Artist’s Interview with SUYEON NA

Sometimes people ask me what the images in my works are about and what message I am trying to convey but I want my work to be open-ended to viewers Often my personal life and something I read or see in the news, movies, or documentaries inspires me I see making art as a process of association between these different inspirations and my imagination Usually I can fully understand why I selected and made the images the way I did at a much later point in the process. For example, regarding my piece entitled “Moirai,” I had been watching some short videos about debt bondage in Pakistan One video showed three very young sisters who had run away from the factory owner, only to be taken again They hadn’t been found by the time the video was published Their story stayed with me, and not long after I drew three girls in my painting I painted them as Moirai, three goddesses in Greek mythology who can control life and the fates Yet I also felt they still needed some protection, so I drew the woman, half-human and half-animal, as a very powerful being together with the girls Of course, the whole process relied on subconscious processes. The connection was not very clear at that time, but I now I understand it It takes a long time for me to finish just one painting First I sketch the idea; I paint with watercolor and make a collage with fabric and paper I like to see and use patterns and images taken from different sources like decorative paper, fabric, and pictures from magazines and newspapers They are beautiful and have interesting textures I also think these materials make my work more colorful and rich because they include various references to different cultures and eras.

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