Blender 2.8 Weight Painting Explained (In 3 Minutes!)

so you want to properly attach your 3d model to your skeleton but you don't even know what the word weight painting means not a problem in about three minutes you'll understand everything you need to know to wait paint properly all right let's do this if you follow the last tutorial you should end up right here now while in object mode select your body and click on the wrench and then check preserve volume this will help your joints bid born naturally then go to weight paint mode in the settings tab check X mirror this just means that when you paint one side of the body it automatically paints the other side as well now here is the important part in weight paint mode under brush make sure you check auto normal eyes do not forget to do this think of weight painting like bone territory red territory means the bone owns 100% of that location blue territory means that bone has no business there see how when I select the head the face turns red this just means that the face belongs to the head so when the head moves all the red points will follow it 100% yellow points follow 75% and green points follow 50% now if you did not Auto normalize look what happens if I give a new bone territory that already belongs to another bone you see that the face thinks that it belongs to two different places now which means that these points won't know where to go so they'll just try to average between the two locations but with Auto normalizing if you assign territory to a new bone it will automatically subtract that territory from other bones with Auto normalizing your points understand how to share based on their colors instead of overriding each other so do not forget to check this box if you forget you're gonna have to do some crazy vertex group cleaning madness to fix it later and I'm not gonna be able to help you because I don't know how to do that stuff so just try and stick with the program lastly you're gonna want to set up your brush alright if this is your first time listen carefully you are only going to use two brushes add and subtract weight is how powerful you mark the territory zero means 0% or blue one means 100% or red strength means how many clicks it takes to reach your weight so if we set weight to one and then we set strength to one now if we click on a point with the middle of the brush it will claim that point red but if we click using the outside of the brush it will be weaker you can use this to paint different amounts of detail without changing your settings now if you change the strength to 0.5 or 50% it will now take two clicks to reach red territory instead of one and if you were to change strength again to 0.3 or 30% it would take three clicks to reach red territory instead so generally I always have weight set to one and I only change strength when adjusting for different amounts of territory but that's just how I do it feel free to change these settings to whatever suits your needs the most and that's it you're done so that covers all the weight painting tools that you will need to know now we are ready to begin weight painting our model and if you join me next video we will paint our rig in detail for smoother join bending if you enjoyed this video please don't forget to Like and subscribe thank you so much for watching I hope you have a fantastic day and I'll see you around you

20 thoughts on “Blender 2.8 Weight Painting Explained (In 3 Minutes!)”

  1. Hey. Could you make a simple tutorial on making a simple facial expression rig? From bones to IK. You're really good.

  2. Oh, and I'm buying a copy of your game (and the next one that is in development) as a big THANK YOU.

  3. And… In less than two minutes, I learned about "auto-normalize"…. AND MY LIFE GOT BETTER.

    Your channel is criminally undersubbed.

  4. wow thank you so much….i newly started learning blender 2.8 after years of avoiding the old versions with ugly ui ,,,you videos have been really helpful .thank you

  5. For those of you having trouble selecting bones, advice from blenderartists org:
    1. Enter Pose Mode

    2. Select a bone in the armature

    3. Shift-select the mesh

    4. Enter Weight Paint Mode
    5. Use CTR+left click to select bones.

  6. Keep up the good work, its helping me a lot and others! I hope you make a tutorial about face rig. Thank you!

  7. Are there any brush options for weight painting? I generally like to use an unfaded solid circle brush when using Maya.

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