Artist on the Rise: Sech

Artist on the Rise: Sech

♪ She’s still here
Having another drink ♪
[Sech]While I pursued
my dream to be a musician,
I also had to find a way
to support myself.
[chuckles]So I started working
at a building site.
Then we started selling
hot dogs, burgers,
Anything.That, in principle,is what I still do.
I remember where I come from.
God forbid but if one day
things no longer
work out in music,
and you have to go back
to the so-called “normal life”, you can easily do it.♪ And now
Blindly and blatantly ♪
♪ I caught her
Letting the pain go ♪
♪ Now, she does what she wants
When she wants it ♪
♪ And if she doesn’t want it
Then you’re screwed ♪
♪ When the DJ plays the music
It’s like that ♪
♪ She dances fiercely ♪[Sech]Growing up
in Panama was lovely.
My parents are pastors.And they taught me
a great deal about God
and positive things.My mom sings, and almost all of
my siblings are also musicians.Growing up in Panama,
with Spanish reggae,
was actually a lot of fun.It had a big impact on me
because, looking back, Nando Boom came to prominence, El General, whose contribution
was massive…Ruben Bladesis someone who did a lot for us
without doing a thing.
He’s only making his music,
you know? He doesn’t know
he inspires a lot of people. And I think he has brought
many awards into the country, as well as a lot of happiness.I started at 14 or 15.
I used to record myself.
Then I started learning
studio effects.
Fruity Loops,
I loved the instrumentals.Then I released a song,
which I sang myself.
♪ I don’t think she’ll change ♪♪ She’s not Kim
You’re not Kanye ♪
The inspiration
for “Miss Lonely”…
A friend told me,“Why don’t you try to write
a more commercial tune
than usual?” And I was like, “Are you sure?” I go get my guitar and say,
“Bro, today I won’t sing, I won’t do anything.” I was outside his house,
and he started playing something on his guitar. [guitar music playing]And it was those chords.And I just started humming
and singing. We made the song. Then we recorded it,
and I didn’t like it.And he said, “But, bro,
let’s release it.”
And I was like,
“Go ahead, whatever.” We released the song
and it was a hit. Go figure. [playing “Miss Lonely”] The saxophone is one
of my favorite instruments. Because my brother
used to take me to jazz and blues workshops
when I was little. All my respect to Panama music. It’s ace. The day I got signed,
I was in Colombia. And Flow called me,
“Bro, I’ve got a proposition.” And I knew Flow from Panama.
He always spoke to me.And he went,
“I’ve got this kid from Panama.
So and so…”Flow calls me like, “Bro, I’ve got the proposition,
the opportunity, let’s go.” And we went for it,
and here we are.♪ Hello ♪We started The Avengers band
with Feid. Before all of
these hits happened. I became friends with him, and when we got to Miami,
right after I got signed, he was also here. And we started going
to studios together, then we remixed “Pa Mi,”with Dalex.[“Pa Mi” playing]And from then on…I was like, “Why don’t
me make another song?” And then,
we released “Cuaderno.”♪ Just a moment, that’s all ♪♪ And then I’ll stop writing ♪♪ If you don’t want me to ♪And luckily, the project
took off, little by little.♪ Everybody go to the disco ♪♪ And now
Blindly and blatantly ♪
♪ I caught her
Letting go of the pain ♪
I remember, that week I was telling Flow
and my friends, “Bros, I gotta make
a worldwide hit.” So, I was saying that
like, on Monday, and I recorded it on Saturday. And I started putting it
together. We started
putting it together. I started changing the chords. When I quickly listened to it, believe me, I had no idea
it would be that successful, but I knew people would like it.Then, I uploaded a previewon Instagram. And then, people went crazy.♪ Now, she sweeps, cleans
Stays on her own ♪
♪ Don’t tell her anything
When you see her ♪
It amuses me greatly. I understand that the song
had a huge impact because,if people start parodying it,
then you know.
To be
a YouTube Artist on the Rise is a blessing, because, again, that doesn’t usually happen. It has happened
to two, three, four artists. And, to be one of them,
is very special. And it’s also a platform I love. It keeps me updated
on music, new releases… [crowd cheering] -[singing]
-[piano playing] An epic day.My first awards.I was happy, nervous,
I was overwhelmed with
emotions because you’re on TV, you don’t know
what’s gonna happen. I had this feeling
tattooed in my soul forever. One award I think I gotta win, a Grammy. I’ve been watching them
since I was little. When the Grammys came up, I was
glued to the TV, motionless. So, to me, to be nominated out of thousands of artists,
means a lot. And it’s really a well-deserved
award for all my efforts.To an artist,
an album is a dream.
And also, all of my dreams
were in there. I put in it lots of love,
I wanted it to hit the charts. I wanted it
to do well, you know.
I wanted people to like it. And it was a dream
I had since childhood,
to be successful in music. This is why I called it
like that, and I think
that dream was fulfilled.♪ When the DJ plays the music
She dances fiercely ♪
Music-wise, we’re at
a paramount moment in Panama. Because, ever since
my career took off, I think many more people
follow, you know.They were like,
“If he sings well, there must
be more artists there.”
And Sony has signed a few,
Universal too. And many people ask me,
“Which other artists
are from Panama?” And I say, this one,
and this one, and this one… And I think it’s
a good moment becausebig companies have
their eyes on Panama.
There are
a lot more opportunities.

