Body Painting Clothes On The Dolan Twins

Body Painting Clothes On The Dolan Twins

what's up everybody welcome back to my channel hi how are ya now in today's video we're here at the Dolan twins house I've never met them before I can't believe it but today we're doing something really wild they were going to body paint each other for a video and I found out about it and I was like oh no no no no no let me bring the queen of body painting over here so we have Miss lipstick Nick hi babe I'm so excited I've done the door tones makeup once okay what was the fight it was for James's campaign with morphe okay there's like a cute little male beat so I'm excited to like actually like do something yeah so we're gonna give them something amazing I'm here to help curate and come up with some sickening ideas with Nicole we also brought two of her really close friends that worked on my alien palette shoot that crazy alien so we have George and Sasha here a special-effects goddess and God and let's go in there and let's I think they're ready should we knock yeah it's raining hope it's raining up there good morning guys so we're good nervous yeah they're cold actually so excited I'm excited well the rain naked kind of yeah we're gonna be cold we'll give you some umbrellas yeah okay we're talking about cuz we're not actually gonna be naked yeah we're gonna be yeah they're gonna help body paint this yeah basically make it but nah not much clothes it's gonna it's a rainy day out we picked a crazy to do this challenge it's a good challenge and it's like a no yeah yeah but that's it okay well we'll talk about in there yeah that's some questions cool all right let's get a lot of questions answer them all okay so we're here we're about to get started I have a few questions okay so the cool told you guys you can't really have any hair you guys are dudes I know that you have body hair so what happened yesterday um yeah that was like kind of one of the worst things I've ever done in my life we got tortured full body wax no but I think I don't have normal leg leg hair like like there was more hair on the wax strip then there is a hair salon after we got a hair cut off like like it was bad and I was even and I was even hairier than that oh wow did they do the tops of your feet Tufts of everything oh my god I've done that on top of the feet it is the worst pain that was the easiest part for me really yes the behind the thighs yes the Guru the behind the knees really rough okay so they did that that's more fun good though so today is it's raining Nicole so a quick question for you guys if it's raining and they go outside the full body pain what's gonna happen nothing should happen because this paint is alcohol-based so it should not actually Sasha do you have anything in your army to show you were drawing you were doing something we show us okay looks like a real zipper so first you can see what happens if I wipe it oh wow literally nothing okay I'm sure the hell okay yeah Wow okay I could spray a lot you guys have to change this we have to get an underwear sorry this is the first time we're meeting and you guys are getting naked but it's like okay you know it'll be good yeah people get that much closer you know exactly sconnie so quick question if they go out in the rain can they wear a jacket if they're freezing at all or will it rub I mean it just depends like I don't think I don't want to cheat I think I'm gonna be okay we don't wanna see you again I bet my runway oh yeah leaves us ladies okay cool so first step they get changed and then let's start designing our louis vuitton masterpiece yeah all right we'll be back you know all right so Nicole and I have brought some amazing friends in here come on in here at George and Sasha who worked on the amazing alien campaign and transforming to that beautiful creature now today we're gonna do what they're gonna do body painting and I thought let's do something crazy let's do a designer like I've seen a cold you like football jerseys and like the craziest but I'm like let's do like Louie Vuitton so you guys made these stencils that's awesome movies last night oh my god I'm deceased my fingers already here let's go streaking my car is this cool so explaining your oh look why it's layered you lay down one pattern first Jase you'll see when we started painting it but um because there's shapes on shape to airbrush through it's pencil you say can we go to close yeah they're gonna get itchy de like what's gonna stand pretty well the whole time so I think we're gonna try to move fast obviously because we wonder what the music that's why we have three of you here today yeah Nicole was there a doing this alone bitch no so the the airbrush is going to take a lot less time than a hand or responds painting it or something so it's gonna get a you me in here okay yeah no worries we have the window opens but I thought the alien had dropped her okay alright so of course the first time I'm eating the Dolan twins were getting them naked I'm not holding again just in their underwear but I'm like never a dull moment Geoffrey Stars world so the fact that they're gonna leave the house after everyone's done and go out into the world into stores and restaurants so I'll see if people notice is so iconic so of course you guys that would be on their Channel today we're doing a little transformation on mine but it's gonna be a really fun day so we're back and we're in our underwear alright so Nicole we have our Louie Vuitton inspiration I think that would love that it's gonna be so sick could I wear that one yeah oh yeah you guys might have to fight over it then what about this tomorrow I think that you were being let's see that's more you think but I'll do that that's a message these are both brand-new fresh off the runway we don't wanna have you wearing anything old only only that new new okay stick so what's the first steps you guys these first steps we're gonna map it out you guys we have t-shirts off okay and then we'll just start airbrushing being the base down and then we'll do all little details so if you like airbrush lick the whole body and then you go back with the details I'm gonna be that special submission to stay in there are you adding a hand as well yeah yeah so I'm gonna find her details will have to go in with a look a little brush and stuff okay