Alludu Seenu Full Movie || Samantha, Srinivas, Tamannah, DSP, V.V. Vinayak

‘Liquor drinking
is injurious to health.’ ‘Smoking causes cancer.
Smoking kills.’ Spoiling our life and the
reason for us to be jailed.. ..we shall take an oath
this moment to kill that guy. Need to kill wherever he is. Where ever. Hey! Not possible for you. You are 10 and my son is just one. Still it is not possible
for you to defeat him. Anybody, how much
ever you want bet now. In this Kabaddi,
it is sure for my son Seenu to win. Prize money 50000 coming to us is sure. Before watching his son Seenu
being given so much buildup by him.. ..let us watch
the following he has first. God, even when I failed 10th ten
times I had never asked you anything. But, see to that our
Seenu wins in Kabaddi God. For a week I will be without
eating Chicken, mutton. I will not fight with anyone from now. Make our Seenu win.
All the money should come to him. Yes. Hey leader of the world! Thinking
even logically, our Seenu should win. If he wins, Ha ha ha,
will shave my head.. ..not for me, for my wife. All these praying for
Seenu is not with love on him. With the hope to get
back the money they gave him. Now let us watch Seenu. Son! With this shot, all our
debts should be cleared. Collapse them. Okay Uncle. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi.
– Catch him! Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Hey!
– Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Oh God! Super son! Hey clap man. Hey, hey! Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. There..
– Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Hey, hey! Finish it!
– Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Do not stop the chant. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi.
– Do it! Go on..
– Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Thank God, Your amount is safe. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi. You are super, son. Seenu, You should give
back my amount adding 500 to it. Why, Why should he give? Broke a hundred coconuts. So what? Let us give uncle. How do you think you won as per logic? I prayed to shave the head
of my wife if you win. Wow! Means couple of shaven heads. Would be superb! Great! Badami youth Association presented
Kabaddi competition winner, our Seenu.. Respect. Yes, yes. That is. Requesting our Seenu sir
to come and take the prize. Bloody fellow, where is he? Where is this guy? Hey Seenu.. “Hey Kokapeta, Khajipeta..” “Balkampeta, Brodipeta,
Saidapeta, Siddipeta.” “Ambarpeta, Ameerpeta,
Shameerpeta, Hakimpeta, any street..” “ mine.” “My family name is silk,
my body colour is milk.” “If you touch, I will give you a shock” “My word is parrot talk,
my shake is lightening shine.” “Hey there is no one
left not falling in my trap.” “Feel shy at 6 o’clock,
blink eye at 10 o’clock. ” “Ask to rise at 11 o’clock,
light the fire round the clock.” “Will touch front back,
reduce your head ache.” “Put my lip lock,
make you get heart attack.” “Come my rubber doll..” “..looking at you my mind is blocked.” “Come my rubber doll..” “..looking at you my mind is blocked.” “My family name is silk,
my body colour is milk.” “If you touch, will give you a shock?” “Why those goggles to your blue eyes?” “Hey, to change the
day into dark night.” “Why so many bangles
to your small hands?” “Those bangles are
to tell angles in me.” “In your waist folds
why is that key chain?” “In your waist folds
why is that key chain?” “To touch it and for
you to open my heart door.” “For you to open.” “Come my rubber doll..” “..looking at you my mind is blocked.” “Enthrall!” “Why red color in the beautiful lips?” “Hey in front of all
to stop like a red signal.” “Why that tattoo on your body back?” “To flag off if you come to a side.” “Why the white polish
on your hand nails?” “Why the white polish
on your hand nails?” “To come in my hand
and faint day and night..” “..faint day and night.” “Come my rubber doll..” “..looking at you my mind is blocked.” “My family name is silk,
my body colour is milk.” “If you touch, will give you a shock” Who is it man? Who has tied me up? It is us. If you pay what you should,
we would untie. Hey, if my uncle comes to know you
have tied me, it would not be normal. Good morning Son! What, went to Sheela baby again? Yes Uncle! As she was in some troubles,
went to console her. First of all it is winter,
Why these meetings at night? Have you worn monkey cap? Okay, asked you to have curd
rice before sleeping. Have you taken? Will you stop? Is it the money of his dad?
