BẠN MUỐN HẸN HÒ #208 | Cát Tường ra sức DÌM HÀNG nhà trai vì sợ cô thắm miền Tây bị chàng ăn hiếp

WANNA DATE Welcome you to WANNA DATE. This program is sponsored by Maxxhair, hair loss medicine. And now we will welcome the first couple. Curtain down, please. I would like someone who is about 20 cm taller than me. I don’t like woman who is arrogant. I like people with attractive features. Please welcome the male guest. Have a sit. Hello everyone! Please welcome the female guest. Okay. We will start with today’s show. Please introduce yourself. My name is Minh Thao. I am 28 years old. I come from Kien Giang and I am working as a hotel receptionist. Where are you working at? I am working in Rach Gia. – You came all the way from Kien Giang?
– Yes. Our male guest, introduce yourself, please. My name is Vo Van Men. I am 30 years old. I also come from Rach Gia, Kien Giang. I am working as an office worker at Kien Giang Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Agency. How odd. Maybe… It’s fate. Both of you come from Kien Giang and work in the same province. But you didn’t meet each each other there, you met here instead, in Ho Chi Minh City, at our show, WANNA DATE. There might be a chance that you got on the same bus to get here this morning. I almost forgot, this is a must ask question. From which province, which district and which center do you come from? You might know each other already. You might even be relatives. That wouldn’t be good. – You should communicate with each other.
– That’s right. You can ask her. Where do you come from? I come from Vinh Thanh ward. In my case, my family lives in Go Quao. Do you know anyone that lives in Go Quao? No. – Do you know her?
– No. Okay. That’s great. She wants to ask him something. – You said that your last name is Vo, right?
– Yes. My last name is Vo, too. Really? What a coincident! Maybe you parents or grandparents know each other? Does your family have roots in Rach Gia? Yes. We are probably not relatives. It’s because my grandfather comes from Sai Gon. My family have roots in Sai Gon. Okay, first of all we can sing the song “Kien Giang”. “How beautiful is Kien Giang.” 2,3. Why don’t you sing? I don’t know the lyric, Mr. Linh. Mr. Quyen Linh, since you have already talked about this topic, I would like to sing a small part of a song that is written about my hometown. That’s right. The song is called “Kien Giang minh dep lam”. (Singing “Kien Giang minh dep qua”) That’s it. I’m sure you meet a lot of people because you are a receptionist. That’s true. Then why do you need to go all the way to Sai Gon to appear on our show. Because it’s a full-time job, I have to work all day long. Also because I am an introverted person so whenever I go home from work, I don’t go out much and just stay at home. At work, there must be someone who is interested in you, right? Yes, there are a lot. But because of my personality, it never works out. I don’t like to be teased. Have you ever been in a relationship? I have been in love twice but they were both one-sided love. I had my first love 10 years ago, the other one happened 2 years ago. How can they not like someone like you? Did they know that you liked them? After a year, my best friend came and vaguely implied that I like him but he didn’t say anything at all. – He didn’t have any action at all?
– No. You should take action then. You must tell our male guest to take the initiative, Linh. Yes, you should make a move right away. How would you like your boyfriend and future husband to be like? I would like him to be about 20 cm taller than me. Someone who doesn’t smoke. He can drink but with moderation. Some one who is considerate and sharing and is reliable to his family. What do you mean by 20 cm taller than you? In both literal and indicative ways. Can you tell us more about your job? I am an office worker. I usually consult with my superiors though annual aggregation and analysis, and monthly, too. How many relationships have you been through? I have been in 2 relationships. 2 relationships. The first one lasted 8 years. ‘We were together since secondary school. What about the other one? The other one lasted 4 years. What type of woman do you like? First of all, I like someone who behaves cleverly, knows how to treat people well. What else? Secondly, we must understand and sympathize with each other. For example, do you get jealous? Are you jealousy? Yes, I am. But I am the gentle type. What does the gentle type means? It’s because she doesn’t talk a lot. Yes, that’s right. What type of woman do you hate? I don’t like woman who is arrogant. – Cocky?
