It’s not just Photography, Videography, Traditional Arts, for Web, Animation Hey, guys! Good morning! It’s Geraldine and welcome back to my YouTube Channel! Today, it’s not that a lot of people requests But a lot of people are asking and are curious on what are we going to talk about for today and this is about Multimedia Arts so i was shocked because I made a vlog about what we do in Multimedia Arts which is it’s not that accurate on what’s shown on the vlog because it’s just one day in a whole week and a whole term/semester so a lot of people are asking for tips and questions about Multimedia Arts and about Multimedia Arts in Benilde and let’s get started! So guys, in this video, i’m making this because there are people who are asking like i will place the screenshots here because maybe you are also curious and have the same question as theirs there she said “What year are you in?” like that “Any thoughts being a Multimedia Arts student because i am enrolled as an MMA student freshmen college student hehe” there hold on i realized that before we answer the question i’ll explain what Multimedia arts is on why i became a Multimedia Artist okay, we’ll have a story time first it’s just short Why did i took up Multimedia Arts? because if you’ve watched my past videos in the “Facts about me” video i said that i liked Photoshop like that since grade school and until high school so when i was in high school, i thought that because this is what i want to do this is where i am happy every time that i will study Math, History even if i really want those subjects in high school when i study, i get stressed at some point then when i edit, it’s where i destress that’s what i feel when i was in high school so, my sister she’s studying in Benilde that time now, she graduated she had classmates who took up Multimedia Arts so, i searched about Multimedia Arts and i didn’t had any idea what i know is that they use Photoshop and they edit that time there’s no vlogs about MMA that’s why, you know, i had no one to ask to on what Multimedia Arts is and what they do what i did was i enrolled MMA because i’m happy with editing i’m happy with editing videos even if my skills were basic and guys here’s the catch, i was not informed that there is traditional arts in MMA so guys if you’re going to take up MMA, there’s traditional arts and if you know how to do traditional arts like drawing, painting sculpting, it’s good for you because you have advantage i’m not saying that people who don’t know traditional arts, cannot take up MMA what i’m saying is you have advantage but if you don’t know traditional arts, it’s also good because you will learn a lot about traditional arts when you enroll in MMA because MMA is not just digital it’s also about traditional and combining different kinds of media, that’s why it’s called Multimedia arts and that’s it and i learned a lot being a student of Multimedia Arts because now i am almost graduating and doing my thesis i just realized that in everything that i learned everything is combined in our thesis and i enjoyed in MMA even if in what i do, i make the stress as a good thing like in a positive thing it’s not when i get stressed i say “I give up” guys that’s my tip #1 Don’t give up because when you are a Multimedia Arts student you will do a lot of stuff, in different kinds it’s not just photography, videography traditional arts, for web, animation it’s combined, guys because when you take up Multimedia Arts it’s “MULTI” that’s why it’s “MULTI” right? so that’s my tip #1 “Don’t give up” so that’s my answer to the first question who DMed me on my Instagram that’s my thoughts being a Multimedia Arts student and my advice for a freshmen student of Multimedia Arts in any school and this one, somebody asked me on my Facebook Page this was also my problem because mostly who will enter now right now “now right now” mostly who will enter college are K to 12 students i was part of the old curriculum so i have no idea about K to 12 like the strands STEM and stuff so here’s what he said there i’ll give you a shoutout Ren Gabriel Lucas Buluran Hi he said that “I watched you on Youtube” WOW there are people who watches my vlogs “I was looking for an MMA student of CSB so that i can ask regarding MMA because i am a graduating student of Senior High School this year and i will take up MMA in Benilde.” there when we talked he said that his case is complicated because his strand in senior high is Home Economics then he wants to take up MMA but he already has a background, in his junior high school days but what i know is the strands in senior high about Arts and Design, only a few schools offer this i talked to a friend, a churchmate, she told me that her strand in senior high is the same as what she’s taking up in college it’s related but what she already studied in senior high, was not credited on college so there’s not much difference my advice for you is you go in Benilde and ask them if the subjects on your senior high will be credited and also you can ask your guidance office on your high school here is Zachary Valerio she said “Hi currently watching your vlog about MMA,” wow thank you so much for watching “Can i ask you for some questions?” in this one, her question is a bit long but her point is she was asking for tips on being an MMA student so it’s just the same as what i have said a while ago you will learn a lot in college because even me, i had no idea about animation and in traditional media i had little knowledge about web and super i was amazed because i learned all of it and i am happy in what i do when you are happy in what you do, it follows everything that you do you are happy, it’s like you are not studying like my tips are first, don’t give up and don’t think that MMA is all about photography and videography because no, that’s very wrong it’s MULTImedia arts, MULTImedia so there’s drawing, painting, sculpting you will use almost all of the Adobe softwares Multimedia Arts is a SUPER COMBO it’s like it’s not just about arts it also has business we have marketing, branding and advertising you will learn a lot in MMA because it’s like the WHOLE PACKAGE guys, i don’t know what i will post first this MMA vlog or the haul that i shot a while ago if you guys want to know the details about of what i’m wearing right now this shirt and the earrings watch out for the haul video because i have a lot of vlogs i have a lot of vlogs to upload so watch out for it thank you so much for watching this vlog guys thank you, thank you so much i really don’t expect that there are people who are watching my videos please, thank you so much, really, thank you so much subscribe to my channel if you guys want to see more of my videos, more of me, more of my experiences, my travels, my hauls and all of that facebook page, instagram, and twitter OH! I decided on what to call all of you you’re #Dindirindins i feel like it’s the right name for you thank you, thank you so much for watching guys, don’t forget to be a blessing to other people God bless everyone! Bye!


