Artists Serving Artists – Patrick Weck

Artists Serving Artists – Patrick Weck

Imagination is a really important part of
everything I do, but I like to imagine things that are based very heavily off of something
real, and I get a lot of inspiration actually from old scientific illustrations and the
role that art has played in natural history whether it was an ancient cartographer trying
to imagine what might be on the edge of a map or whether it’s me trying to imagine what
color a dinosaur’s feathers might have been it’s it’s all just humans taking everything
we know and then filling in the gaps with imagination. The materials I use really depends on what
kind of project I’m working on. If I’m doing a comic I might be doing the
ink with a traditional brush or a dip pen. I’ve always been a big reader I grew up on
all of these fantasy and sci-fi worlds where the worlds had been meticulously created and
I admire that its part of transporting you into that realm or that story. Tales of Rodinia is a comic book that I made
with two friends of mine. All the characters that I’ve created for
Rodinia are based on extinct megafauna from the Pleistocene or another ancient period
so I’ve had an immense amount of fun just imagining these characters as anthropomorphic
beings. Imagining what kind of clothing they would
wear, what kind of vehicles they would ride around in, what kind of ships they would use. Whether I’m illustrating or whether I’m
painting a mural, I am world-building I’m creating a space, creating an environment,
trying to transport someone to a different place. I am an exhibit muralist for the St. Louis
zoo. I’ve done right around 20 murals for the
zoo. I paint the murals on site, so I’m in the
exhibit the whole time. I don’t know what’s going on inside the head
of a snake or a turtle, but hopefully the animal who lives in that exhibit will feel
a little bit more like they are at home, but also, hopefully, the viewer can kind of feel
transported to that part of the world where that animal originally came from. As artists, we like to say that we make art
for ourselves, but on some level I think many of us we want to be immortalized a little
bit having some piece of us live on after we’re gone, so, even if it’s just that hope
that someday far in the future after you’re gone one person might find one of your things
and just for a moment like have a connection to it then you have jumped through time and
space. I think that is still part of the motivation
of an artist.

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