46 thoughts on “ARE THESE EVEN ART SUPPLIES…? | Mystery Art Box | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Bullet Journal Supplies”

  1. My bullet journal is my place for me to be creative and do different kinds of art, mainly watercolor, lettering, and a type of scrapbooking, so it's incredibly interesting to me to see your bullet journal! I could neeeever have a bullet journal so simple. I would never come back to it! Gosh, that really is what's so cool about them. Everyone's is so different!! I appreciate you showing yours. 🙂

  2. I wanted to start a bullet journal but then I keep putting it off and never got to it. Till this day, it still doesn't exist. 😂

  3. I was looking for that comment when she actually started drawing,,,,, then i realized,,, lmao

  4. Use the brush pen only on the numbers you need. Some times the 1st is on a Thursday so only put ink there to Saturday, clean it and begin again that way it’s lined up and you don’t have to write the numbers. It’s easy but takes more time.

  5. On Bullet Journals … they are versatile. You customize them to help your life. For me I do not use one to be more productive. I have a sleep graph, a painting graph, a walking graph. I also have a “Wants” page to keep tract of ALL of the art supplies I hear about on YouTube. I have a “Needs” page so I can see where my money has to go. Every section I created meets my needs, no one else’s. I don’t even make a monthly spread. They can really help you to see what you are doing in your life. Thanks!!

  6. Does the scrawlr box deliver to Louisiana bc I bought 12 months prepay today and it was really expensive

  7. I completely understand that this was pretty disappointing for an artist, but I think u should have tried to use them to actually create something. That's part of being an artist, taking risks and using what u have in the best way possible, I love your videos but I think completely ignoring the supplies and not trying to make something really killed the mood. No hate just an idea 😅

  8. Wait, so this gal is getting a 15 dollar scrawlr box, a 35 dollar paletteful pack and a 24 dollar art snacks box everysingle month?! Jeez.

  9. WRITING IS ART! Also I love your videos and I'm not trying to be a hater, I'm just passionate about writing.

  10. The theme is bullet journaling 📒 and the background music sounds kinda familiar 😉 (it's of Amandarachlee):) 😉

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