Browsing Deviantart: ABSOLUTE GARBAGE (and some good stuff too)

Browsing Deviantart: ABSOLUTE GARBAGE (and some good stuff too)

Hello every person who happened to click on this video, my name is Solar Sands and today, we will be browsing through DeviantART, which is an art sharing website. We have lots of links to get through, so let’s get started! So today, we begin with… This little abomination. I don’t really understand why anyone would like this or support this, I mean it’s ugly. It’s not drawn particularly well and the idea is just… disgusting. Why would you draw this? “Ooh, a Sonic character shitting herself? I should draw that!” “How appetizing!” The description for this piece is also really a treat. “Poop. Stinky. Doo-doo. Boom-boom.” Did you, uh, did you think long and hard for that little vomit of creativity? “We use a lot of cute names for messing that isn’t so cute next to your bottom.” “You’re getting bigger, but this means harder to clean messes in your diaper.” “That’s why it’s time for the new Comfies Super Clean.” “They’re 20% thicker, to clean easily without scrubbing so you can spend less time at the changing station.” O-kay? I also got the nerve to confront this person. SS: “Why would you draw this?” “Why would I not draw this?” SS: “Well, it’s disgusting.” “Yeah, she’s cute isn’t she?” SS: “I think you are avoiding the subject matter.” “I think you’re overreacting.” SS: “You seem to have a very alarming fascination with a young one’s waste.” “So… what brings you here?” As you can see, throughout most of the conversation he was just avoiding what he was being accused of. That he sort of just… Isolated himself in his own little child feces filled world. The thing about DeviantArt is that these kinds of people can never think about their actions. They just keep on supporting and supporting each other. Without any kind of criticism. And i know for a fact that that can have very negative influence on any person. I am starting to belive that this person has a very specific talent for drawing only deformed creatures in diapers. And here’s another strange description. “Tails just started working on a ‘little someting’…* “and I can’t think of a plug for baby wipes.” Uh, what is the deal with this guy and baby wipes, like I know that you can appreciate a good product and what-not but this is just a really stupid obsession like ungodly dumb. Why on earth would you obsess about something so ridiculous? This is really just utter garbage. This is all he can draw, isn’t it? Look, if you want to get the full experience of having a disgusting diaper-creature, go get yourself a real baby. Yeah? No? No.. This group, as I can tell, is pretty much close to pedophilia. Why on Earth… …would you put this on DeviantArt? All the websites in the world and you think THIS is the place to put it. Nobody cares about your strange desires. I remember when fetishes weren’t a public event. So here we have this profile… He does, you know.. The usual type of fetish garbage. One thing i would like to note here is, uh.. His profile picture. Very subtle. Oh, yeah, th-that’s really pleasing to the eye. I-I hope you’re real proud of this one. “Ha, Great job on the art, really priceless.” Wait. You think… …that… …this… …is priceless? “priceless” this priceless? THIS PRICELESS? !!THIS!? !!PRICELESS?!! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no no no noo noo noo! The works of Leonardo Da Vinci are priceless. Michael Angelo’s Vatican ceiling is priceless. Even some of the other works on DeviantArt could be considered priceless. But, no, no. Screw all that, right? This work deserves to be in the highest spot of the most famous museum. Screw all those paintings that took days and days to meticulously craft! This digital painting needs the high spot. “Hey, uh, sir, i was interested in buying that painting of yours, how much do you want? A thousand dollars?” “No.” “Ten thousand dollars?” “No.” “One million dollars?” “Didn’t you read the sign motherfucker, this bitch is priceless!” “PRICELESS!” You. Need. To learn. Some culture! If you think that this utter revolting piece of trash is priceless! I’ll shh.. I’ll spike you in the heart with another heart you tin-can of a man!! I… I need to move on… Ugh… This is just so fucking weird. Oh look. A signature. You must be really proud of this piece. So, uh this is a group called “VIVA-LAS-PANALES” Though I’m not sure if I pronounced that right. And, uh… *tongue click* I read these paragraphs over here. Yeah. “This AB/DL group is a support group that is against potty training, cause if you want my opinion,” “if you want to go pee pee in little boy/girl pants, I don’t mind, it’s okay, I support you guys” Okay listen here you moron. What are you saying is.. Is that you’re completely okay with little kids crapping and pissing all over the floors? No? No potty training, jus- You just want kids grow up crapping themselves? Oh yeah that- that’s fine. Yeah, that’s perfectly- NO. That’s it. You know- I usually don’t get angry about this kind of garbage but you, you- pushed me over the edge. You people are disgusting! Loving diapers, supporting kids crapping themselves, probably even wanting to touch them children yourself, and you- You have the nerve to claim that your garbage is art. You know what- You people- are disgusting! Total abominations, total trash, that you throw away and never see again… YOU PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTING! *silence* Ah- I’m sorry. Uh, I think I might’ve overreacted. It’s not just you, no, it’s not just you… That is causing my reaction, no, it’s a whole combination of disgusting people building up my anger. It’s just- I’m angry that you’re putting this on DeviantArt. I’m angry that you’re even associating this with art. In this society you can spit on a piece of paper and call it “art”. In this society THIS is acceptable. There’s no effort here. No creativity. No talent. Absolutely nothing, but trying to satisfy yourself, and your disgusting wants and desires. This is a message for all you types of artists, all you fetish artists- Don’t make this all you are. Don’t let this stupid shit consume you. I believe you can draw other things. I believe you can have *Tiny mic cut* the creativity to draw something of value. But you choose to be represented as nothing but a fetish-crazed artist. This is just not your worth. And I know that you can all be better. As for me… I’m going to move on to something that deserves the attention. Now this is a picture I especially like. The lighting of this tree is just… Perfect. If it was too bright it would’ve been… Unrealistic. And if it was too dark it wouldn’t have that.. Magical feel to it. This person just happened to grasp the right amount of light on the tree. The only question I have is… Why there are black lines around the picture? I think it would be better without those, but I suppose it could be your style, or something. This is really expert level photography. Very mysterious, heavy atmosphere… Now this is the kind of stuff I expect from DeviantArt. Now, don’t get me wrong… DeviantArt can produce some amazing things. But there can often be a lot more fetishes and gross… Untalented artists and art. That really just puts a bad mark on the place. Follow this person’s example and make art out of something people would want to see. This is… REALLY beautiful. I wish we had this kind of detail and atmosphere in video games. This… Is the kind of stuff we need, people. With actual talent. They need actual attention. You know… I wish I had these kinds of skills. I wish I could have this kind of talent. If it makes me jealous… Then- You have yourself some pretty damn good art. My name is Solar Sands. If you would like to leave a link to any art or artist in the comments below; I would probably read them all, because they will probably be the only ones there. This is DeviantArt, and goodbye.