– Have no manners. Don’t worry, she is a receptionist. – She always smiles and greets everyone.
– She smiles and greets everyone. Doesn’t matter if she knows them or not, likes them or not. She just greets anyone she sees so no worries. What do you not like in a man? – I don’t like men who smoke.
– Okay. I also don’t like men who like to control other people. Are you a control freak? Not at all. People who come from the West are usually not like that. Another thing that might makes you happy is that I don’t smoke. – She’s happy about that.
– Yes. What about appearance? About that, I like someone who has attractive features, smiles gently. Just when she said gentle smile, he laughed out loud. Do you like bald people or people who has hair? People who has hair. Why did you ask so? Hello! He doesn’t have much hair. It’s his hair style He used hair styling wax to style his hair. – Come here. Stand up, please.
– Maybe because his job is to promote trade. He has nice figure. A handsome guy, Very elegant. Okay, sit down. I will be very honest with you. Drink less. Do exercise, too. I do go to the gym regularly. – Regularly?
– Yes. Then why are you still so chubby? It’s because when I have guest or go on business trip, I have to stop exercising and then I gain weight fast. Do you have any bad habits? I am a little hot-tempered. I don’t like people who chew out loud. When I hear someone chew, I will get angry and just leave. – Where do you go then?
– I usually go to the barber. So every time you get angry you would have your hair cut? Yes. So that’s why your hair is so short. I would get a haircut, have a massage or do skin treatment to relax. Oh my! Tell me, is there any chances that your gender changed after you broke up with your ex? No, it’s not that easy. That have always been my hobbies. – Really?
– Yes. I am chubby but I like to wear tight shirts. You should have six pack to wear things like that. Look at your tummy! That’s why I go to the gym. Why are you so harsh on him? How is he? He’s good. Totally. Look at him. But he should do some exercise, he is a little chubby. – Hello to the girl who comes from Kien Giang.
– Hello! He is great, very handsome. If your husband get angry, what would you do? I would probably say nothing then. Not say anything? What would you do when he gets a haircut, has a massage or does skin treatment? About having a massage, I don’t like that too much. – No, it’s not massage in a bad way, it’s face massage.
– It’s face massage. It’s only face massage. And foot massage. I guess he really takes care of his body. That’s right. Taking care of your own appearance also means making the world more beautiful. You would be sad too if someone make fun of your husband’s appearance. right? Yes. You should take care of yourself too so that when someone compliments you, your husband would feel proud. Yes. – Okay?
– Yes. Everything is okay then. The guy is handsome and the girl is pretty. It seems to be a match. – Did you come with your family?
– Yes, I did. – Who did you come with?
– I came with my mom. Hello Madam! Hello, Mrs. Cat Tuong. Hello Madam! My daughter is very quiet and nice. She doesn’t talk much. If you two become a couple then you should talk gently to each other. Don’t shout. Don’t use violence. I hate using violence on women. We should talk to each other directly to slowly build our mutual understanding. I have always hate men who treat women badly. He seems nice, Thao. Your mom said that he seems nice. – Thank you, Madam!
– Thank you! Our male guest, did you come here with someone? I came with one of my acquaintance. Hello, Mrs. Cat Tuong and Mr. Quyen Linh. Hello! Looking at your partner right here, I think she is great. Have you seen him going out with anyone? Yes, but he usually goes out in secret. Well, well, well. That’s not good. Okay, thank you for telling us that. – We will get more information from him later.
– We will talk about this later. You kept that away from us, huh? – Let’s raise the curtain!
– Raise the curtain, please. You can see each other now. Be nice to her. – Hello!
– Hi! I have a gift for you. Thank you! Ask him about what his friend said. Can you explain to me about what your friend said? There are some women who like me. Okay. My personality is weird. If I don’t like someone I would just ignore them. I won’t keep contact with them. Okay. So there would be nothing vague in our relationships. What is your first impression about each other? What do you think about me? I think you seems like my ideal type. – Really?