  1. As an artist, natulungan ako ng video na to. Kasi nalilito ako kung magaArchitecture ako with STEM or Multi-media arts with Arts and Design

  2. Hello po. Magtatanong lang po kung ano po dapat ang kukunin na strand or tracks para sa MMA in college? Pa SHS na po kc ako and hindi pa po ako sure kung Arts and Design or Technical Vocational Livelihood (TVL) ang kukunin ko. Animation po kc ang main goal ko po. And pareho po silang mayroon. Sana po masagot niyo po ito! Salamat po! : )

  3. Hi po may tanong lang ako hehe Connected ba yung MMA sa Mascomm strand as a graduating ng gr.10 ngayon salamattt :—-)))

  4. ate magagawan pa po ba ng paraan ang not qualified sa exam sa DE LA SALLE gusto ko po talaga kasi mag mutimedia ehh napakadami ko pong skills doon

  5. Thank you po sa Tips! Soon to be a MMA student po sa CIIT! Can't wait po hehe. Godbless poo at more videos to come papo sainyo 🙂

  6. 1kth subscriber/dindirindin omg!! Ang cute niyo po ate!!! ++ super thanks po sa tips huhu tg i found your channel i'm considering din po kasi na mag-take ng mma
    God bless po ate, more power sa vlogs niyo po hehe

  7. I salute those who pursue their passion in arts, I mean having the course related in it here in ph is no joke, people will judge u na u r not being realistic o wala kang mararating. I mean, kaya nga tayo yung nandito para ipakita para pa sa susunod na henerasyon na we will succeed kapag pinursue talaga natin yung what our heart seeks for. Wag tayong susuko hehe thank u for this video! It does help me a lot.

  8. Hello, I hope you could answer me. Should I need to be a public senior high graduate to get a scholar for college in dlsu?

  9. I've done a lot of filming stuffs in junior
    high pero hindi po namin afford lalo na sobrang layo ng Arts and Design na school sa davao… I wanna take ICT instead, is it still okay to continue Fine arts in college?

  10. this is so helpful. pero in my case complicated din kasi really wanna take MMA/ Advertising Arts(?) sa college pero i took ABM (business stuff related) sa senior high :((

  11. Hello poo if mag ttake po ba ng mma sa benilde, ano po mga need like laptops or do i need to buy lahat nung sa adobe hehe thank you poo

  12. Maggragrade 10 plang ako pero excited na ako magMMA dahil supposed to be Animation ako. Dahil gusto ko maging Animator, kaso sabi ng mga kaklase ko sayang yung iba kong talent sa traditional and photography sooo second choice ko MMA anndd since may traditional, animation and graphic art or web design nagustuhan ko na rin siya kailangan ko nalng magaral ng editing and videography. Choices ko sana na School are Benilde, iAcademy, MINT, Etc… Thank you po Ate Geraldine at natulungan mo po mahanap ko gusto kong course in the future😻😍❤️

  13. enrolled napo ako as humss student,pero gusto ko po mag-mma as in😢 okay lng po ba humss ako at magmma ako sa college?

  14. i am currently an ICT student rn, and i feel na di ko passion ang programming. until i discover MMA and decided na ayun it-take ko next school year (college). since passion ko naman ang arts and stuff, this video really helped and motivated me great thanks to you!! medyo may nalaman ako about sa course na to hehe

  15. Mags-STEM po ako this school-year sa SHS… mac-credit po ba yung mga subject ko pag magte-take ako ng MMA sa college?

  16. hello po ate thank you for sharing this talk to us 💕 subscribe na agad ako hehe.
    i am currently an abm student po dapat po kukuni ko sa college is tourism pero d ako sure kung yun ba talaga gusto kong career which is being a cabin crew also i dont really know if once i applied for that course i will enjoy it…
    mahilig po talaga ako magdesign,gumawa ng art works,maggawa ng powerpoint,magedit ng video,magdesign ng kwarto lol basta anything related to arts i will do my best to make it my work look presentable…unlike doing academic stuff kagaya ng math pumasa lang ok na.kaya napapasiip ako kung paano ko sasabihin sa mom ko na eto talaga kung saan ako confident, kung saan ako magaling.ang alam nya kasi wala lang itong arts churba.

  17. ate thank you so much for this vid !!! nung una talaga naghehesitate pa ako kung ipupursue ko yung mma sa college kasi im not good at drawings and such pero hilig ko talaga yung editings but after kong napanood 'to buo na loob kong ipursue yung multimedia arts dhjshjha

  18. Hi Ate!! First time ko lang po mapanood tong vid mo.
    pano po pag gusto ko kunin ay animation specialize in 2d animation. Ano po yung course na kukunin ko po sa college? Grade 12 na po kase ako this school year.