100 thoughts on “Browsing Deviantart: ABSOLUTE GARBAGE (and some good stuff too)”

  1. Behold. One of the worst videos I have ever made. This video was made pretty early in my YouTube journey. Most things I say in it are either whiny, dumb, or completely nonsensical, not to mention poorly edited. The only reason I keep it up is because a lot of people thought the rant part was funny and I still find it funny too. Hopefully I've moved on and changed from this "phase" of life.

  2. also i’ve worked in both an ice cream shop and also as a janitor at an amusement park and i cannot express the amount of suffering that children who aren’t potty trained has caused me.

  3. Fucks like this guy give hentai and fetishes an even worse bad reputation… All I got to say is… If there is worse, there will be. It is just vile

  4. Wow…i cant even understand if he is serious! 🤣
    Maybe Solar is just more chill these days…was he joking? Or is he actually mad…i dont even know.

  5. Well…………

    I am so glad I am taking graphic design classes. And not wasting my time creating camel's bollocks.

  6. Y'know solar sands seems to be a real mean art critic he wont even let people practice paedophilia in peace

  7. 2016 Solar sands "I'll shiv you in the heart with another heart you tin can of a man"
    2019 Solar sands "now perish"

  8. About 3:49 nice job on the watermark as if anyone in their right mind would want to pass this off on their own work!!!

  9. glad i found this playlist with a compilation of your old and new vids,this made me laugh also love your contructive critics!! ^ ^ you're one of my idols,and i hope you do well mister,: )

  10. The black lines can also indicate (which I’m sure they’re not doing)

    That they just screenshotted the picture on the internet

    But I’m sure they actually drew this because any one can draw that much detail in the leaves where it looks so real

    Ok I sorta doubt they actually drew it because of all the leaves detail looks…too real

    But if they did. I that’s really professional and I’m very impressed and amazed.

    I’m just kinda judge sometimes and get suspicious often but hey if they did draw it. Which they probably did and I’m most likely doubting someone with honest abilities, I’m impressed

  11. That sonic person could be a really good artist if the didn’t draw 4yr old sonic babies pooping in diapers

  12. We will march up towards the evil lair of these diaper fetishists and slaughter them all like what Vader and the 501st did to the Jedi. We will let none of them live, we will not let them carry on with their sick and disgusting fetishes. These people who are sexually aroused by diapers fucking disgust me to a great extent, it's gross. It's not gross it's disgusting. It's not disgusting it's revolting!

  13. 5:25 Imagine being so sick to the point you won't teach your own kids how to go to the bathroom bcs you want to see them crap themselves

    Hope those guys are infertile, wtf

  14. 2:38 I highly doubt someone could look at the 210 lb, Mountain Dew reeking, shitstain-covered mess of a human, and be like: “that’s hot, I’ll have sex with that”

  15. I once nearly rubbed one out to, get this, My Hero Academia, trap, diaper porn. As soon as I saw the guy in a diaper and pink tutu, my dick went from steel beam embedded with rocks to decaying half-dead worm on the sidewalk

  16. my eyes literally got red in a sudden while I was looking at this bitch ass paintings
    they re priceless becouse nobody fucking pays for them like I am feeling pain physicly and mentaly and my every dimension 1 to 3 feels pain

  17. I literally come back to this video every single day to hear his "priceless" rant.
    His voice cracks so bad, it's hilarious.
    This video, despite Solar's comment, is one of his best.

  18. I've found your channel a few hours ago and I'm binge watching your content, but 1/3 into your video I realized it was only going to be about these… diapers things… Sorry, I left. Next video. Bye.

  19. Speaking of people who are against potty training and have diaper fetishes, I have toilet-related issues at age 13 (my bladder doesn't empty properly and such) so I have to wear pull-ups for women and they look like nappies (yes, we call them nappies here in the UK). And guess what? I honestly hate my toilet-related issues -_- (sorry if this is all tmi i kinda have no filter whatsoever-)

    So yeah, people who are against potty training and have diaper fetishes disgust me especially.

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