– Yes. You like chubby men like him? No, not chubby but I like people with round face, have short hair and look kind. I think you seem kind. I hope that what I feel about you right now would be proven true many years later. If you get married, who would be in charge of the family’s finance? My wife, of course. You said so first. Because I can’t keep money. How cute! She said “You said so first”. She seems quiet but her words are sharp. Say something romantic to each other. And then we will see if you press the button or not. Only through a very short conversation, I think I do have feelings for you. Maybe we should see each other when we go back to Kien Giang, get to know each other more and then if it feels right, we could date. – Is that okay?
– Yes. I will think about it. Okay, think carefully and make a decision. 1 I will just press it. It’s not time yet. What are you doing? 2 3 – Hello!
– Yes. Your hand is so warm. Why do you just shake hands? Hold her hand. – Hold hands?
– Yes. Ask her mom first. May I hold her hand, please? Why do you ask when you are already holding my hand? It’s because I’m nervous. Today is a very important day, you have officially decided to date. Since her mom is here, you should make a commitment. In your presence, I would like promise you that I am very serious about this relationship. I will be sincere to her and I won’t let you down. Thank you! What about her daughter? Of course I won’t let you down. Thank you! I hope you will spend more time to get to know each other We would like to give you Greelux products as a small gift. We also want to give you a free wedding photo shoot with the value of 15.000.000 VND in Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh City at Alen Wedding Services if you get married. I would like to say thank you to Mrs. Cat Tuong and Mr. Quyen Linh, and to the staffs for giving me the chance to appear on this show. I hope that WANNA DATE will become more and more successful, bring happiness and joy to everybody. Thank you, too! We hope to hear good news from you soon! I didn’t love him as much so he left me. I have been never held a woman’s hand for 32 years of my life. He is not ripe enough. My heart flutters whenever I see beautiful women. We will continue with the second couple. Curtain down, please. Our male guest, please go on stage. Have a sit. Please welcome our female guest. Can the male guest introduce himself first, please? I would like to introduce myself. My name is a little special. My name is Pham Van Dong. I am 32 years old. I am working at Vietnam – Australia International Education Corporation. I come from Binh Dinh and work in Ho Chi Minh City. I am a superintendent. What about our female guest? My name is Banh Thi Hoa. I am originally from Nghe An but my permanent residence is in Ba Ria and I am currently living in Ward 11, Ho Chi Minh City. I have just graduated University of Science. I am working as a tutor, I haven’t had an official job yet. Do you need a superintendent? I like that job, Mr. Quyen Linh. So you have just graduated, still working as a tutor and it not an official job? Yes. Have you ever had a boyfriend? I have been in 2 relationships. I was with my first boyfriend for about 2 years and my second relationship lasted almost 2 years. When I broke up with my first love, I thought that maybe it’s because I loved him too much. So in my second relationship, I tried not to love as much but then he left me. So would you just not love at all in your third relationship? What do you think about that, our male guest? How many relationships have you been in? I have never held a woman’s hand for 32 years of my life. Seriously? You might have a chance to do that today. If you allow me then I will. Why haven’t you been in a relationship before? Do you have high standards? No, I don’t. Maybe it’s because my family condition is a little special. Because I studied and then worked, I worked and then had to study again. That’s why I have been single all my life. You have never had your eye on anyone? Because work usually comes first, I didn’t pay much attention to that. Love will come when it’s the right time. You have been single for 32 years. I think you should confirm your gender again. It seems so suspicious. I am very straight. – Are you sure?
