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[opening music] Hi! I’m Cinnamon Cooney. I am your Art Sherpa, and I am really excited to be sharing this with you today. This is about how to set up a studio as a beginner. I get asked a lot what my recommendations are for what brushes to I need to buy? What paint do I need to buy? What do I need to have in my studio? Now, when I started on YouTube, I did actually make one of these videos, but having been here for a little bit, I’ve come to understand from answering your questions and constantly being in a conversation with you that you might need some more information on things. And honestly, we’ve expanded the project set in the conversation from the beginning. So I am really happy to be doing this update. I think it’s gonna help you out a lot. In the description below, if you click the little “more” button, there’ll be some links. There’s a link to The Art Sherpa dot com, where this is all gonna be written out so that you can have it, and print it out, and look at it, and have it anytime you wanna see it. I’m also probably gonna stick it on blogger and I’m gonna throw it up on Facebook. Cause I want to make sure you guys have the information you need and that art store experience, instead of being frustrating and overwhelming, is a lot of fun. It’s like Woohooo! I’m going to the art store and I’m gonna get a big ol’ haul! That’s what I really want for you, and I want you guys to have an easy time and I want you guys to be relaxed and mellow about your art experience, even though right now I’m not that mellow. It’s kind of strange but, ba da be da. Kinda owly mood. Alright. The number one question that you guys have been asking me is, what is my basic palette? And this is an interesting kind of question for an artist because I have a base palette that’s a limited palette, that I use here on YouTube, and I did this so that you guys could save some money. So that I wasn’t constantly painting with crazy paints. I kind of try to go to the same colors again and again for projects, and on occasion add a new color for fun and interest. So my base palette is this. If you come to the table you’re gonna see this here. Alright, so I’m gonna push these forward a little bit. My basic palette is Titanium White. Mars Black. Dioxazine Purple. Quinacridone Magenta. Burnt Sienna. That is not in it. Phthalo Blue. Cadmium Yellow Hue. Cadmium Red Hue. Yellow Oxide. So that’s what I really started out with when I was on YouTube. But there was a couple things that came up with that base palette, I would like to talk to you about real quick, which is these which is these two fabulous, delicious, yummy, wonderful Cadmium colors. Now listen. The reason I recommend hue for people, a lot of times, is that real cadmium pigment is super expensive. Kind of only necessary if you’re a professional. There is a difference between hue and true cadmium pigment that’s why we all paint with it. But also there’s controversy. That’s right. There’s so much controversy around these two pigments. In fact, when I’m taking a break from politics, I just get into the cadmium controversy to just kind of keep myself up on that energy. So, these are hue. Hue is perfectly safe. Hue doesn’t have any cadmium in it, and if I was painting with kids or I had any kind of a metal allergy, I’d be kind of inclined to use hue. But honestly, you should always be checking your paints and materials to make sure what the safety guidelines are. Because just cause it’s acrylic painting and it says non-toxic on the bottle, doesn’t mean you can drink or eat any of it. I really say this all the time on my show. Don’t eat paint. Now, real cadmium pigment, though, dun-dun-dun. Look. This has been studied a lot. And the paint companies have looked into this. There was a European study done about this. In fact I’ve included a link to a really important article about this. Awesome. You know what else? There is… Where did it go? I don’t know where- Oh! Pyrrole Red. Now, this is actually comparable to pure cadmium pigment to the eye. It is also comparable to cadmium pigment to the pocket book. So you know, I’m gonna say for just the purposes of being a student, you know, stick with hue. Enjoy that. If you find yourself a professional artist, and you really know what you’re talking about you’re gonna know that cadmium has already been really investigated and short of guzzling it down, and we’re back to don’t eat paint. You’re all good. Alright. Base palette, controversy, addressed it. Those are the colors. The list is down there. Other things I like to have in my studio is palete paper. You guys are always asking me, what are you painting on? I paint on this kind of wax paper called palette paper. This