100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Marvel Characters From Memory”

  1. Going onto everyone's Instagram's, you can get a feel about what style they will draw. I'm so happy to be following my favs!

  2. Can you guys do a draw off of Invader Zim- I wanna see Butch Try to draw Zim-.

    I wanna see Zim, Dib and even Gir . Pleaseeee

  3. Jonni is literally a disgrace to the other animators and cartoonists. He doesn’t even try and it makes the quality of these video plummet drastically. Please don’t bring him back.

  4. I am loving and hating Jackie all at the same time!!! She is so Random! Yet doesn't care that some of the things she says can be a little hurtful! It's So funny how she's getting on Kevin's nerves! This is Awesome!!

  5. Haejoon : I think she’s wear cape
    Brie Larson (actually playing captain marvel ) : Is that a personal attack or something??

  6. Kyra's art style was so aesthetically pleasing and then Jonni comes and ruins it with his attitude. When I watch the old vid's the original cast made my day but now Jonni's here.

  7. Hey just want to remind everyone that Jonni is a person
    and you all are hiding behind a computer screen
    Maybe ya'll can stop being giant douchenozzles?

  8. It's just okay that you're gay Jonni but honestly your outputs are the worst thing I've ever seen. You're a waste of time to watch. Your aweful skill doesn't even deserve a dime. This channel is a lot better without you!!!

  9. I put the video on big screen and then heard “im jonni” and immediately took it off big screen and went to read comments to see if everyone is just as annoyed LOL

  10. Theres really comments discrediting jason and crediting jonni,,, yall BLIND jason is good at 2d paper art and just doesnt translate it well to digital art, hes gotten better tho! Jonni just, doesnt try. Its not an art style, an art style is how you make your drawing uour own,,, anyone can do what hes doing, he doesnt try.

  11. Jonni wasn't so bad y'all. "What's most important is loving yourself." His art style is different, yes, but it's still interesting.

  12. no joke..i saw jonni, sighed out loud, and then came to the comments to see how many other ppl were upset about him being in the video 😂

  13. I don't know when this was filmed but how can you not know who Captain Marvel is? In 2019. After Brie Larson's Captain Marvel. One of the best and biggest movies this year. Someone explain to me.

  14. "If your favourite superhero is Venom, you're either an edgy 13yr old boy, or a 25yr old woman that just got out of a long relationship."

    I feel personally attacked lmao

  15. Hae Joon drew how Bree Larson sees her self in the MCU. Jonni drew how everyone actually sees Bree Larson in the MCU

  16. First of Jackie is the best lol, Hae-Joon I wanna lay in the grass and cloud watch lol! He’s a big ole teddy bear! I love this series!

  17. When they said Captain Marvel my brain immediately thought "isn't he a DC character?" Then I realized, "Oh… they meant the lady previously known as Miss Marvel"

  18. I really like Jonni's drawing ! it's refreshing to have someone that really draws in their own style, and I think she did great !

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