it up there! – Beheading is zombie, silver bullet through
the heart of a werewolf. All right, so obviously
there’s like 400 lines, but let’s just go through this, werewolf, silver bullet, vampire, garlic, zombie, beheading, demon, exorcism. (bell dings) – You got it, man. That’s why I cheat off you on every test. How did that even happen? – Why does that even happen? – Final question! – True or false, you should follow Sam and Colby, oh weird, weird. Anyway, I don’t know what that was about. You can read it. – All right, true or false, the Vatican?
– Yeah. – Offers a course on exorcism
that is open to the public. I’m gonna say that’s true. It just sounds like it’s true, you know? – That’d be really cool, and if they do, – We gotta go.
– that’s our next series. – That’s our next series. That’s our next series. – If this is true, mark our words, we are going to go through
– With Cory! – The course of exorcism for a series. – Yes! – Because we want it to be true, let’s just say true. – All right. – If it doesn’t,
– Watch it be like yeah no. – Because then we don’t
have a series content. Anyway. (bell dings) – Yes!
– Yes! – It’s actually sick, we
definitely need to do that. (cheerful music) – I think we killed that. – Yeah. – Like honestly. – ‘Cause, what, we missed two? I feel like getting such a high score on these questions shows our audience we actually know what we’re doing when we’re ghost hunting. – Yeah, yeah, and then
no way we’re experts, we’re just ghost hunting. – We learn a lot of stuff by traveling the world and doing this. – If you guys took this test with us, let us know how you did in the comments down below. – And for more content, go subscribe! – Also, be sure to subscribe to us as well to see all the stuff that we
talked about in this video. – And maybe next year we’re
gonna go to the Vatican and learn how to do an exorcism! – Can’t miss that.

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