all right it's Haiti okay cool oh yeah I'm excited okay yeah yeah all the brushes I've never just like any money we're all right so you're gonna start the outline yeah bring is that great cool okay all right well this is sick this is like so Jeffrey have you ever been body painted yes Nicole has been some wild stuff on lo really they've done some wild stuff on me they transform into a full alien covered all my tattoos did a full alien head prosthetic I've seen the picture baby it was crazy whoa body painting me so real I was like I felt like I was coming and I know down from Mars when you got a body paint did you have to get a full body wax to uh you know it's crazy I don't really have a lot of hair yeah and they were only doing waist up so I have kind of hairy legs I get waxed there oh my god Louie because it's coming out of his skin like my my Fuji it okay the logos on no one look him in the eyes I'm gonna turn out my airbrush compressor okay hello love noise oh this looks legit I'm sick nickname playing around just sitting here about underwear watching there yeah right now throw them in my underwear but after we do this like doing it might feel close yeah oh you're gonna feel much like you get really close like it's like yeah past your chin Jamie lately oh I have clothes on so like you're getting fully covered you're gonna feel like go for them and it's free Louis Vuitton so I go in public like this so I keep forgetting about that part yeah next thing so we're pointing on I think what we should try to do is go to movie Bataan and try to purchase the outfits that we're wearing yeah yeah true but you have a bigger size my truck really attracts you really a full body yeah you're doing a full track suit I think we should you kind of like Boy Scout shorts like though we had really cool shorts that stopped like here you down for above the knee I always worry above the knee park their fans great yeah it smells good that's not good yeah good all day it's really gel oh wait we're gonna send an e right we're in the tramp stamp there oh that's a cold spot can I actually have you hike your underwear down just the tiniest bit so we don't have that line oh good why does the paint smell play it starburst and they're gonna put say these are in danger yeah the European body art makeups and they put just so it doesn't smell like straight-up rubbing alcohol love that yeah zippers going on well did it for like bubbling like ricotta something's going on superg the Red Bull just got your back I'm I'm I'm excited yeah oh so now you're doing a zipper down your chest yeah that's me mr. joy you have to oh that's yeah real we're just doing outline where it's gonna go and then here's the question if white goes up a little bit we'll get on up there no little I mean it's not no not like a noticeable atomize so I have a watch in here okay great good body paintings no joke first the wax and then this freezing cold air bro it's quick no George ain't playing oh yeah what do we do about my nipples I'm gonna add shading right there I never liked your texture just like making it like okay a little tight so it'll just wrap they're not gonna do the coupon poking out cuz they're little hard right but a pasty over them right now but you Jennifer Lee women yeah thank you well chilly movie you're doing that I kind of am it's soothing at for the wax it really is yeah cuz it's hair also shooting on yeah okay I can't do anything about that you just got crusty naps that feels good no it's gonna get cold okay feels good feels really good you feel good for you no I trust me it's gonna look harder and they say feels good it's gonna be freezing cold what colors on my back yeah yeah [Applause] right Nicole starting the details on the sleeve so don't move very still you're doing asleep over there yeah I'm starting it I'm so excited to see this you look like it's so people will make it right now feels good so who's the new – good job that front really good pepto-bismol I love that seem to call Taylor clothes on that's just really nice to do that oh yeah and it's not as bad because I could see it I think what you can't see is like okay eyes on the lower back right now so you're doing circular motions to get that like velvet kind of texture or texturizing wow that's great yeah yeah so the traction is velvet of course so the only stop yeah do wear the shorts come right above this tattoo so you even see some of the tattoo peeking out of shorts that's good yeah that would look really really it was yeah almost like if you like yeah let maybe a little book yeah a little bollock right okay oh my goodness yeah okay the blue is coming together how does it feel if you're not breathing you're good no all right look at those line like that caller over there whoa I don't even know what it looks like yeah it's coming together [Applause] [Applause] okay so we're about the mouth alone though your arms gonna get cramps let me take that from me okay thank you yeah how are you nervous drawing this I am she's not showing me you are not nervous all this shows up every day in displays it's looking good yeah we don't really have like it's a good ruler you're using over there I think the straightest line ever just I believe it on superhero moment perfect what is that little detail I'm I'm here it's a living [Applause] [Applause] all right Nicole how's the logo how difficult is it tell us the tea okay it's not that difficult it was just scary I was scared right I think it looks pretty good were you not scared loved that I held my breath the whole time thank you my dear uh-huh pull up your vector yeah I'm like on the actual shirt it has like this cool like it counts like a sketch so yes it's actually more drawn on it's not just like it's not perfect so I'm just really taking the brush of doing like little strokes on the outside of the leather yeah it almost looks painting on yeah the actual shirt so it's perfect for this yeah Nicole hope Louie Vuitton doesn't sue you for I'm doing their logo I think I've bought enough Louie in the last ten years to balance out a lawsuit to sell it back I can do whatever I want [Applause] see the [Applause] [Applause] all right Sasha what time is it time for the monogram yes all right so they cut out stencils into that what is this plastic just plastic right it's acetate work there we go all right so