Arabic cartoon (Educational) with subtitles. Part 3

The third lesson
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Im sorry Nothing Beautiful photo Yes, without doubt are you a foreigner? Yes I am Where are you from? I am from Jordan, and you? I’m the local, saudiets, my name is Yasin Nice to meet you. I am Isoam Welcome . Are you here alone? No I am not alone, I and my friend Where is he? There Amin! Come here please is this your friend? Yes . Brother Amin is Jordanian too Hello Amin. My name is Yasin Nice to meet you Yasin Welcome to you both in Sauda Thank U Yasin. are You a guide? No .. but .. why not. Let’S Go! Where? to port in the market This is an important city Is there a restaurant in this street? Yes. there What is your profession Yasin? I am an engineer and head of the company Company? Yes, the oil company in Dammam Please: coffee, tea, water? Sugar? no thanks Isoam? Yes And where is Dammam? This is a map of KSA. Here is Jeddah, and Dammam is here How to get from there to here? By plane

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