Being Artistic!! [Day 3175 - 07.11.19]

Being Artistic!! [Day 3175 – 07.11.19]

more luffy morning Kota ever morning Angie what you doing whoa whoa oh my goodness yeah so she's stripping the door no pole dancing involved here just all stripping I'm Cathy I'm Susan and we're coming to you from a dog park in Bartlett Illinois and you're watching beyond 10:31 so marigolds are completely blooming finally I had wanted these to bloom for the fourth of July so they'd have there'd be pretty flowers here and just now they're starting to bloom in the last couple days so yeah and praying mantis update a little guy go look up Biggie's getting that he's getting a huge there's one there and then I think you've seen what a total of five but recently like four on there and blast matter of business is getting the toilet out of the front of my yard or should I do with the guys I want to do something funny with it I think III uh what does that look for I want to do something funny with my toilet so I'm gonna move the toilet so it's not like in my front lawn I guess oh but look there's almost enough water in there we can flush it oh look I just ordered it oh no there's not enough Oh that'd be funny I want to flush it in the front yard are you ready seems to be plugged Kota up here hi he is so at home here babe anyway Angie's hard at work at the door and I'm about to go and work on a car which is good look at this this this was the inside the nasty yellow though yellow of the door it's so amazing we saw the white side the white side is also nasty whoo that white side I don't know I just I am NOT a fan of painting any room in a house yellow just not a fan it makes it look old it makes it look dingy very poorly painted very yellow paint there is pretty yellows it's done right it can look nice it's not my favorite but this clearly was not done right I'm actually liking this right here that looks kind of except for the planing lines but looks why I told her a second ago that looks kind of like the Hobby Lobby whitewashing type nostalgic there now we can sell this door for a hundred fifty bucks what do you think and we had excess mortar last night so I not sure I'm happy that I did this but I want to fill in the cracks and that I did it was gray however this gray does not match the gray those down there so I'm probably have to I don't know get some gray spray paint and try to make it match do you want to paint some rocks some fake rocks but this right here is kind of a good an indication that most of the stuff cuz this is really thick right there most of the stuff in the bathroom it's probably dry we're gonna go out in a little bit and give them some more stuff at Home Depot and or Lowe's and use their facilities while we're there why our toilets in the shower you would think that would save time but that's for the kind of gross okay it's been a while later it's been flipped kind of looks like spooky right there like dilapidated haunt door maybe we should just turn the house into a haunted house just make it all dilapidated no surprise and italo's once again mortar so that we can mortar tonight because we have the last episode of stranger things to watch tonight oh and and we're sending out these are the pictures for patreon for last month we're sending these out we're gonna try and get some of that stuff done the update to the video has also been posted on patreon so if you donate one dollar or more you guys get to see the special project that we're working on all year long it's really cool I mean it's really neat yeah and she was just saying because we saw an employee that wasn't in their uniform yet and we were saying that it was interesting that we recognized the employees now that they're not in uniform too often when oh and they don't have my screwdriver in socket they do have craftsmen they do warranty them if they have them here they don't have this one here it's rice rice are we going oh yeah mortar mugger martyr martyr martyr martyr martyr we're gonna have more dirt ritum rigor mortis set in sometimes I do it just see the expression on her face yeah funny-looking whoa look at all the colors Wow dude that's the color of rain biscuit harvests bamboo mocha I'm getting hungry now hmm bone he said bone caramel pecan oh man cocoa chocolate truffle oh I'm so hungry Oh would you rather them be named after other things that are round poop transition to Walley world Walley world Walley world I know I'm okay hold on I'll try to get artistic sure you're smart sit six stuff instead of us is walking beautiful son that's that's the artistic oh we're gonna get ran over that's the artistic and now we're a target tarjay harder to find a shower rod you're looking for a rod yeah yeah we want a a shower rod that we put up there that's not tension because tension ruins the paint on the walls and then we don't want it pressing