she has two sons was here she's gonna layer them and we're gonna recreate this moment right here what's the first step I'm sure I'm so first step is I have this photo here so we can line it up so we can get it right and we're gonna pursue this thing policy okay so that one first the LD yeah we're gonna line it up so cuz I want I want that L V right there okay and now he's going the right way if it was backwards it's counterfeit yeah I put this R because R only goes one way exactly that's what's Red Rum and it goes the opposite I'm George it's not so that's lined up I almost want to start on this back to just get a feel for it okay George can we spin yeah you know we could just kind of do it so literally the same thing I should have wrong I should have brought it well yeah I think I'll just try to do the exact same thing I'm up to you sure is that gonna make it easier for you do so yeah let's do this little everybody okay I wish you could see it so basically I'm going into all the ones that are touching it skin yeah okay should be peeking left a tiny bit to make sure you test oh thanks oh wow okay how do you know that you get enough I guess baby blue saturation on there you said going over these are going on they're fully going on doing a recreation of this on the back it's looking crazy already so cool feels good I don't wanna move I don't wanna miss anything I don't slouch but anything yeah we're just trying to pass out yeah whoa oh my god coming together turn your back a little give him the sneak peek of the monogram do it it'll be ready here's my reaction to Grayson's Louis V print on his back I haven't seen it yet all right is there some imagine when it's all over oh I want to I can't even people think it's funny in earnest a sugar no I'm gonna race it back to you dude they're probably give me like like mad respect it Louie V yeah walking at me oh that's it like no one's ever done that's a 101 run away where you probably tell her like hey we're here surprise you it's like promo we were sent by the company I do feel a lot more clothes now I'm still in my underwear but it doesn't feel like yeah I don't feel like it I just realized it feels like I have a shirt on it doesn't look like you have you're like whoa I had a look I'm sorry oh wow it's coming together yeah like um slouch for a second and then do your posture and see how it changes yeah so and this sweater also is like you know Oh [Applause] [Applause] all right Wow it's coming along you're moving faster you're getting the rhythm of the monogram it looks insane I'm gonna order talk about they're going down great I'm stuck [Applause] hey Louie Vuitton you're watching this higher lipstick NIC some dissipated for some tech styling ever go through 200 news American Forests our bottle campaign I can do mannequin dumb in Krita still check out the back that was awesome so many people help smithing my ass alright so Nicole what time is it time for the zipper right alright we had a quick Taco Bell break we did we're back so what are you are you drawing on or laying down a real zipper I'm gonna draw it on I'm going to use this as like a baseline and then we're gonna put all the details in with the gray like metal with oils that were so well okay how tortured do you feel right now I'm not very much okay good this is slightly slip breeze coming from beneath [Applause] I wanna see the [Applause] [Applause] alright guys the body painting is complete holy how do you guys feel oh clothes I do – seriously – crazy I don't feel naked anymore when I was in my underwear Lulu but now I'm I feel like I'm in my underwear yeah I don't either I feel so realistic it's great it's really comfortable to go it's really comfortable good yeah so where you gonna put your phones in your IDs or your lawyers I was gonna say his pockets or maybe just put it like in my mouth okay maybe fretting a little bad I'm gonna go my hat and put it under the head Oh perfect yeah all right it's cheating before you guys run off you guys they're about to go run errands go for shopping and do some crazy stuff so if you guys want to see what the hell happens once they leave this house it's gonna be on their channel of course everything will be linked it down below final question what was the worst part about today Oh Oh Danny okay yesterday was the waxing so oh yeah besides the wax today it was really that bad like the brushes on your body of course we're really good but I think like the lower back what we want to like the spray on my lower back which we the airbrush it still I think it was like just standing up for so many hours you gotta bend your knees you don't pass out yeah how'd of you walk 83 too long you faint and who's in band right now y'all hear me all right well shout out to lipstick NIC Sasha and George for killing it thank you guys so much unreal are you guys I can't wait to see what happens it's gonna be insane I'm excited to feel bougie I feel very expensive right now this is what happens when the shirts limited-edition we just make 101 really yeah I have no idea I want to look at a mirror oh man Amir Oh all the way back here looks so close the zipper you think it might disappoint or realistic that I thought it would we the pants what your nipples go I don't know we got loopy things covering the rate of the end of it Wow oh my gosh this is good I know you're saying about the colors so realistic it's not so ROS Everest it's great right I just want to lose my pants oh look at that these are real pockets oh my back pockets Wow crazy you know yeah Felix in see you guys killed it you guys killed it all right so we're gonna let them go it off throughout the day and it's gonna be really crazy so we're gonna pack up and get out of your hair let us hit us up later okay when they try to remove the makeup that might need to be like a whole blooper thing on your channel we're sure it's makeup removing is a little rough I know you've done some really light makeup but that's we did coconut oil right yeah they're gonna hook you up with some remover okay okay we're gonna need I have no idea I can just chill out for like days I look pretty okay booty into my table this last I haven't worn out with this good I didn't like do you never wash your clothes are you guys thank you so much for watching today's the video we will see you on the next one bye peace

