Arts (2019) – Court-métrage

Arts (2019) – Court-métrage

Are you listening to me ? Yeah.. Yes ! Sorry, excuse me. All right, you seemed.. Anyway. Well, I’m going up on Sunday to see a school. It was my father who wanted me to go. A school of… I think it’s a prep, a math prep. Well that’s not what I really wanna do, but anyway. And.. Then between Math and Physics, I don’t really know which one to choose, but anyway I’m a bit… however i’m good at math anyway, so i could choose both …’s not that bad. These are two subjects that fascinate me both, so it’s fine But like, i’m going to see, it will be a kind of “open doors”, this kind of strange thing where you see a bit of how it works, etc… but though I didn’t really start doing it because I not that fond of that stuff. And last week, I went to do a little bit of the same thing in Lyon to see every school, there was math prep, physics prep, etc.. and basically i’ll be able to compare for a bit where I want to go between Lyon city and Paris. And there are plenty of other schools we can go to at the same time, but I.. well I don’t really know what to choose yet because there are many subjects that i’m interested into.. But you know. That will make a… (no sound) Have a good show ! Have a good show ! (inaudible) Everything was brighter. More poetic, more pleasant. I didn’t see any flaws anywhere, I was elsewhere, completely elsewhere, and I was… I was really fulfilled. And I found some kind of explanation to describe how how I see, or I mean how I saw reality at that time. It was as if I was settled in a surface. In a.. a field ; a field, yeah a large field with birds, with.. rivers, that stuff and…I’m sitting here, and right in front of me there’s this small screen, a small screen that reflects, in some point, reality as I’m able to see it with my eyes. and then I’m completely… I’m not at all focused on TV there’s a lot of stuff nearby, I’m very admiring the landscape and everything but it’s like there’s something that forces me to watch the screen and that keeps me from being happy, actually. But I don’t quite understand, if this screen reflects everything you don’t like, everything you hate… Why don’t you just turn it off ? What do you mean ? Well, although it’s figuratively, it might definitely help you to no longer see and to leave this world you cannot stand and to stay as long as you want in your kind of refuge world. Well, that would take the edge off your worries, wouldn’t it? You wouldn’t have to go through so many problems here anymore, would you? I think it would be nice if, once and for all, you could forget about that screen. But hey, Eric. We don’t forget, this whole thing is metaphori… Written and directed by Eric Allérat

9 thoughts on “Arts (2019) – Court-métrage”

  1. J’ai kiffer bravo mec c grave bien fais avec de grave belle et bonne musique ! Vite qu’on se voit

  2. Ton travail est incroyable j’ai trop aimer ❤️
    Tout le long je me suis demander si c’était inspirer de ta vie et de s’en que tu ressens au fond de toi réponds à mon commentaires stp je veux vraiment savoir 😘😘😘

  3. Je suis tombé sur ce court-métrage par hasard sur SensCritique et franchement c'est très cool, bravo !

  4. J’ai trop envie de voirs tes prochains court métrages…
    Tu m’as vraiment inspiré + les betekenissen( jsais pas comment je explique en francais**) la deriere c’est ouff continue comme sa mon pote ; ))!

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