– Yes. How do you know that you’re straight if you have never loved anyone before? I went to the doctor. Why did you come to the doctor? I just went there to examined. What examination did you have to know that you are straight? Stop asking this question. They will deal with it later. Have you ever felt fluttered in front of a woman? Yes, of course. My heart flutters whenever I see beautiful women. To have a boyfriend who has no experience in love, do you like that or not? I’m just worried that he is not ripe enough. I don’t know why but there are a lot of younger men who like me. They are not mature. That’s why I wrote in my registration form that I want someone who is 5 years older than me so that he is mature. He is older than you. He is older but he has never been in a relationship so I am still a little worried. What if she wants to kiss you but you don’t know how to kiss? Don’t worry! I have seen a lot of korean dramas. Maybe I won’t be very good at kissing but I can do it. So can you tell us about your abilities? My strength is I am very nice, very sociable. My weakness is I am very shy. I can’t speak well in front of a crowd. I don’t know how to say romantic things. My biggest strength is I can cook. Is there anything else? I can do any sports well. I can play football, badminton, ping pong. Do you like to go backpacking? When I have days off at work or holiday, I do go backpacking. It’s okay if it’s not too regular. I love jogging. I only rent an apartment but there is a big yard. I have a walk there everyday. If you want to, I can show you the building where I live and we can have a walk there. We already have something in common. What is your ideal girlfriend like? She has slender figure, is good-looking, and have good personality. That’s all. I meet half of those standards. Do you have any standars? I don’t ask for a lot, I just want him to be taller than me, about 170 to 180 cm tall. He is probably not 180 cm tall. I don’t even know if he reach 170 cm or not. He is 190 cm tall. It’s okay as long as he is not too fat or bald. Look at me, why are you hiding yourself? – You are not as tall as she wanted.
– Yes. How tall are you? I am only 165 cm tall/ What do you think? He is only 165 cm tall. I will think about it. There seems to be not many tall guys nowadays. Be honest with me. Do you like women? Yes, of course. Ask him if he gets jealous easily? Do you get jealous easily? Because she is very young and pretty. No, I don’t get jealous much. But I will find out who she goes out with. Have you prepared anything for your wedding? I have prepared a little bit. Will she have to live with your family? My brothers and sisters are all married. My parents live alone so she won’t have to live with them. Do you have any bad habits? I drink with my friends a lot but my alcohol tolerance is 2 cans only. Two cans is not a lot. Really? I though that it was a lot. I am very suspicious about his gender. After talking with him for a while, I start to get confused. I done with him. You should just give Cat Tuong a hug later. How is he? Prove that you’re a man. I will have a look at our female guest. – Hello!
– Hello! You can ask Quyen Linh. I don’t know how to answer this. I am still confused Don’t worry. He is a man. I’m sure that he is very straight. The problem is that life is hard for him, he lives here alone in an apartment and he hasn’t thought about getting married yet. He is very cute. “I have never held a woman’s hand”. If you choose him, you will be his first and last love. I hope so, too. Really? Don’t worry! So we will meet your acquaintance now. Who did you come here with? I came with one of my colleague, my fan. You even have a fan? Yes. Where is his fan? – That’s a lot.
– Amazing! Hello Mr. Quyen Linh and Mrs. Cat Tuong. Hello! Hello to the staffs and to the couple. Dong is a teacher who is very hardworking. His strength is he can cook really well. So you don’t have to worry about that. Thank you! He is very kind, really kind, but he is a little shy when it comes to love. That’s why he is still single. I hope that you can try your best to confirm the relationship with your partner as soon as possible. Thank you very much! Did you come here with someone, Hoa? I came here with my sister. Hello Mr. Quyen Linh and Mrs. Cat Tuong. Hello everyone! My sister is a very clever girl. I hope she can find a courageous man. He is a teacher so he must be very good at managing students but he seems to be too shy. He will probably be bullied by my sister. That’s good. I think he is a good man. He is very skillful and courageous at work but very shy at home. You should like that, right? It’s okay. Maybe she will find it good after they get to know each other. Don’t worry, it just depends on them. – Curtain up, please.
– Raise the curtain, please. Be a man! Turn over there. – Hello!
– Hello! – I have a gift for you.
