Artist Spotlight: Guustavv

Artist Spotlight: Guustavv

The first release with Epidemic – right here! The Guustavv – Asparuhgus poster. Best EP name in the game, right there. And I didn’t realize they actually wanted me to name the project Asparuhgus. I was eating asparagus for dinner the night they asked me. And I was like, oh, they just want, you know, something to like, something to label it in their catalog, like, I had no idea it would go on streaming platforms and then sure enough, Asparuhgus! Like, alright… My name is Gus, or Guustavv. I’m from Seattle, Washington. I make music that, you know, people enjoy. It’s just chill everyday music, you can throw it behind anything. Lo-fi means something different to everyone you ask, I guess. But I would define my sound as if you were at one of those yogurt shops, where
you have all the toppings and you just were blindfolded and you’re just sprinkling everything on the ice cream. You know, it’s a little bit, it’s a little bit
of everything, it’s very textured, you know. So we’ll put that right at the end of the other one. Just kidding. So I’ve always been super into music, like
old-school hip-hop. I loved to just rap all growing up. Freshman year of college I got into DJing. It started just DJing trap music, progressed to DJing like chiller music and then one day I was like, huh, like I wonder how, you know, this music is made. I started sampling off of old vinyls and pretty much fell in love with sort of the creative aspect of, you know, taking someone else’s, like, idea and you know, composition and then putting your own spin on it you get a completely different product. So I always thought that was really cool Day by day it’s different. It depends what mood I’m in, where I am… A lot of the time, I would say – yeah, it’s mood dependent. Depending whether I start with drums or a melody, or even if I’m just out like, recording sounds and I record a sound – I will get an idea just from the sound. So, it definitely varies. I think that’s the beautiful thing about it, you know, I’m not in my head, I’m like “oh, I need to sit down and make drums if I’m gonna make a song”. It’s like, whatever sparks my interest, I can play off of that. Some of the YouTubers that I’ve looked up to for years using my song and me not even realizing until I’m just genuinely watching their video, like that’s, it’s surreal for that to happen. Just genuinely watching someone that I
enjoy and hearing my music, it’s pretty surreal. You know, if you have a day where
you’re trying to make music for ten hours and you don’t get anything that sticks, that’s always hard. And that happens, every now and then, but you can’t have the 10 out of 10 days without the 2 out of 10 days, because without the 2 out of 10 days you wouldn’t have that scale, so. You know, some days you hit a home run, some days you strikeout. Baam! There we go. There’s a quote. Front page, right there!

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