100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Nintendo Characters From Memory”

  1. 8:01 I’m disappointed that you guys didn’t zoom into Jackie’s eye and then zoom out of Kevin’s eye, a la That’s So Raven.

  2. How is wario one of the hardest ones? it's just mario but hes fat and yellow

  3. It's AMAZING how good this concept/"show" is when you have a bunch of pretty/extremely talented artists. That actually try to do their best from memory. And aren't toxic filth. 🙂

  4. Kevin and Jackie are always the best entertain pair =)))) Kyra is always the cutest <3 <3 Anthony and Ross are so gooood!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jackie is gonna play Lily Pritchett Tucker in the reunion show ten years from and nobody will notice the difference.

    P.S..: No Jonni and Yes Kyra was the move, BuzzFeed. Go eat your dollars, you deserve it for this.

  6. I've watched all of these and believe the only possible explanation is Kyra cheats….shes just TOOOO good every god damn time.
    For real though, every time she just knocks it out the park

  7. I think Kevin was confusing Yoshi's eyes for ears because of the way the eyes stick up. Because the top of Yoshi's head isn't round, so I can see why that looked wrong to him. Also I think he was thinking of Super Mario World Yoshi, before he was made bipedal and more human-like.

    Edit: I said this before Kevin himself explained it 🙂

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