BBC The Social Investigates Pickup Artist A-Game

The lesson was that we do game
for more than just pussy Pussy is just
the icing on the cock It’s just come to light that
there’s this thing called gaming and basically males
who maybe refer to themselves as pickup artists They have businesses where
they hide behind ‘it’s making an alpha male
the best version of himself that he can be’
Right? The main purpose of gaming
is to have sex with as much women as possible Night game
was excellent last night Day game was solid yesterday Lift your jacket up.
Yeah that’s nice Show me your camel toe Show me the ******* camel toe It’s unattractive actually Who gives a **** what
some ******* random person, some random girl thinks
about you playing the game and you getting what
you want in life? You shouldn’t care.
Her opinion doesn’t matter I just bust a nut or two
in a random same day lay I’d already opened her,
I text her, she’d flaked Opened her today thinking she
was a different girl with the same ******* line.
She didn’t remember but she remembered me.
It was a lot of last minute resistance I
had to come through Eventually I had to take
a piss and just pulled my dick out to take a piss
and I asked her if she’d seen a circumcised dick
before and eh…. That’s how the lay
happened to start with Don’t be a chode, be a pimp.
Help a pimp out Pimps help pimps Dean.
Chodes help no one Help yourself, don’t be a chode

100 thoughts on “BBC The Social Investigates Pickup Artist A-Game”

  1. I don't know what's more shocking. The behaviour of this horrible disturbed man or the amount of racist language in the comments section!?

  2. Silly man if you want to sleep with a scotsh bird all you have to do is say "all right lass I'll by you some battered haggas if you I can fuck the shit out of you".
    her response "what a wee gentleman you are, there's a dark corner over there we can do anal if you throw in a burger, you're the most romantic man ever"

  3. Not saying what he is doing is polite…but I hate to tell you that unless he has physically assaulted, exposed himself , constantly chased after and harassed someone or shared photographs of the women naked without their permission…he hasn't done anything illegal.
    If he gets fined or jailed for simply hitting on women then that will open the doors for anyone to be fined for engaging in the chat up process and where will that leave us?
    Filming in public is perfectly legal.
    I would give him the benefit of due process and say that what he said about consent may be just bravado to get more hits on his channel.
    With personal experience…I used to hang out with groups of women and they can be just as predatory and be very verbally abussive if a guy doesn't want anything to do with them…
    Gay men can be just as predatory….

  4. The people who are outraged at this assume the womins he bangs have no agency. Women don't need to be infantilised by the likes of you bunch of snowflakes. These women said, "Yes", deal with it.
    The guys a tosser that's all.

  5. Harassment according to feminists
    talking – harassment
    looking- harassment
    breathing – harassment
    living – harassment
    Scotland is a feminist left-wing shithole.

  6. This guys a total bell end. Only an imbecile would video himself harassing woman for sex and talking about pulling his dick out at someone. Take his DNA and compare it to all the unsolved rape cases in the City or even UK wide.

  7. I mean yeah, this guy seems like an asshole. Is what he's doing illegal though? I doubt it. He's talking to women in the street or running up to a girl he's interested in that has passed him – which is perfectly fine. You can call that following or being predatory, but there is a social expectation that guys approach girls in todays society. To shame him for that part, or even wanting lots of sex, I think, would be wrong and emasculating. A lot of girls enjoy the submissive role, so whilst I'm not condoning the weird bit about the camel toe, the video still could be out of context, I don't know. His language and tone could DEFINITELY be taken down a notch too, it certainly feels unnecessary and weird.

    Also why is BBC publishing the sexual audios? To be honest you're not much better with this one BBC… If this guy hasn't harassed or raped anyone then I'd leave him alone. I saw one pink haired woman who claimed he was messaging her on instagram after seeing her out, but she didn't have the 'guts' to tell him to go away, so I'm not sure that counts.

    TL;DR yeah the guy needs to tone it down and be less vulgar 100%, but approaching women anywhere and desiring sex with however many women he wants is totally fine, I think.