If you go on enjoying.. ..with our money saying Silpa babies
and Sheela babies. Shall we sit performing
rituals and poojas here? I am not any feelings about 10th. Logic. What shall I do Reedappa sir.. ..saying brother! Take there is no elder
brother like Venkatesh. To call Brother with love.. sisters as in Hitler film. At least to move on happily,
no friends like Happy days film. Huh! Who else other than Silpa babies
and Sheela babies to my life, you tell? Logically, what Seenu says is correct. All these days
we thought him mischievous.. ..but forgot that he was single, sir. Hey, How is he single, man?
Son, I am there for you. Yes! He is become
so due to your handling. Reddappa sir, you said such a big word. What is me growing him? He
is growing me. Still, I go behind him.. ..but he does not come behind me, right?
What Gundappa brother? That is true. You, shut up. Hey man, when would
you pay back our money? You untie me, I will pay by evening. Logically thinking, how will the money
which is not there now come by evening? Do you want money or logic? Money. Then untie. Gundappa sir!
Think he is again giving us a cutting. He asked time only till evening.. ..let us tie him up again
if he does not pay, logically. Will you stop the nonsense. Hey, untie him man. Come man! Gundappa sir! Come straight
to the pond in the evening. I will settle you all there.
Uncle, come. Hey, I am not understanding. How will you pay the money by evening? Gundappa! Heart is badly beating man. Will you think he comes? Now logically.
– Bloody, shut up. You untied him saying logic and magic.. ..if he does not comes.. What if he does not?
– You should go. What Reddappa, Gundappa?
All have gathered, any meeting? Not meeting, waiting. That Seenu fellow said to settle
the payment to all. We thus came here. What? He and his uncle have
just met in the railway station. Said have settled all debts
and going to Tirupati for shaving head. I too have a prayer
pending from long time. I gave them two thousand
to drop in the hundi. Head shaving was not for him,
he shaved you You bloody Seenu! What have you done man? Left the village given debts uncle. I did not like what you did.
– Why? Should talk something
if money is not given.. ..but why to run away
like this from village. It is wrong to cheat all like this son. What wrong uncle? We had given them
interest more than principle already. One or two, it is six rupees interest. So much will not be there
even in film industry, uncle. Should have not taken in such case. Okay uncle! Are we running away or what? We are going to Chennai now.
From Chennai to Dubai, there if we take an oil
well from a shake as a debt.. ..then we cannot just pay back our debts,
but can pay back entire village debts. Means, you are really
paying back, right? That is why we are going, uncle. There bhais, wells, shaiks,
shapes, life will be changed uncle. Do not you lying with me? Will give back money of all. Okay then.
Enough of drinking! Sleep. Come, sleep. The journey of these
started so to Chennai. Takes a wrong turn at Guntakal
junction and has turned their lives. With the hope of going to
Chennai and meeting Dubai babu.. ..they are sleeping in
the train to Hyderabad. Get down. Son.
– Ok.. Whatever, sentiments are
high in our South India, man. Yea uncle! Much more in Tamilnadu. I ask..
– What? We do not know Tamil, how do we manage? When we do not know the language, we
should manage with body language, uncle. Okay. Hey Babu! Auto. Vanakkam.. Stop if you cannot shiver.
Why are you saying me? Hey Son! Our Telugu guy man. Yes uncle! What Boss,
will you come to Pondy bazaar? Pondy bazaar? Yes man! As if we came to Hyderabad
and asked for Pondy Bazaar.. ..why are shocked so much? Come.. come.
– Coming. What you are asking is the
Pondy Bazaar in Chennai, right? Asked great boy! When we come to Chennai,
we ask about Chennai Pondy Bazaar only. Where should you go in Pondy Bazaar sir? Do not know the address.
