Beautiful Idioms & Useful Expressions All about Art

Beautiful Idioms & Useful Expressions All about Art

We are in Paris! The city of lights or the city of arts and culture. So today we’re going to talk to you about some idioms and expressions that are related to art. And culture. That’s coming up. It is a gorgeous day out. Perfect day to see all the sights of Paris. That is the Louvre. One of the most famous museums in the world. Check out this view. Right here. We’re at the Eiffel Tower. Or kind of. It’s right there. So since we are in Paris, which is a city very well known for its art and culture we’re going to talk to you about some expressions and idioms that that have words related to art in them. Of course. The first expression I want to talk to you about is to paint yourself into a corner. And when somebody paints themselves into a corner, that just means that they are put into a situation where there is no or there are very few good outcomes. And they are painted into a corner. It’s not a good place to be. So there’s a famous saying that goes a picture is worth a thousand words. And what this means is that you can have a complex idea that can be expressed in just one single picture. Better expressed in fact than a description. So there’s so much more that a picture says than words can say. A picture’s worth a thousand words. Another expression is to paint the town red. And when you go out and you paint the town red that just means that you are going out and you are partying and you are celebrating in a very lively way. As an example, you would say “You know, let’s go out tonight. Let’s paint the town red.” Another expression is to see the big picture or to look at the big picture. And this just means to see the situation as a whole. Because sometimes it’s very important to instead of like looking in little details, to look at the situation as a whole. And that means to look at the bigger picture or to see the bigger picture. Or the big picture. So we’re just chilling on a bench. As you can see behind us…oh, where did it go? It’s the other way. I can’t show you. There we go. It’s the Eiffel Tower. So we’re going to…we’re going to share our favorite things about Paris right now. What is your favorite thing about Paris? The food. Hands down. That was going to be mine. Everything. All the food is just like the ingredients are simple, high-quality, and just well put together. I like the croissants or here the croissants. Why is your nose so red? Because we were out in the sun all day yesterday. Somebody got sunburned. What’s your favorite site? I like Versailles. The gardens. I thought they were really, really impressive. Wes tell me your favorite French word? French word? I’ve been saying “Merci.” Merci. Okay. I’ve been using that. Okay, what about… It’s my only word. Favorite French word? Amour. What? Amour. I don’t know how to pronounce it. Favorite English channel. Interactive English. Obviously. Alright. Let’s keep moving. Another expression that I say quite often is…you just say, “What’s wrong with, this picture?” And when you’re asking somebody what’s wrong with this picture, it means that you’re asking this person or a group of people to identify what is wrong with this situation. And seeing if they can identify it. So you’re kind of asking them in a sarcastic way. What’s wrong with this picture? So this is an expression that’s also a question. And it goes “Do I have to paint you a picture?” And it’s not…it’s kind of like when you’re trying to explain something to somebody, and they just don’t get it at all. This is kind of asking like, “What else can i do to make you understand this?” You’re trying to make it more clear for them. You’re a little bit frustrated that they don’t get it. And you’re just asking them “Do I have to paint you a picture?” So you’re just kind of trying to see like… I’ve tried all these ways to explain It. What else can I do to make you understand this? Another idiom is saying that something is like watching the paint dry. This is a simile because we’re comparing two things. And you’re saying that something is like watching the paint dry. So you’re talking about something that is very boring. It’s dull. It’s tedious. And it takes a long time. So therefore, it’s like watching the paint dry. So another expression is to paint a ___ picture. And why I made that mmm sound because you can change the adjective. So something can paint a terrible picture. It can paint a bleak picture. It can paint a rosy picture. And what this means is to describe something in a certain way. And many times it’s used in a negative way. So when you… if something paints a terrible picture, it means that things appear to be pretty bad. Hope you guys enjoyed learning these expressions. And getting a glimpse of our trip to Paris. So now we want to hear from you guys. In the comments…what are we going to? We’re going to ask you…we have a question for you that we wanted to hear the answer to. And our question is “Have you ever been to Paris?” And if yes, “What did you think about it?” What was your favorite thing? And if you haven’t been, we’d like to know if you’d like to go. Thank you guys so much for watching, and we’ll see you next time. Bye.

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