– Thank you! Wait, stand side by side. It’s the highlight of today’s show. They still look good together. Be brave! I am not that short. – That’s right!
– It’s because she’s wearing high heels. Where do you come from? I come from Binh Dinh. I have only heard that women in Binh Dinh are good at martial art, other than that, I don’t know. It’s only a rumor, women in Binh Dinh are actually very nice. There’s me… Oh my! I meant that there’s me who is a man. You were talking about women in Binh Dinh then suddenly you said “There’s me”. I haven’t finished the sentence. I come from Nghe An. I have pride in my hometown. I like that we come from the same region so we see things eye to eye, prevent quarreling. That’s right. We both come from the Central so we can understand each other better. Do you feel his manliness? Can you do something manly so that I can feel it? That is not manly! How is this manly? Then what should I do to look manly? Can you show us how Binh Dinh’s people do martial art? – Martial art?
– Yes. We stand like this when we do martial art. Okay, and then? I see my sister… Oh my! My sister stands like that all the time. That doesn’t work. I will have to practice more then. You must practice more. Try your best to show that you are very manly. If you agree to date me then there will be a way to prove if I am manly or not. What way are there to prove that your’re manly? I will bring you with me when I do sport, when you see how I play soccer or other sports, you will know if I am strong or not. If you were going to get married, how would ou propose? Stand up, please! Stand in front of her, let’s see if you look manly. Let’s do it. Get ready. Make a proposal. If you agree to date me and get married to me later, I will tell my parents and ask for your parents’ permission to let us be together. What if my parents don’t agree? Then I will find a way to persuade them. What if you have done everything but they still don’t agree? Then we will find a place – To escape?
– Yes. If your parent don’t agree, we have to get away. I can’t agree with you on this. Do you plan to do it with me? No, I won’t get away with you. Either we can’t be together or we persuade them successfully. Try to ask her for a kiss. – Let’s not do that now.
– Let’s proceed slowly. It’s just acting to show his manliness. Okay then. How do you ask for a kiss? This is the first time we see each other, to show you if I am straight or not, will you give me your hand? Why did you kiss like that? Like this? I didn’t do that. As a man, you should have felt the scent on her hand. Stop putting him in a difficult situation. I felt him shaking while holding my hand. He was shaking? Okay go back to your sit. Stay calm. You should let me come with you if you go out. If I go out I will call you. Remember what you said. What is your first impression about me? I think you are very nice. I don’t want it to happen but if we both become jobless and our family meets with difficulties, what would you do? Don’t worry, I can figure things out. First of all, we can temporary borrow some money. We can borrow my friend. What a about children? Let’s talk about that. If you get married, how many kids do you want? Two is enough. I want a lot of children, as many as a soccer team. Okay. If possible, when will you get married? Think about it. If we get to know each other now and find that we have a lot in common, would you agree to marry me by the end of this year? My family is already rushing. If we can get married before my grandfather’s birthday, it would be even better. My grandfather’s birthday is in Tet holiday. If you let me, will you go out with me so that we get to know each other faster? Of course. That’s the best thing that you have said today. You should be like that. Okay, you can lay your hands on the button. Think very carefully. They have been very entertaining today. 1 2 3 You have never held a woman’s hand Can I hold your hand? You are very manly when it comes to this, huh? Very manly. You should act like that from now on. Be brave. These are movie tickets for you. We would like to give you Greelux products as a small gift. We also want to give you a free wedding photo shoot with the value of 15.000.000 VND in Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh City at Alen Wedding Services if you get married. Hold her hand to the movie theater. Hold on tight. I hope you two can find happiness. Hold her hand tightly when you go down the stairs. Keep it up! Thank you, Maxxhair the hair loss medicine, for sponsoring this show. WANNA DATE is broadcasted at 15:20 on Sunday and at 22:30 on Monday every week on HTV7 channel. You can watch the show again on MCV Media Youtube channel or HTV Entertainment channel and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. Goodbye and see you again!

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