We have the cell number of our Babu. We will call and ask when we reach. Why? If you find out here,
it would be easy for me. It would be easy for us, if go near. If we say to come saying we are near,
he would himself come. Auto amount will be saved. What uncle? You are too ripe man. I am more ripe than you man.
– What did you say sir? Come sir.
– Okay. What man? All are Telugu boards,
is this really Chennai? Yes, yes, this is Chennai.
Why do you keep such doubts? That is, domination of Telugu
people is more here, that is the reason. Look here, that is Chennai Silks. Yes! Chennai Silks.
Correct, this is Chennai. Why is Chennai Silks
also in Telugu, man? That is, I said already sir.
Domination of Telugu people sir. Correct, Once our capital was this.
Chennai, Madras. It is correct.
– Look. Uncle! Ship came on to roads.. ..what is that car uncle? It is Chennai man!
Cars and owners will be big shots. Our luck to get such
people even in 2014. Uncle! Horse is got
down from the ship uncle. It is Chennai sir,
ladies would be light like that. Why have you taken my photo? I have not taken your photo. You crossed
zebra line, so took only number plate. No! You took my photo.
I have seen. I know. No! I know. You take photos of girls
and post on dirty sites. I am warning you. What man? What is the fight with madam?
– Sir, its.. This guy took my photo and is saying no. Give the camera here.
– Sir. Madam! You go and sit. Why sir? Why have you
banged the camera on the floor? Do you know who that girl is?
Daughter of Bhai. This is Bibinagar. What Bibinagar? That is, Pondy Bazaar.
If you give the number, we will call. Here, it is, Here, yes zero. Zero is not needed here sir.
It is Chennai, give the number. Yes, 9840262361. Yes, yes, talk. Check the number you have dialed. May be wife of Babu, Uncle!
Speaking in Tamil. You ask and tell.
– Ok. Please check the number you have dialed. Okay brother.
Right brother. I will. Sir. Babu sir is not in town.. ..Madam is single and is asked
to come if it is okay for you. No, will not be good. You tell something. Else, stay two days with me and go. Oh God! Why to trouble you?
Tell if there is some lodge in cheap. It is there For Telugu people like you,
there is one beautiful lodge, Nayar. Hey! What man,
saying Nayar catching Naidu? I know brother. Naidu for
Telugus and Nayar for Tamilians. Our Telugu people came to
Chennai for the first time bro. Telugu people want to say with
the bags in our hotel. Telugu people. Oh Telugu people.
Came to Chennai? Come sir, come. Hey Boy! Why do you look so?
Telugus, our Telugu people.. ..came to Chennai. Oh! Our Telugu people Came to Chennai. You take the bag man!
– Okay, bag. No sir, we will carry. We do not agree..
From now on you and your bag are ours. Yes.. our responsibility.. Yes! Responsibility, responsibility. You stay boy. Not so son! May be many days
since they saw Telugu people. How much love on Telugu people? Love, Okay! First tell how much
is the payment? No discussions later. In our hotel, for Telugu
people room free on eating idly. So, payment for idly,
room is compliment. What son, looks special. Sambar is given free for idly.
They are directly giving room. Not for all sir. Only for Telugu people. Came to Chennai, right? Oh I see. Come. You keep eating idly down. Our
people will make the room ready upstairs. Okay Eat well, You want Sambar? Hey! Minimum 10000 will be there. Hey! Are only these in original. I trust you, but.. He always do promices. Goddess Laxmi had called
to come, come, that is it? Here, Laxmi had called. Five paisa coin. Five paisa coin. How to use this? Will hit with my slippers.. Hey.. Sambar is great uncle. It is Chennai! Sambar is famous here. Son! Blasting away Idlis. One minute..