is not the ony solution in the universe. Not at all. There’s lot of solutions. There’s plates. There’s kind of glass palettes. I just really like this one. I like the Gray Matters because it shows up better on camera. And I also like the Strathmore. It’s a really good palette paper. So. That’s what I’m painting on. That’s what I’m painting with. Guess what else I have. I have an expanded color palette. That’s my complex palette, and those are a whole bunch of other colors. I’m gonna pull them over here. I’ve got Ultramarine Blue. I’m got Burnt Umber. I’ve got Phthalo Green. I’ve got Quinacridone Red. I’ve got the Aqua, or Southern Ocean Blue. The Prussian (blue). The Hooker’s Green, no they’re not kidding. The Naphthol Crimson. The Australian Sienna. The Cad Yellow Light. The Cad Red Light. Zinc White. Or Mixing White. Those are just my toys. You don’t have to have to have all those paints to enjoy your art experience. I’m just telling you what I have going on because you ask. But you know what? The truth is, this is your art journey. This is your studio. You don’t have to paint with any of these brands. And you don’t have to have all these colors. All of the projects have a materials list and most of the creators out there that do lessons or have workshops or teach things, they have one of those. And, you know, it’s all good. It’s all viable. There is not one way to do a painting. There is an infinite number of ways of doing paintings, which I like a lot. I like that it doesn’t have a simple, whatever answer. I think it’s important to be able to wash your brushes. There’s been a lot of discussion about this lately. In my previous video I talked about you could just use Dawn soap. And that’s true for synthetic fibers. I don’t really recommend that for a four hundred dollar Kolinsky sable brush. But for, you know, synthetic brushes, Dawn is great, but I really like “The Master’s Brush Cleaner.” And then I really have fallen in love with “Jack’s Linseed Soap.” There are about fifty other brush cleaners on the planet. I’m just telling you the two that I enjoy. I also always keep in my studio ninety-one percent rubbing alcohol. Now, seventy-one also works, but this sucker takes dried paint out of stuff. If you have a stick, that you’ve just left your brush, and it’s just a stick now, this will recover it. It’s really incredible. Got a video in the i-Card, all about it. Painter’s tape. This is not what’s at Home Depot. It’s an artist’s tape. It’s by Scotch 3M. You know, I get this for an inexpensive amount of money where I’m at, but it’s cost to cost. Just some sort of tape that really helps you make a straight line. I talk a lot about having chalk. Or watercolor pencils. But what I’m really talking about is, you need a way to make marks on a canvas, that doesn’t bleed into your paint. That’s all it is. I got these Artist Loft really inexpensively. I got this chalk from my kids. Mm-hmm. Took it right away from them. Ok. Canvases. I have these packs of canvases. And let’s be honest. Some of the canvases have some crazy coatings on them lately that can resist paint. I’ve gotten some really good reports from you guys. There’s some people who just lightly rinse them off and allow them to dry and that seems to be fixing the coating um, applying a coat of gesso seems to be fixing the coating. I like to use like a flow agent and then just brush it on and that fixes the coating. But you’re looking for a pre-stretched canvas. These are all kind of stapled on the back, and I get them in economy. You can paint on canvas paper. Yes, you can. You could paint on Bristol paper. There’s a lot of stuff that you can paint on. This is just what I’m painting on. You might paint on masonite board, and that is completely ok. Brushes. You guys ask me a lot about brushes. Where to get ’em. What to get ’em. And everybody’s out of Goldilocks. Alright. I did not know I was gonna be starting such a rigmarole when I discovered, and this is her, the original Goldilocks. Which is a number ten bright by Simply Simmons, extra firm filament. Isn’t she cool? Isn’t she fun? So, here’s the deal. Brushes are an interesting thing, in the life of everybody. Right. Brushes are really fun. But, when I started out, I was like, Hey, just get an economy pack of brushes. If you check the i-Card, if you watch the video, I’m like, Economy pack of brushes. The issue with off brand economy paints, or off brand economy brushes, there really isn’t an oversight for any of these companies and so some of them will make a good brush, but some of them will make a brush where all the bristles will fall out. And I don’t feel like it’s very economical to go buy a cheap brush if all the bristles fall out. I think what’s great is to know what