  8. Any dog, cat, cow, pig, woman, man who hooks up with one of those wankers gets what they deserve. All you have to do is glance from afar at them to see how skanky they are! They didn't herd them into a bed and rape them.

  9. Apparently talking to promiscuous women and convincing them to have sex of their own free will is a criminal offence now.
    Strange that the more feminist a society becomes the more paternalistic and dismissive of women's agency it becomes.
    Almost like feminism was always a tool of societal and political control rather than a movement of female liberation.

  10. I hope someone smashing his face in and make him eat his near nose wort…

    If shit like that ever got near my little sister I’ll have no fucking mercy on shit like that

  11. It is good to that twats indicate to the general public they are twats by wearing their hats backwards….sure sign…..Good this guy is a slimeball….why do women sleep with him? Surely a vibrator has got more personality that this bozo.

  12. How dare he talk to women!!!! I’m so offended and outraged. He is literally using his mouth and brain to engage in conversation with the vagina people. This is absolutely unprecedented. AND HE HAS THE AUDACITY TO HAVE CONSENSUAL SEX WITH THEM! What is wrong with this world? It’s 2019. No vagina person should be spoken to at any point, ever, about anything. Us men should all be castrated and forced to sign the sex offenders register.

  13. Men desire women. Men chase women. Women have the right to tell a man to get lost and then he should accept it and move on. Stop criminalizing normal human behavior. Liberals and SJWs have just about gutted the so called advanced nations of the west. Oh and BTW pick on this poor sap but give a pass to those who commit terrible atrocities against women in the UK. I feel sorry for you who live there but can't get too smug about it. In the US we are fast catching up to you.

  14. One of the problems here is that people act as though women have no agency. In other words, people think that women are merely acted upon. If a women jumps into bed with a PUA, then that's the woman's choice. Why does the PUA get blamed? Nobody is holding a gun to these women's heads. These women are responsible for their own actions.

  15. Guys who talk to lots of women dont hurt women because they have plenty of options, i dont see many puas raping or pedoing or getting into domestic violence, the less options a man has the more violent he can be, why would you rape someone when you can get another chick in a few days?

  16. He was charged with "Being ugly whilst approaching women" …Judge gave a sentence of "50 years not eligible for parole"
    Female supremacist controlled scotland 2030
    (why should we have to be nice to ugly men who approach us, lets just make it illegal and call it Grevious bodily harrassment)

  17. ok, this man shod not be regarded as a gamer he abuses the techniques that he has devel and is a pig. game is good for men ho do not understand social conversion like in the big bang theory the main characters their show a disconnect from social conversion and game helps with this. it allows men to become charismatic and comfortable in their own skin and it is this that allows them to chase after the happiness that they truly deserve.

  18. Thank God for the BBC Sex Police, "protecting us" and telling how to run our sex lives.
    1 Talking to women is a crime
    2 Expressing any sexual interest in a woman is a crime
    3 Having sex with more than one woman is a crime
    4 Women never get horny and do not want sex with males
    5 Any form of approaching women is "objectification", "molestation" or "rape".
    6 All casual sex is a crime, but only men are to be arrested for it.
    7 If this was a woman they would be saying how "empowered" she was.
    8 The BBC will work closely with the Police to enforce BBC Sex Morals and boost viewing figures.
    9 What about all the young men getting drunk and hooking up on Friday Nights ?
    When is the BBC get them arrested ?

  19. He's now sitting in a nice jail cell.
    And this video and the other videos have been sequestered by the police in a criminal investigation. I'm surprised Youtube hasn't taken them down.

  20. I hope he has a daughter let’s see how funny his A game is then. I live in Scotland hope to bump into him where I will take great pleasure in fucking the nut on him.

  21. In the near future any man who dares to talk to or even look at a member of the privileged class with their golden vaginas if you have made them feel in any way a negative emotion then you will be sent to a Gulag for re-education.

