Birth of Krishna – Sri Krishna In English – Animated/Cartoon Stories For Kids

Once upon a time, there lived a king named Ukrasena. Ukrasena had a son, Kamsa, who was the Crown Prince of Mathura. Ha Ha Ha… Haa… He was a hard-hearted, merciless and cruel man. Aah… Aah… Aah… Aah… Aah… Everyone in Mathura was scared of his cruel and wicked nature. But there was one person, whom Kamsa loved and adored… that was his cousin Devaki who is a pious and good-natured lady. Devaki’s marriage was fixed with a noble man named Vasudev. The wedding was a real grandeur… After all the rituals were accomplished, Kamsa who loved his sister dearly, offered to drive the chariot to escort his sister to her in-laws home. When they were on their way, suddenly there was a great voice from the skies. Oh cruel Kamsa! Why are you so happy? Beware! the very sister you love so much is going to give birth to a son who will destroy you. The eighth son born to Devaki will kill you. On hearing this, Kamsa burst into a rage. Aaaargh…… I slay her before she lives to have that eighth child. Kamsa… Do you realise what you’re going to do? It is not justice to kill your sister on the day of her marriage. If you spare Devaki’s life, I promise you that I shall handover every child born to us. Please trust me. Mhmm… I will spare Devaki. But I’ll make sure you keep your word. He then ordered the procession to return to Mathura. When they reached Mathura Kamsa imprisoned Devaki, Vasudev in the dungeons. One day Kamsa was sitting in his chamber, when he got the news that day Devaki had given birth to a child. Kamsa immediately went to the prison. Devaki… Give me the baby. Kamsa snatched the child from Devaki and caught hold of its legs. Then he dashed it on the ground, killing it at that very moment. After that Kamsa killed the next five children in the similar manner. In due course of time, Devaki was pregnant for the seventh time. The seventh child was miraculously carried to Rohini, another wife of Vasudev, who lived in Gokul. Later this child was known as Balaram. My lord the seventh child was stillborn. Ha…Ha…Ha… It was the eighth day in the month of Shravan. A terrible storm arose in the city. Rain was pouring in torrents, and the sky was covered with thick black clouds. Devaki was pregnant with the eighth child. .
Suddenly Lord Vishnu appeared before them and said: Devaki… Vasudev…. Your wish has been fulfilled, and I have taken birth as your child. Vasudev… take this child away from here to Gokul, and switch him with the one born to Nandha Gopal. Saying so Lord Vishnu disappeared. At the stroke of midnight a baby boy was born to Devaki. Look! The chains have fallen off. Its a miracle. Devaki… Quick… Give me the child. I will take him to our friend Nandha in Gokul. As Vasudev told to go, the door of the prison swung open, and he found all the soldiers in deep sleep. Carefully holding the basket on his head, Vasudev headed towards Gokul. Vasudev was followed by Aadhisesha, the snake that Vishnu reclined-on in Vaikund. He spread his spoot over the child the basket that Vasudev carried on his head. Soon Vasudev reached the bank of the river Yamuna. And to his astonishment, the river parted and gave him the way. Vasudev, reached Gokul where Nandha Gopal wife Yasodha… had just given birth to a female child. Vasudev placed Krishna in the baby girl’s cradle, and took the baby girl gently with him. Vasudev made his way back to the dungeon. As soon as he was back with the baby girl, the dungeon doors closed. Waking up the guards, the voice of a baby crying greeted their ears. On hearing the cry of an infant, the guards immediately reported the birth of the child to their king. Aaaaargh… Devaki… Give me the baby. How can a baby girl do any harm to mighty warrior like you, that the whole feels. But Kamsa was not ready to listen to any of their pleas. The baby girl slipped out of his hand and rose up in the air. She turned into Goddess Durga. Oh wicked Kamsa… You have just displayed your valour by trying to kill a helpless baby. Your destroyer was born to Devaki at midnight, and is now safe at Gokul. When the time comes he will come in search of you, and punish you for all the evil you have committed. Saying so Goddess Durga Disappeared. As for Kamsa he was terrified, and lived a life filled with fear. Vasudev and Devaki rejoiced.

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  2. except for the fact that Krishna is recorded thousands of years before moses. So, probably Moses is Krishna story.

  3. damn!!. shame on these celebrities. kareena kapoor revealed her secret boy friend in a secret party. crazy kareena , must have regretted after that.

    watch before they ban it ==>

  4. Moses story is the story of Sargon the Aggade of Sumeria, which is another ripoff from Krsna , just like the flood myth is ripped of from Manu.

  5. This is really cool. I plan on using this in the world religions curriculum for my homeschooling. Jai Sri Krishna. Namascar!

  6. OMG! LOL at the whipping scene….gets whipped in face and just barely reacts with "ugh" and expression of boredom! Love how Hindu mythology translates well to superhero characters!

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  8. Never heard of Vishnu appearing in prison and also river parting its way..I guess he had crossed the river and when krishna's feet touch water, the water level came down..

  9. With all respect to krishna's followers.this is more likely to be fiction than truth.i have searched in other book and found diferent stories.sometimes krishna is the reproduction of jesus's story.sometimes jesuses story is the reproduction of krishna's one.please can you tell me who is the best reference to look at to find more about krishna's life.
    Peace and love.

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  11. This is the stolen story of moses who was born 1500 BC and the geeta was written in 200 BC only according to hindu scholars, but it is also said that geeta was written in AD..

  12. How could this be stolen from the bibles story of Moses …when The world's oldest religion still being practiced today is Hinduism ? Regardless who was first both r full of shit and written by man..the stories  should not be taken literally.. I repeat not be taken literally !!! Please stop living ur life by a book please think for yourself

  13. Why didn't Vasudev and Devaki just escape to Gokul once the gates opened? They can switch the babies and keep on escaping so that Kamsa would never find them instead of going back to the prison…

  14. This is wonderful I wish there were more cartoons like this to entertain and educate children about the other pre Christian religion's and deities of the world

  15. I am not quite sure what age group was in mind when this "cartoon" was created but it is absolutely inappropriate in its language and depiction for elementary age kids!

  16. I guess I'll watch a thousand different videos and read as much as I can to understand the story better because these people don't seem to know how to speak English clearly. So frustrating I can't understand them

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