you’re looking for in a brush, and it doesn’t really matter where you buy it as long as you know what you’re looking for. So when I got Goldilocks, she was pretty fantastic. She was three dollars, which, I guess, what she costs most places, and that’s not her official name from the company. By the way. That’s been messing with everybody and I’m really sorry for that. In fact, uh, if you go to The Brush Guys dot com, they actually added the word “Goldilocks” to the listing cause nobody, everyone kept calling them up. I didn’t know them at the time. Going, “I need the Goldilocks brush!” And they were like “I don’t- I don’t know what that brush is.” So, this is her. Number ten. Simply Simmons. Extra firm filament. You know what was messing with you guys, though? I’ll tell you. So, at Michael’s they don’t have this one. They have these two. This is not that brush. This is a fabulous, nice multi-media brush. And this is a great natural bristle for oil. Not the same brush. See how this is the dark filament? And this is white? And this is kind of a sable brown? These are both great brushes but they are not this brush. I like this brush. I like this brush because the filaments are very firm. Too firm for makeup. Again, if you did the Big Art Quest and you watched the brush one, I’ll talk about that. Now this is actually their long handle. When I say in videos that I don’t like long handle, I’m talking like this long. Not everybody’s got a short handle. I’m gonna have to start over again. If that’s causing anybody any grief, I’m really sorry. This is what they’re calling their long handle. This is a number ten. I just like her because she’s functional and she’s inexpensive. However, she’s not the only brush that does this exact job. This is a Richeson 7530. Number ten bright. Just as good. Right. I just found this. Number ten The Silver Grand Prix. I really actually like this brush quite a lot. I’m really excited about this. And it has a copper ferrule. Which, I think, is super cool. Also is fantastic. And what these three brushes have in common and how I pick, like- I think I didn’t grab my bright again. I’m so silly. Here she is. What I really really like in a bright, what I want in a bright, is these filaments will be short. So when I’m in an art store and I think I’ve got a good flick. In other words, too firm for makeup, but won’t take paint off my car, then I line them up and I actually look to see who has the very shortest filaments. Guess what. This one wins. And then I look to see if they’ve done a real sharp edge on it. That’s what you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter where you find that brush, you’re just gonna want to make sure those filaments don’t come out of it. Right. And you’re gonna want to make sure that they’re short. See, this is what’s called a flat. Look how much longer that is. See the difference between the bright and the flat? We talk about that in the brush quest. Well, that is not gonna be as firm for pushing paint- I love doing this on my face- as these are. So that’s what’s happening there. And I really hope that clears it up. But listen, I’m here. I’m here for questions. I’m here. Now, I have the list of brushes that I think you should start out with. I think everybody needs a number ten bright. Just not because that’s actually true, but that’s my feeling. [chuckles] And that’s my best recommendation to you based on my experience. That’s how I formulate these ideas, is I look back and I go, what would really really help people? What’s really effective? What wouldn’t mess them up? And then I say to myself my number ten bright is my go to brush and so then I recommend that to you. And then I’m like, you need a number six. And you need a number four. This is like a number eight right here. But here’s a number two. I have pulled out, where I put them, I don’t kn- Oh! I put them places. Alright. So here’s like a number four bright. Right. And that’s what a number eight looks- See you need a number four, and you need a number six, and ideally it would be great if you add in an eight and a two to that. Is that in the list? Yes, it is. Well, actually, here’s the list. Then I feel like you need some of these filberts, which were in the list. Right. And a filbert, we’ve learned, through the internet, means cat’s tongue. So basically I’m licking a cat’s tongue on my face. You don’t want to do this with everything because sometimes brushes are made of goat and squirrel. Um. Horrible moment in my life about that recently. But these are just made out of synthetic fibers and they wash easily. We talk a lot about cloud brushes, and you need one. Hard to find a good cloud brush. Hard to find one. Here’s my thoughts on cloud brushes, but I think everyone