  22. My opinion as a Pakistani lad living in England: This cunt is a disgusting bastard. He wouldn't like it if strangers were approaching females in his immediate family the way he does to white women. This cunt is probably some social outcast who has befriended other rejects and thinks highly of himself and only sees white women as easy meat. Why hasn't anyone in glasgow (both white/asian lads) beaten the shit out of this cunt?!

  23. so when a woman goes out with the object to have sex with as many men as possible, and talks about how she's able to bed so many men, are the Scottish police going to go into her house and arrest her? No, because apparently its only women who are liable to faint in terror at the thought of the opposite sex trying to seduce them.
    Im not sure who should be most insulted – men for being labeled as predators because they want to have sex, or women because the notion that men want to have sex with them causes them such terror that daddy gov and the po po need to step in and save the poor damsels.

  24. This guy is giving decent Asians and Muslims like me a bad name. He needs a good hiding. I’d he happy to see him someone order a code red or this guy.

  25. Regardless whether or not one considers this individual's behavior repugnant, unless any of his actions are prohibited by law it is of concern only to those directly involved. Females rightfully insist they be granted equal autonomy and consideration as their male counterparts, therefore they cannot simultaneously demand they be shielded from the occasional uncomfortable situation.

    As of yet there is no ordinance against merely talking to, flirting with, or engaging in consensual sex with strangers, and based upon the "evidence" presented in this "exposé" it appears at least some significant portion of the population responds positively to such an approach. To insinuate that females are incapable of simply responding "No thanks" to potential suitors and thus must be sheltered against innocuous unsolicited attention is the height of both infantilization and self-aggrandizement.

    It is only when an individual refuses to respect a woman's decision and continues into harassment or assault that the government should be permitted to intercede on her behalf; any heavy-handed interference beforehand merely assumes all women are damsels in distress and in constant need of protection, an image many women have long sought to abolish.

  26. For those of you confused as to what he did that breached the law, watch Hooray Perfects latest video. It covers just about everything.

  27. Okay but he did not follow that woman in the red jacket into that shop, I watched that full (very boring) video and they were chatting the whole time, including once they were in the shop :/ I’m not saying he’s not a creepy motherfucker because he definitely is but that editing is extremely misleading in this case.

  28. This guy is a benefit thief who doesn't declare earnings from this vile practice. I ran into him around a year ago and am disgusted he is aiming to work with vulnerable young people. He needs investigating.

  29. Get out you mother***er from the UK. Do this shit in Islamic shit countries like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia if you have a strong pe**s.

  30. Hmm wait has anyone been to a bar or nightclub on a weekly basis. Lots of people hookup for 1 night stands and I see the same guys or girls out the next week having fun and hooking up if they find someone they like. I guess he shudnt film ppl though illegally

  31. This type of humans they just destroyed the trust and kindness of the humanity, it is your turn some people will chase you in prison ENJOY and have fun

  32. Those noises made by the girl do not sound like it's bc it's pleasurable! She sounds like she's drugged up maybe just coming to after a night of God knows what this rat has been doing. I hope he gets his head fkn smashed in the second he lands in Bar L.

  33. Fuck the bbc tory bastard propaganda, fuck police Scotland, good luck trying to arrest me ya brit bastard cunts!

  34. Now he can try his pickup skills with Abdul and Bubba in his cell…way to go stalking in public you moron – shows that he is too dumb even for that crime.

  35. makes me fucking sick to the stomach, men are doing something natural that is approaching women, there is nothing wrong with it. BBC IS WRONG

  36. A pick up artist is only interested in the conquest. If you cared about your fellow human you wouldn't "trick" them into bed…however it can be said that women as human beings desperately want to have sex as much as possible. The pick up artist enables their targets and they are targets to feel safe about having sex with them. The women should not be judged negatively because they had sex with someone. You are not a (insert pejorative gender based insult here) because you had consensual sex. You just wanted sex. The only thing troubling is why do you only want sex, do you not want a connection with another being. You get to have sex by using a serious of moves that many people will respond but why would you aspire to this behaviour?

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