– Have more! Brother! Rotten clothes,
torn under wears, one 5 paisa coin.. ..nothing else than these in the bag. Both Idli and Sambar
you are giving is a loss brother. Should not be tensed in such times. These look like the batch moving
with property in under wear. Will hit, at a proper time. Should not leave without hitting man. Okay, brother. Have you eaten all? Understood! You go down and rest in the room.
I will tell once lunch is ready. Thanks sir.
– Thanks, Thanks. How much love on Telugu people?
– Yes, yes. We will leave..
– As you wish.. Send one coffee to my uncle. Ok, you will go. Telugu peoples domination
is heavy in here. Eaten basin full idlis for free. Eat a lot. Oh god. Hey Son.
– Uncle. No water. Will bring water. You sleep Oh, Okay Mom, swear on you. Unexpectedly had
to stay here for the day. Will come to Chennai
by tomorrow evening. I promise.. Okay, bye. Boy!
– Yes? Do not feel as I am saying.
Should not lie swearing on mother. What did I lie sir? Hey! Staying in Chennai,
said your mom to be coming to Chennai What? Is this is Chennai?
This is Hyderabad. Hyderabad? Look, Charminar. Son! What brother,
will you come to Pondy Bazaar? Pondy Bazaar, one more chance to cheat. Okay, sit. What are you upto? Came to know so fast, brother? I came to know fool, you will swell now. How many would you cheat so? Ah.. tell you.
– Hey, stop. Hey, stop. Hey, stop. Hey, stop. Ah.. ship. Bhai has come.. Bhai. Namaste Bhai. I am Kishan Jewellers partner,
need to talk a bit with you. Anything, talk with Dimple. Sir, Dimple madam means. That car. Sir, need to meet Dimple madam. Dimple Madam? Yes Sir! Is she in? No! In the dicky, go and meet. In the dicky? What can I say..
you think Dimple is a lady. I am Dimple. You? Yes bloody pimple.
Why have you kept the face so? Name and my face are not matching? Matched sir.
– Tell, what is the matter? Sir, I am Kishan Jewellers partner sir. When my big brother said
to start business, I put 8crores sir. He said 50 50. Now after getting profits he says
not 50 but 20 sir, that bloody idiot. My work will be done
if Bhai sir makes one call. As a gift I even got a ten sir. Ten?
– Yes Sir. Suitcase looks big man,
Is it lacks by mistake? Yes sir. Will hit with the shoe. Have you ever seen
Bhai sir dealing in lacks? He will not if the
deal is below a crore. Even if he does by mistake, I will not. Go, get off. Ten lakhs. Who is Bhai? For a small matter to forget
by sipping a tea, why Bhai sir? By you touching us,
he lost idli, I lost diesel. What loss you had? Forget brother. First answer to what I asked.
Why do all fear about him so much? Bhai means fear. Either illegal deals or legal settlements
in this city are done by Bhai, only. Why are you doing so much enquiry son? You will know why in an hour,
give ten thousand. I need to go for shopping. What is this new loss son? Shut up and give, man. Hey! Go once and look in the room. What is this torture for us, son? They are not Telugu people,
Ripen people. Yes man! You vacate the hotel and go. Shut up, go and look. Okay, we will go. Who is this guy? Hey! What happened? Oh! Might have been confused
by thinking some Minister. This is very too much son. Bringing in four rotten bags
and as if we looted all your property.. get Bhai here? He is not Bhai, my uncle. Uncle. Yes. Are they twins, son? No! My uncle has none
in this world other than me. We shall do settlements in
this city using my uncle from today. Bhai will not deal other than in crores. There will be lacks below crores,
thousands below lacks. We will do those deals. Might be risk? To grow in life, need to do only risk. Bhai should not know about our business. Uncle should not know that we are doing. Difficult that your uncle
should not know brother. He firstly asks many logics. I will manage my uncle by saying
some passport or visa work. It is a habit for me from childhood. What should we do? First change your beggar getups
and arrange for a costly car urgently. I will take care of the rest. Kishan Jewellers. Yes.. Hey Son! What are these mad getups? No other way uncle! If you do not look so, passport will
not be given, Visa cannot be got. Passport, Visa means that
is the work Chennai Babu fellow. The work he does is
done by these guys here. Let us give them a chance
to correct their mistake. Yes sir. To help you, one chance. Okay! Live good man.