should have one. This is my favorite cloud brush. I don’t even know what the brand is anymore but I can find it whenever I’m out. The- It’s very thick and stiff and the bristles are shorter. Everyone wants to make thses have really long bristles, but you want shorter for this kind of stiff thing. But the other great cloud brush. This actually came from a sip and paint. Right. Because whenever their brushes get real bad they get rid of them, but this angle, man, that is the idea cloud. And, if you can’t find any of that, this is a deerfoot stippler. See him? Deerfoot stippler. That’s the whole mystery there. A lot of them are soft, cause they’re for watercolor, so you gotta feel them. You need them to be like a thistle. That’s all I’m saying. That’s all I’m saying. Wide brush. Yes! You can use one for painting the house. Yes. Yeah. They have them for paint, and they’re cut for that, and they’re manufactured for it and that’s fantastic, and that’s what I have here. I’m gonna actually do a live on Facebook where I’ll go and show you buying at Home Depot, cause that’s fine. If you want to do happy little trees, you need a fan brush. In acrylic painting, needs to be a stiff filament on this. This is the issue with almost all fan brushes. Is they’re not firm enough. Are you getting kind of a trend? Because I’m painting in heavy bodied paints. I’m not painting in soft bodied paints. When people paint with soft bodied paints, guess what they like. The like the softer filaments. But we’re not. We’re painting with heavy bodied paints, so we like the firmer filaments. So you need the detail rounds, and I have that listed as a six, a four, and a two. Right. But also I keep talking about the micro mini’s. This is what I’m talking about. They’re miniature brushes. You can find them in the miniature painting section. You’re just talking about teeny tiny, teeny tiny little brush. What are those for? That’s for branches. When you’re like, “I can’t paint branches!” That’s about having a fluid paint. This is in the recommended list. Fluid soft body paints. Branches!!! Solved. All those branch problems, right here. Totally solved. Gesso. Cause stuff happens, and then you don’t like it. And then you want to paint over it. Or the coating sucks. Gesso. Gotta have it. Yes, you have to varnish. Spray varnish. Have to do it outside. I’m allergic to this stuff. My husband has to use it because I can’t do the propellants in it. This is my point about art supplies. Why we don’t need to be hysterical about what’s in our art supplies. Read everything. Always read the safety on every single art supply. Right? This is not edible stuff. This is not food coloring. So, it may be non-toxic. It may not have the OC’s, but it might have stuff going on with it. The paint manufacturer’s really like you. They want you to keep painting. They’re gonna wrote a whole bunch of information on the bottle. Always read everything. I don’t know your allergies. I don’t know what you’ve got going on at home. So if you read what’s on the bottles, or on the website, then you know. And there’s always, always, and I’m even here to help with that. There’s always an exchange. If you’re like, “Man, I’m allergic to this thing,” I might know a product. Some artist in the aisle next to you might know a product. We’re a helpful community. That is just how we are. We like to help each other out. So, I like to have that there. Glazing liquid. And I have retarders. So, this is my favorite of the glazings. I like this one because it slows down the drying time. However, that’s relevant to me cause I’m in the studio and it’s really really hot and it dries out my paint real fast. You might want a glazing liquid that dries fast. That would be the Liquitex glazing, but this one dries slower and does glazes. And then this is a retarder. So when they say the words open or retarder, and I think it’s a good thing to have in your studio, this is what they’re talking about. I can’t- Oh, hairdryer! Doesn’t have to be a good one. I got one of those. And easels. This is an easel by a company called Jack Richeson. This is a Best Easel. This is a Best Easel. This is the European. I have it in the description. I have it in this list. I’m not trying to hide it from you. But here’s the thing on easels. There’s a lot of brands. I’ve just always painted on this. This is like seriously, from the time I was in the crib, I been wanting one of these easels. My mom has just always had them in the house. Do you have traditions like this in your family? I do, definitely. This table easel I have here. This is my favorite style of table easel. I love this, cause it goes like this, and it sits very nicely on the table, and it holds a lot of different size canvases, and it’s so