BEINGS: Musical Artist Andy De La Rosa’s Plant-Based Journey

BEINGS: Musical Artist Andy De La Rosa’s Plant-Based Journey

So being I’m a person who makes
music, I rap… It’s funny to find that there’s many other artists out
there who are vegan too, like Erykah Badu. There’s Common…
the list goes on. In my family, diabetes is such a big thing,
even growing up my mom used to always tell me, like, “Be careful with
sugar,” or certain foods to just avoid having that trend in the
family of just being sick. Like, my grandfather now is—
has severe diabetes. My, my aunt actually passed away
from diabetes, and that used to scare me. That was a big fear
of mine, of just knowing that I’m possibly gonna have diabetes.
But we all ignored that it’s diet that’s causing it, mostly. After
watching, you know, like, slaughterhouse videos, it
changed my perspective. It made me realize that I’m doing something
bigger than just for my health. We did a video recently called
I’m Not a Vegan,and people reached out to me to say thank
you for speaking up for us. So if we can impact, you know,
through music, bringing awareness, you know, of just being vegan,
then that’s just another thing that’s helping out the

5 thoughts on “BEINGS: Musical Artist Andy De La Rosa’s Plant-Based Journey”

  1. We need more and more vegan celebrities to speak out. It has more of a positive impact on people and especially the younger generations, who look up to them and follow them on social media. Eat kindly, live kindly.💚🌱🌍 love and respect to all fellow vegans 😊💖💚

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