Angela Merkel Rap! (HAMILTON Parody)

– [Voiceover] What? Can you believe that? – [Voiceover] Hamilton
tickets are so expensive. – [Voiceover] Maybe there’s
another show we could see? – I know, we can just not eat. – Free show, free show,
wanna see a free show? – Um. – [Voiceover] Who’s Angela Merkel? – It looks like– – Follow me. – [Woman In Red] Welcome
to Merkel The Musical. Everyone take your seats,
we’re about to begin. (class bell ringing) (drums playing) (fingers snapping along
to piano orchestral music) (clapping) (shoes tapping) (dramatic orchestral music)

100 thoughts on “Angela Merkel Rap! (HAMILTON Parody)”

  1. This is hilarious ,why so many thumbs down guys?Please do mot believe Germans have no humor ,they have it(At least a few of them).

  2. This gives me a WHOLE new appreciation to Angela Merkel. She’s a great leader she has her blunders as every leader does. But she’s doing something right to be elected for that long. She will go down regardless of opinion as a fantastic leader.

  3. She didn't change anything really though? There have been female heads of state before her eg thatcher

  4. Angela Merkel isn't her real name. Her real name is EVA BRAUN. The second body found in Hitlers bunker is a fake.

  5. Just saying the Angela Merkel haters y’all kind racist if you hate her cause of the refugee crisis

  6. People wondering why there are so many dislikes is just because this is a propaganda piece. Angela makes crimes against humanity and europe will fall due to her incompetence. She should be imprissoned for her crimes.

  7. I learned in this Video more about her then in my German politics Class. Also most of my Friends shit on her for some reason, i always say " then do it better "

  8. Thank you Angie! Made Germany the most powerful country in Europe. The refugee crisis didn't harm the country at all. We are doing so well, we are paying back debt (Look at that USA).

  9. Laughed at "You're the person of the year, it says so on the cover of TIME"…. Satire. She is a politruk. "Germany will never be the same" – got that right! You changed it forever – for the worst,

  10. I'm German and I find this perfectly fine, what's wrong with you? And no, I'm not a particular supporter of Angela Merkel, nor do I think she's a Reptilian or whatnot. The pronounciation is alright, too – for non-German speakers, that is. Just minor issues putting me off: 1. In the beginning Angie is way too energetic. Should be slower and look more depressed. 2. While you nailed the "Merkel-Raute", you forgot the "Merkelfalte" (her mouth) [watch?v=1XsnZovcjbs]

  11. Okay, politics and everything aside, this is an absolute banger. Not just the music, but everything. The amount of effort put into this is amazing. Also, the dancing was awesome.

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