Artwork, Bug Fixes and More | Game Dev Experiment Series

Hey! What’s up, everyone? My name is Marina.
This is Game Dev Experiment. We are back from the short break that we had last
week, and we’re full of energy and full of the new ideas that we can’t wait to
share with you! So, we didn’t just rest during the holidays season. We’ve also had some time to work.
And we’ve actually managed to achieve some pretty good results. The first update is about the artwork. Yeah, we finally have our artwork ready! You can see it on our channel page
on YouTube and on Twitter. So, let me know what you think. The second update that I want to share is that
I made a lot of changes to the enemy AI and to the player controller. There were a lot of bugs related to
the player controller in the sandbox level. Like this one, for example,
when Mandarina used to jump, she jumped through the ground level
ignoring the colliders. This is something that’s not supposed to happen. The reason for that is that I used a sample code provided by Spine and at some point I got completely lost there. I didn’t know what’s the problem. So, I
decided to abandon this whole idea, not to base my code on that sample code, but
to write everything from scratch myself. So, I’ve decided to start from something
very simple – just a single skeleton and the code that triggers specific
animations attached to that skeleton. And by doing that I’ve actually got to some
very interesting insights. Previously, when the main character used to enter
idle state, I used to turn on “sideways” skeleton and these kind of animations.
And because I decided to start fresh from single skeleton, I have created some
dummy idle animations for “side” skeletons. And that actually proved to be really
good. So, I’ve decided not to use these sideways animations anymore for the idle.
I will use them just for the dialogues. I’ve also added the detection mechanism
for Mandarina. So, once she detects that there is an enemy nearby she becomes
angry. And I think that’s pretty cute, so I will leave that in the final game, as well. I’ve learned a lot of things from creating
this player controller from scratch, and I’ve decided to create a tutorial, once I polish the code. What do you think about that idea?
Let me know in the comments below. And the last update for today is that we’re actually working towards creating the playable demo of the game. And one of the things that’s the game missing right now is the backgrounds. And I’ve decided to create the backgrounds myself. By the way, I don’t have
any experience creating digital art. I used to draw with paper and pencils in the past. But I didn’t draw for a couple of years,
because I simply didn’t have time. Luckily, this is not a skill that you can actually forget. I just need to get familiar with the drawing pad. And I’ve already had some
drawing sessions that were really successful. You can see the results here. By the way, when I started
to think about the first stage backgrounds I knew that I need to place
some trees on the background. But I struggled to build a good composition,
and the best thing that I could do was to go outside and take my camera with me and look for real-life examples. So, Dennis and I spent a beautiful day in the forest and in the fruit garden. And I’ve managed to catch
some nice examples from the nature that I’m going to use in my final artwork. So, I would suggest that to anyone: just go outside, take some pictures, take some
examples, get inspired, have some fun! That’s all for me today. Thank you so
much for watching this video! Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button
right here below. And I’ll see you next week! Bye-bye!

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