on the shower surround so that's why we're here oh damn it might have to get it on because I was hoping to get lucky when we got in here oh look at the dog in a box wow so many dogs and boxes we'll see Michaels you guys see that do you know what's gonna be happening here and about a couple weeks so uh you guys can all like you know calm down we found it we found our rod oh it's bronze okay so now we're at Bed Bath & Beyond it's very boring wall sorry I'm trying to make em yes we do we need to go camping hey if you're gonna throw things throw money so whoa look it's puppy dogs whoa look puppy the sea shells retro shiny things shiny retro shiny things what was that oh look it's it's wedding dresses hmm look this one's foofy oh wow it's a curtain for your shower well okay I know it's a shower black oh no black how about some black oh that looks like it's got like little there you go this your wedding dress time check 10:56 yeah and we're gonna be grouting server go and do another time-lapse and just taking care of all the dishes after making a wonderful beautiful awesome dinner I've caught up on the vlog just a little bit editing tonight and we're about ready to mix some grote grote grote get that in that book okay bucket bucket now everybody else is lot are yawning Hugh they're laughing in yawning at the same time which is really really difficult so uh yeah so we got the bathroom done and the well not done I'm sorry we got the floor done it still needs to be sealed can't do it right now two hours is about what it took us Louis yeah okay but that was fun our hands were dried out yes now it's doing that like it was a blister and then it popped and then all the skin came off and then it got growth dried right dry the group dries your hands like a mother beep like a mother beep is that anything like a a SS hole no winemiller okay guys no see you'll see tonight again I'm sorry I apologize we have been reading your comments during today but it is also any comments oh well I did maybe it's quarter after one right now and we're gonna watch the last episode of stranger things because we're like totally hooked on it and then we're gonna go to bed I've got an early morning because I've got an appointment far away tomorrow that I have to get to and then and then okay and then tomorrow also so Troy mental note to yourself because I do watch which is weird w I only watch because she's in it and I want to see I want to see her i watch the vlogs I have to you the nice try anyway I watch her and I like watching our interaction and I also like when I'm able to sit back and see the fruits of my labor when I do like cool little things with the vlog like I did today anyway patreon tomorrow I will be and this is the message to Troy so Troy dude tomorrow I am going to announce all of the the patreon the the tr4 announcing you guys on the vlog oh my gosh if you don't know what I'm talking about then go down below to the comments yesterday no today I did post the video I think I've already talked about it maybe I haven't talked about it I don't think I've talked about it maybe I did did I I thought I did maybe I didn't anyway I can't remember I can't remember what I've done so anyway if you guys want to help support us it's very much appreciated and you get I think I have talked about this you get to see the video the video that we're creating during the year oh yes I did talk about an office I don't know maybe I edit alright happy haunting thanks for watching guys we'll catch up on COC most likely tomorrow and take care of a patreon spiffs and the rewards so see you guys tomorrow oh oh wait and if you want your free sheriff's stock you can go down below and click on the Robin Hood link because that's awesome and things are happening okay happy hunting see you guys tomorrow bye now you can say bye say it again bye don't put that in there that was funny I have to put it in here now bye guys

13 thoughts on “Being Artistic!! [Day 3175 – 07.11.19]”

  1. Didn’t get a chance to reply to yesterday’s vlog. Dude, I’ve said it in the past I like to support you more directly than just using just Patreon.

  2. Hello Hellions….. In the high 30°C's today muggy and feels like it's in the 40's as Troy would say "blugh 🤮…." (Don't know how to type that sound…)

  3. Yay second comment. Good day Troy Angie Phoenix for babies and fellow Hellions.

    When I was growing up my mom and dad let me paint my bedroom the any color I wanted and I chose a light pale yellow and I loved it.

    Ok thank you you too for make me catch you're contagious yawns @11:47

  4. First? I like that since 85 T-shirt Angie. I still have an original NES that still works. Is that number suppose to be a hint on when you were born? That was a special year for me and my wife. That's when we got married 😃

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