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  1. How much you wanna bet that James Charles took a screenshot of the Dolan twins in their underwear and that is no his wallpaper.

  2. how dare you talk to James that the Dolan Twins is going to post a video talking about how James was trying to touch one of them

  3. I love how respectful Jeffre is! He treats the straight gus like straight guys, I LOVE YOU JEFFRE😍💜

  4. I love how the twins were so comfortable around Jeffree and Jeffree was so respectful of their personal space and barely touched them. This is what James doesn't have: Respect for others, the industry and the art that comes with it.
    Jeffree wasn't slobbering all over the twins, he wasn't being flirtatious, it was all business with a drop of jokes. That's being professional.

  5. The reason James would feel jealous is because jeffree respects them and makes them feel comfortable around him. James shows no respect and just starts being all weird around them.

  6. Holey hell ma dudes, waxing everything.. oof… respect for that, that you do all of it for the body paint. It turned out SO COOL tho! (I waxed my arms ones and it ripped of some of the skin of my scars as well, it hurt SO FKN BAD, i gave up after that so, dang man, that's awesome and that patience, also from the team, SO good) Cool video & project!

  7. I just noticed Nicole was wearing a ﹩ї﹩†℮ґ﹩ Ѧ℘℘Ѧґ℮ℓ ℌ◎◎∂ї℮…

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