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  1. Primero sech quisiera decirte que me encanta tu música. Segundo que gracias a tu música me olvidó de los problemas por un momento. Tercero que sí alguien está leyendo esto, sería genial y me ayudarías bastante! Soy un cantante Compositor y productor, tal vez están cansados de ver lo mismo y muchos lo escriben, recién estoy comenzando mi carrera músical y estoy poniendo todo de mi parte día tras día, pero como todo artista cuando comienza es difícil llegar al público y que este lo reciba bien, pero nada pierdo intentando! No te voy a decepcionar, solo tomate 3 minutos en visualizar mi trabajo y déjame tu comentario! Gracias 🙌🏻🎶

  2. 😥 ʟѧ һumıʟԀѧԀ ɞѧʟє mѧs ҡ єʟ Ԁıňєяo 😎 ʏ ţu ʟѧ ţıєňєs , ғєʟıċıţѧċıoňєs ɞяo

  3. Me encanta que aun con lo grande que sos , todavía te acuerdas de donde venís y que lo muestres y lo compartas con nosotros me hace muy feliz

  4. Sech te amo con todo mi corazón siempre supe que tú ibas a ser el cantante más pegado que hay ahora te amo . Te acuerdas de Luiz García el es mi tío . Te amo sech eres el mejor

  5. Bien ahí peluche, una luz en medio de las tinieblas en las que vivimos en Panamá, sigue adelante, cuando tu lo logras todos lo logramos ✌🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦

  6. Let it be known.. I don’t speak Spanish at all. But you’ve become one of my favorite artists. You’re making that leap and crossing over to a broader audience.

  7. Te esta yendo genial y te lo mereces por todo el talento que posees, la humildad nos hace mas grande y en ti hay mucha, sigue así siendo tu bro y haciendo buena música ! gracias ! un abrazo desde Rep. Dominicana !

  8. ❤️🇵🇦La Base De Un Gran Artista Es La Umildad y Sech🐻Es el Reflejo de ese Valor y a por ese Gramy …
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  9. Sin duda alguna productor, cantante, y escritor lo mejor que tenemos en pty. Felicidades sech te merces todo eso y más

  10. Buenos consejos yo tengo mis hijos y trabajo duro, se que no es fácil llegar pero no me rindo se que puede que mis sueños se hagan realidad

  11. Humildad y Dios en tú vida tienes lo más grande y lo que vives es por su gran amor, que sigas cosechando éxitos y haciendo letras con sentido basadas en la vida misma de aquellos que vivimos historias de la vida real.

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