Build An Interchangeable Wardrobe – A Man’s Guide To Buying Clothing That He’ll Actually Wear

Build An Interchangeable Wardrobe – A Man’s
Guide To Buying Clothing That He’ll Actually Wear [0:00:00] Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno. I’m the founder of
Real Men Real Style. Today, I’m going to be speaking with you about how to build an interchangeable
wardrobe. This is in support of my article over The Art of Manliness, and I really want
you to go check out that article, over 2000 words in that article about an interchangeable
wardrobe. We talk about the core components of an interchangeable
wardrobe, how to build off those core components, how to test items before you buy them to make
sure they’re interchangeable, how to choose quality items, how to choose accent pieces,
pieces which are less expensive and that you can start to bring in a little bit louder,
maybe aren’t so much interchangeable. In that core part, we talk about why you need
to focus your money and your effort on the pieces that will be interchangeable. In a
sense, that article covers a lot more than I’m able to cover here in this very short
video because the purpose of this video is to get you exposed to the idea, to get you
excited, to get you thinking, “Yeah, this is worth my time. This is worth my money.
This is worth my effort.” So what is an interchangeable wardrobe? Imagine
if you were to walk into a closet blindfolded and you just grabbed a shirt, sports jacket,
a pair of trousers and shoes, probably some socks and maybe a pocket square and tie as
well, but we’re not going to count those right now. If you were to do that and you walked
out most likely in your current closet, nothing would match. That’s not an interchangeable
wardrobe. Interchangeable wardrobe in a perfect world,
everything there would go together. Now, every few men — in fact, I don’t have a perfectly
interchangeable wardrobe, but most of the items in my closet do work well with each
other, and it’s somewhat interchangeable. We’re going for perfection here, but we can’t
always achieve it. In any case, if you simply have two pairs
of shoes — let’s say you had a pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile boots — I know those were some
of Brett’s favorite pair — and you had a pair of Baroques. You had, let’s say, a really
nice pair of dark colored jeans, pair of chinos, and a pair of grey flannel trousers. These
are nicer chinos, ones that you could actually wear with a sports jacket, let’s say, in a
warmer environment, yet a sports jacket and maybe a blazer. With that, you had five shirts. All of these
are light-colored shirts, maybe with blues and whites, a few patterns here. They’re really
small patterns, so nothing really noticeable from a distance, so five shirts, two pairs
of shoes, three pairs of trousers, and two jackets, how many outfits, gentlemen? If everything
there worked together, how many outfits would you have? The answer — 60 outfits. You could
wear a different outfit every single day based off of — what is that, 12 items? Yeah, 12
items, you would have a different outfit for two months. Now, most of us, what we do when we go shopping
is we just buy something because it’s on sale. We like the way it looks, but we don’t think
about how it interacts with everything else in our closet. So the goal of the interchangeable
wardrobe and what you need to be thinking about every time you purchase something is,
“Will this work with the foundation pieces I have?” Now, go check out the article. I started to
lay out some of the foundation pieces. I only kept it at 2000 words. If you want to learn
more, definitely go check out Real Men Real Style, or I link to a number of articles over
at The Art of Manliness that are foundation articles, articles that you can use to build
your interchangeable wardrobe. If you’d like to add more, if you have some comments, I’ll
be checking them down below. Leave some great comments and I’ll check them. Take care. Bye-bye. [0:03:33] End of Audio

36 thoughts on “Build An Interchangeable Wardrobe – A Man’s Guide To Buying Clothing That He’ll Actually Wear”

  1. Cheers Antonio, was just looking through your video selections on youtube when I noticed you'd uploaded a new one.

    Do you have any cold-weather dressing videos coming up for us in the future? I own a membership to your Man's Guide To Style so have some of the basics down already.


  2. I subbed to this channel cause I actually have no sense when it comes to clothes and even when I tend to buy them I just wouldn't know where to start cause i got tired of sports wear and looking for a change
    Thank you

  3. Please do more videos for younger men. I am 19, and I have just recently found your videos a month ago, and I have been going through all of your videos since then. I enjoy your videos and taken your advises towards enhancing my own clothing/style. Your videos are very informational and I enjoy it. I really like the style you put off, like you said fashion changes within every era, but style always looks good regardless of time.

  4. Hi, I'm stationed in Asia (Singapore). 
    1.  Can you suggest "interchangeable wardrobe" for warm weather climate? I note you're doing fall winter fashion in this video

    2.  Do you have actual photos of suggested shirts and pants colors for this wardrobe?  Particularly for my skin tone (light skinned Black American) or point me to the direction of?

    Thanks, your videos ROCK!

  5. Hi, great video as always sir! 
    I would really appreciate it if you were to make a video on perfumes or other types of deodorants. Isn't your smell also a part of your style?

  6. Hey Antonio, thanks for the tip of building a interchangeable wardrobe. This info it's worth the weight in gold especially for my circle of friends that i am with. I totally agree, with Leng Thao that you should do more videos for younger men. I am 23 actually and i stumbled across your channel accidentally.

  7. what do you think about collarless button ups shirts? If you do like them can you make a video on how/when to wear them.

  8. I love your videos! they are so insightful….i espically like the how to dress as a college student one.  and going further off that point…. i am an intern at a company and they are having a christmas party…. how should i dress

  9. Antonio, You're a really classy guy I appreciate everything you do man… thank you for all this effort I will of course contribute. I also refer all my friends to your blogs and your videos.

    Keep it up man I threw all my old clothes away and am starting to dress with class like you!

  10. When i get a job, i will be buying all classic clothes. I'm only 16 but love dressing like this. Swag is just plain stupid.

  11. Hey Antonio, thanks for all the great stuff. I have a couple of questions for you or anyone; I have a navy sport coat I want to wear with gray/charcoal pants, dress shirt and no tie. What are my choices for a contrasting dress shirt to go with the navy sport coat? Wine ok? If my pants are gray, would a gray shirt be a no-no? 

  12. I come on here to build a new wardrobe for my husband. I only wish you had more sample, and pictures :/ thanks for the great videos, have been watching them, very informative and helpful, thanks!

  13. Great video, and article. I need to look at my closet for consolidation and repurposing in order to follow the guidelines set forth in this video

  14. hey man these are great tips thanks man. theres fewer people that are knowledgeable in this topic. 

  15. Antonio, great channel! You are a great speaker, straight forward and to the point. You have great style & awesome tips. Keep up the great work! Much respect, Kevin.

  16. So, right, the best video? As I was going through the list there was one. Now since I like to be an honest guy I can not for sure say that this was the video that was the very first but it's likely.

    There I was, Rasmus a guy that didn't know anything really about style and clothing. But I was eager to learn, I had just lost quite abit of weight and needed a new wardrobe. So I went onto Youtube since there is where you go these days. I went here and there, found a few. And then I found this.

    Fast forward to today, people nowdays always complement me on my style, both men and women. My style has lead to quite a abit of success in life, opening doors and giving me oppertunities. It has been a long journey but it's not over yet. There are still things to explore and have fun with.

    And now, for the video, it's this one

  17. Why should you build an interchangeable wardrobe? – Click here to read the article The Power of the Interchangeable Wardrobe.

    Are you ready to up your style? Click here for the BEST style course on the planet!

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