Artisan Cutlery Kinetic Tool   Crazy Cool yet Practical

Artisan Cutlery Kinetic Tool Crazy Cool yet Practical

welcome artisan the kinetic tool oh I thought this was a valley but it's not it's a multi-tool so leave it to artisan to come up with something like this some play toy but also it's practical you got all these you can turn all the hex nuts here and I'm thinking you got a number 4 6 8 and 10 but I'm I don't know I mean there's 1 2 3 4 5 6 different sizes so bottle opener this I can function with yes and that's you know laughable of course I have a cold beverage every once in a while that does require a bottle opener and a pry bar tips slash screwdriver tip and 3-inch scale here from here to here is 3 inches so half 1/2 half to half 3 it does make sense without me doing it it doesn't make sense and then it's set up like a Bali but it clicks into place I guess you could get all crazy and I've seen Russell know yeah I hit my stand okay so we don't have a room to do anything which is good because I suck at everything on these Bali's but I thought hey Russ I want to get one of these and give me the cheap one if I can because they can be more expensive this one obviously you can get these on white mountain as well $69.99 the kinetic tool there's the dead on this the model number etc and here's your readout so it's almost a four inch blade length etc and it's AIT's ER as the blade material obviously doesn't matter doesn't have an edge to it but it's it's steel and the overall length g10 over steel ceramic bearings but you can get these also in and this is the one off of the artisan site as well this will give you a little bit of information as well and different kind of color situation you can see they do an SRP where the retailers do an MA P minimum advertised price so anything's onward and upward you can get these in titanium it's what I was trying to get around to say so that's more expensive than the steel once I just say give me the steel one whatever not a whole lot I can really tell you about it because I'm still messing with it myself but it's just a cool little multi-tool and it is one of those things you could practice your skills on doing this hope I'm missing though the whole trickster point of this deal which is when this is closed it doesn't matter if you got this engaged or not but if you want to open this knife without flipping it open there's an automatic so you just press this button and this comes flying out so it's like an automatic blade but it's really not a blade it's a tool in a case so you push it back in it locks into place okay so you can open it however you want as a valley or close it open it there you go and play with it like that or you can just bypass all that craziness and say cut open a beer let's get with it it's kind of cool I like it this is g10 over steel give me my magnet we go long deal you know there's no pocket clip on here so I stuck it in my pocket nevertheless but I done wonder why there's not a pocket clip a lot of Bally's have you know Bali's have a pocket clip so hmm oh well comes in this box just like this got a little plastic and then you get this kind of Velveteen type bag here and there's a model number and here's your model number up here as you can see the 1823 P 440 C is the blade steel on this one there you go maybe we got to send it in for testing why not hey what's the HRC how much can I pry with this thing of course it's got bearings on it probably wouldn't be a good idea to pry with it but you know it's not moving much here is it so wild and reset our blade I just think it's a novelty it's cool you know 69 bucks – whatever 10% discount so low 60s coolest bottle opener you may ever own artisan and if you want the fancy-schmancy one different colors titanium that – I guess my only bitch and moan gripe would be yeah why wouldn't I get a pocket clip with this maybe it's supposed to stay in the drawer and you pull it out take it on the patio so you don't need one I don't know but how cool is that with that automatic feature that got everybody when I brought this in and of course they were like why are you showing up with this kind of a knife and I go because it's not a knife it's a tool how heavy is it it's not light especially the steel one did you see the stats when I showed it on the paperwork 179 grams six point three ounces for this don't know what the titanium ways you'll have to look that up I'll give you the link to the artisan side and also the white mountain you know where you can compile I know what have you now of course this is a good-sized knife or I mean bottle opener Oh multi-tool four inches overall nine and a half so you know you got a hundred mil millimeters plus and then 24 over 24 centimeters blade suck how thick is it well let's find out I think four millimeter I'm thinking for now it's three isn't that amazing okay three millimeters 0.1 one seven inches can I get my hands around this and oh yeah I can get it around so half-inch 12.7 interesting you know I think it's cool still playing with it quite the novelty great bottle opener have to have this in my drawer for those patio parties or wherever might want to take this hey you could take it camping as well cool all-purpose little tool and maybe more novelty than anything else but very usable definitely a conversation piece shows artisan kind of gets out there with some different designs taking some chances doing some different things the Cygnus talked about taking some chances doing some different things and of course the archeo the Corsair all kinds and you know well we're just starting down that road because there are a lot of knives in there in their catalog that you can buy that are definitely different thank you so much you know we do around here we love their knives so you guys stay sharp

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