  19. Hello ate buti may ganitong channel mabuhay mga MMA hahaha incoming grade 11 po ako A&D ang strands and mag MMA sa college. Nakaka inspired naman po mga videos nyooo ❣️ i push ang MMA ❣️

  20. Thank you for your video ate!! I have a question po, magkaiba po ba ang Bachelor of Multimedia Arts sa Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts or same lang po? nalilito po kasi ako eh:(

  21. Graduate na ko ng 4yrs course and now working as accounting . But yet gusto ko i pursue tong career sa mma. Meron po kayang mga short courses? Or tlgng 4yrs lng

  22. Gustong gusto ko mag edit kaso lang di ako marunong mag drawing wahaha
    Btw mag gg10 nako tus confused ako sa track at course na kukunin ko hinahanap ko talaga yung all about editing and maybe mma is the best

  23. up coming 1st year college ako and nag sesearch ako about MMA kasi gustong gusto ko talaga maging multimedia artist pero nag dodoubt parin ako pero ung nakita ko yung video na to lalo akong na push na maging MMA student and ngayon Enrolled na ako as a MMA student thank youuuuu 😀

  24. I recently graduated BSIT at may subject ako about Computer graphics and multimedia from that moment nahumaling ako sa editing and photography that is why mas pinupursue ko yung multimedia kesa sa programming, planning to enroll for my second course, mma 🙂 thank you for this informative vid .. you got 1 sub !

  25. im planning to take mma po kaso wala po akong background talaga sa editing as in di ko pa nattry yung video edit or edit ng picture ganon but i love traditional art and would love to learn about digital art din kasi. kapag nagtake po ba ng mma kailangan may background na sa editing ganun? like yung basics?

  26. I'm Grade 11 student and Stem ang Strand ko. Gusto ko talaga sanang mag Media Arts sa college. Ano pong gagawin ko huhuhuhu😭😭

  27. coming as freshman this sy and natatakot pa rin ako and still undecided sa tinake kong course ( mma also ) medyo nagaalinlangan ako sa talent ko sa pagdodrawing and i dont trust myself enough dahil expectations ng mga magiging future prof ko naiisip ko but this video helped a lot para di ako masyado kabahan❤️

  28. Hi I would like to thank you so much for giving an information but I have a question if kung pwede ko po ba i take yun MMA kung mag ne news caster po ako ?

  29. hello po ate sobrang informative po nito para sakin magkano po ba ang tuition ng MMA, I'm architecture last year gusto ko mag shift ng course at mag move sa MMA…I hope po masagot po ninyo ako at matulungan po ….

  30. pra gus2 q ulit mag aral ung tinake q ksi b4 ay di q passion.. im 28 years old na pro gus2 q pa kumuha ng isa pang course at MMA ang nsa isip q..

  31. Hello #Dindirindin fam! Gumawa ako ng playlist ng lahat ng MMA videos ko baka nandito na ang mga kasagutan sa mga tanong niyo 💕✨

  32. may pagkakaiba po ba ang communication arts at mass communication? If meron po, ano po yun? And saan po under ang multimedia arts?

  33. I definitely do enjoy photo editting (photoshop, layerings, colors) and photography (i don't even know that much about it, siguro konting basics lang), and about traditional art i also want to improve myself + i do have an experience with webpage design ba? namiss ko din magcoding HAHAHAHA. thank you for this video, sobrang nakakatulong and informative ang hirap kasi pag walang mapagtanungan and not everyone is informed about this course♡♡ medyo mahirap lang maghanap ng schools na nagooffer ng course na to. . . . but this really is interesting ♡

  34. Okay lang ba kahit wala ka talagang talent for drawing tas mag enroll sa course? Kase sa una nag enroll ako ng architecture ayoko nang mareject takot na ako

  35. Enrolled na ako as MMA ngayong college. Medyo kinakabahan ako since I took Animation nung shs ako :"D. I enjoyed watching this video and I hope I can see more future videos about your tips for college life charot <3


  37. Really worth to watch! Kasi i want to take MMA. Im a shs na and undecided pa din sa course ko this vid motivates me na magMMA. Thankyouuu 🥰

  38. I'm filipino and taking Graphic design here in Switzerland and most of the people in the Philippines think that there's no money in arts lol..but I'm glad I took graphic design and I was able to go to NYC to do an internship.

  39. Hello graduating po ako ng SHS this school year. MMA po kukunin ko sa college sa STI ako mag then STEM yung kinuha kung strand, wala po bang problema? Kasi kunti lang na school ang nag-ooffer ng ARTS AND DESIGN TRACK, so yun lang po. Thank you and GodBless ❤️

    ps. Very helpful vlog ❤️

  40. Hello! If i take stem for senior high and for my college course is MMA it is ok? I mean it doesn"t affect in my studies?, narinig ko po kasi if i take stem like may different field sila IT,MED,Engineering,Ally… kung totoo po un about sa field i would take IT (information Technology) i think medjo familliar siya sa MMA

    Thank you!!!

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