“Brayan Detected” Cartoons about tanks

“Brayan Detected” Cartoons about tanks

Previously. For many days and nights
these new allies recruited iron monsters They gathered an army of ruthless
fighters and using a teleportation portal Dorian’s were sending the
soulless mercenaries to our world of tanks and now The quantum generator was operating at
full capacity and the Dorian’s continued to transport their mercenaries into our
World of Tanks. But until now the inhabitants of our world did not know
what evil face of fate they will meet in the near future. Good tanks continued to
live their normal daily live But how? After all
Monster Dorian is the largest tank in the universe. He is indestructible I do not think he is really indestructible. When
commander involved all the units and launched a super massive attack Dorian
decided to leave our world. But what happened to Scout Brayan? Oh.. this is a sad story Brayan was captured by Dorian and was
completely changed in Dorian’s horrific factory. Brayan became a ruthless warrior
and servant of this monster. I heard that when Dorian left our world
Brayan stayed here in our world. Yes, I heard that too What’s going on? What was it? That was not it. That was Who. That was
new Brayan. Ruthless and mad mercenary of evil. Brayan wandered through the forests. He destroyed everyone who met on his way. He was lonely he was scared but at the same time he was insane and ruthless. Brayan was missing his Master and wanted to return to him Master! Master! Hear me please, take me away.
I want to be with you my Lord. Please take me away

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  1. Valhalla toons 1st!!!🏆🏆🏆🏆🏅🏅🏅🏅👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉

  2. Ухты танк просица. дамой к хозяину. ууу бедный танк хотя он противник но сёровно жалко ево же раздавать в лепешку. Я про этот танк новый

  3. why do tanks move back and then go forward already?
    По русски:
    почему танки отъезжают назад ,а потом едут уже вперёд?

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