Artist’s Conk

Hey it’s Logan Christopher from Lost
Empire Herbs and I’m trying to do a few more videos out in nature because you
see the herbs, the way we look at it, yes,
herbs are very powerful things for your health and they’re really only one
aspect of getting back in alignment with nature which is going to support your
health and performance in a number of ways.
So I’m hiking in the trails that are right nearby the spring where I collect
my spring water. If you missed the earlier video whose recent one, where I
showed you a little bit about that spring and why I do that exactly. Anyway
these are some trails nearby and specifically right now headed over to a
spot where there is one of the largest Artists Conk mushrooms that I have ever
found so I wanted to show that to you. The Artists Conk being one of the seven
mushrooms inside of our new Mushroom Alchemy Tincture. We might also see some
Turkey Tail. Not really the season for that and that’s the Turkey Tail mushroom
not turkeys with their tails running around. Although I guess they’re around these
parts too. We’ll see if we find that but
specifically heading over to the mushroom so we’ll be back once I’m a
little bit closer. It’s uh about a half mile ahead. Not so much that this would
even be worth harvesting anything but it’s here. There it is. I’m gonna head on up there
and so you can judge just how big it is. And it’s not the easiest thing to get
right next to. So the Artists Conk mushroom. Ganoderma Applanatum.
It is a cousin of Reishi which is, well the traditional Reishi is
Ganoderma Lucidum, though there are a few other species of that as well. It is known
as the Artist Conk because if you can see from there it has this white underside.
And these mushrooms can get much bigger than this one though this is a
good-sized one. One of the biggest I found in this area. On that bottom if you, not
even carved but just press into it, it’s going to turn from that whitish color
into an imprint and that will stay there for all time so it’s called Artist Conk
because you could literally use this mushroom as a canvas. And we have done
some drawings on them in the past. But this one’s not one that I’m taking, not
one that I’m harvesting, I actually like to come out here and converse with it a
little bit. Very cool mushroom not a whole bunch of
science on this, there is some, but in general, all the medicinal mushrooms, a
lot of them, which you find growing on trees are definitely going to have those
immune system supporting benefits. It’s a mushroom that I know and have a personal
relationship with so I’m happy to see that it’s inside Mushroom Alchemy which
is a really cool tincture. If you haven’t checked it out, head on over to Lost
Empire Herbs and give it a shot. It’s one of the best mushroom tinctures I’ve ever
had period. So just thought I’d show you a little bit. Give you a look at this
mushroom, this friend of mine here. And if you like stuff like this, more on the
in nature and showing what I do out here, then let me know in the comments below
and I’ll be sure to do a lot more videos like this. I love it because it gives me
a chance to do some work while I’m outside in the forest.

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