stable. But here’s what you need out of an easel. Needs to be stable. Shake ’em. Go to the art store and shake ’em. Mine’s like a rock. I love my easel. I’ve had a bunch from this company, other companies, I just know this company. I am not sponsored at all. This is just what’s happening in my studio, and this is just my way of saying, hey, this is what I’m experiencing. I want you to experience a good time and hopefully together and in an ongoing conversation that we’re having you can have a great time stocking up your studio. I have the list set up in the order that you might want to add to it because, look. At the end of the day this is just art, and people do great art with a number two pencil, and lined paper. You’ve gotta do what is best for you and you’ve got to- My general recommendation is this. Get the best materials that your budget allows for. And buy from a company that cares that you did. You know, and those are generally companies that have websites. Have social media. Have more information about their products. You know I- If you’re in Australia, you know, the two brands I know from Australia are Mont Marte and Matisse. Right. But you want somebody who has laid their boots on the ground that wants your business that cares. So if you get a tube of paint your tube of paint should never be clumpy. If you get a tube of paint that isn’t right you want them to care about that experience. You want to have somebody to write to say hey, this is what happened to me. If you have a question about a product, you want that. If a company isn’t willing to provide that to you I don’t really think they should get your business. That’s my opinion. Right. So, that’s what I recommend to people. That’s what I do in my own life. If a company is willing to take care of me then that makes me feel really good about buying from them. So it’s not that you have to have my brand of paint. You don’t. I just, I like these. These make me happy. This is a personal choice. And I don’t mind telling you want my personal choice is, but your personal choice is valid too, and I support that. And I hope this is a good, updated, um… materials list video for you to help you, you know, set up your studio, and I hope that blog, The Art Sherpa dot com helps out. Check the i-Card for the quest cause we go deep. You think this was deep? We actually go deeper. We go on for a really long time talking about all this stuff. But this is the most updated stuff, and you know what? I’ll probably be making another one of these. Later! Because, when it needs to change, it needs to change. I hope you guys are great. I hope you feel validated and loved in your lives. And I want to see you at the easel really really soon. [Come join us live. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at eleven a.m. central] [Or enjoy one of the hundreds of paintings available on replay anytime.]

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  39. Hi cinnamon you are always super knowledgeable about art supplies…I am having a dilemma on canvases I know frederix is what alot of artist recommend but they are expensive so I use cheap canvases I guesso and sand but I was thinking what is the best affordable option do you recomend canvas pads by frederix? Also I use boards but I have heard they wont last as they rot. I just want a good decent surface to work on so I can learn more efficiently. Thanks:)

  40. Hi Cinnamon! Your brush sets I just bough the beginner set and I was wondering if I should buy your filbert set next? Does that cover all the filberts needed ? At least for the most part. Thank you! Such great work! I just adore you!

  41. I know you've updated since this video but I just bought the simply simmons brushes. Well most of what you recommended and then I'll buy the others later. Just liked the price and the reviews on jerrysartarama were good. So I'm hoping that because you have used them in the past, they will work for me.

  42. I absolutely love the oil lamp behind her. They were in a few houses when I was a kid. They were/are beautiful, but I do also remember how dusty they could get because I had to try and keep one of them clean. LOL

  43. Hi Cinnamon! I am progressing with getting my guest room transitioned into my art/painting room. I have an old ceiling fan I want to replace.. I need some advice on what kind of overhead lighting to use in the room. I hate ceiling fans anyway so was going to get something else anyway. I am sensitive to light and HATE fluorescent lighting. Now that it will be an "art studio" I need to think more about lighting. its just a small guest room. standard ceiling and a one small window. Do you or any one have suggestions?

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