Do not go for cheating. Why these cheating getups? True sir, you move sir.
– Ok.. What is this son? Hotel uncle.
– Why such a big hotel to eat? Namaste Bhai sir.
– Good morning Bhai sir. Just by dressing strong,
why are they giving so much respect? World is like that uncle.
Give more value to cash than character. That is why we all had
to dress up like this. What man, will our work be done? Will be done uncle! Those coming are the business partners
to the cousin of passport officer. If these tell him.. ..he tells to the passport officer
our work will be done. Something son,
it is enough if the work is done. Will be done uncle!
You be sipping two coffees by then. I would go, meet them. and come. Hey! Order two coffees for uncle. Order it.. – Double strong coffee! This star hotel. Then double strong coffee. I had called Tell me. Greetings sir,
he is my brother Kishanlal. What, want to threaten me
by using Bhai name? No. Want to settle. If you give his share,
you both can be happy. Look!
Even I can get connection with Bhai. But, Bhai will not put his fingers in
such matters. Do not look to threaten me. You misunderstood Bhai a lot. Bhai has already entered
in this matter. Look there. Sir! He is my one and only brother. Will I cheat him, you tell? Thought,
he would misuse if money is given. Will not misuse,
it would be better if given. Hey Chagan!
You take how much ever you want. You are my little brother man. It is enough if you give
what I should get brother.. leave we shall meet
in the evening. Okay, I am leaving.
Boy, tell Bhai that all is well. Okay okay. You may leave. 25 Lacs. Your problem is solved.
You happy, we happy, Bhai happy. You can leave now. Thanks. Bro! Heart attack to my big sister.. ..Cancer to small sister,
something else for my mother.. Hey hey hey! Diseases should not
be remembered by seeing money. Hey, they are more clever than us. Let
us take whatever they give, what son? Yes! Bhai will give us, I will give you. Yes. Money is rusted badly in Hyderabad,
man! Need to clean. Rohit! Name looks modern, no? Will you marry if name is good? Crap! Daddy was careful not
to let out any details. It would have been better if
at least his phone number was known. Why mobile number?
you can see him direct? How? Like that. Yes! Now you look like a hero, Son. Your daddy is so free means,
he is Rohit. Also saying him, Son! Crap! Not good. Wait uncle,
will get a nice dress for you. What, liked me by seeing? How did you know? Was said, Will you marry me? Means, suddenly.. If you like, shall we marry? Will we not have feelings? Correct, but.. Do you know Katrina Kaif? Super figure.
– What? Oh! Means, not more than you. Does Katrina Kaif know you? How will I be known to her? This is important, this is the point. It is not enough if you like me.
I liking you is important. Yes! Correct. This Anjali to like you height
and beauty are not just enough. You should have many more qualities. It is not so easy to trap daughter
of Bhai like trapping Bhai. Daughter of Bhai? What is this twist? Yes! What is your name? Oh! See. Yes, Rohit! My daddy loves you a lot. I have just seen. Reason for him to love
is that you are multi millionaire.. ..but for me to love you,
should pass a few tests. Tests? Yes! Suppose if you fail in that.. should some how cancel this
marriage by saying something to my daddy. Else, I will put poison
and kill you on the first night. Ah! Got it? Yes! This is my number. Should lift in one ring if I call. Will lift. Should be before me
in the second minute. Will come. I made uncle Bhai, God is giving
Bhai as my father-in-law. Anjali madam! You look good even from back. What madam?
Hyderabad is giving all to me. “Saying whatsup,
your naughty thought moved me.” “Saying hurry up your
love talk has called me.” “Whatever I am there am in your fever.” “Whatever I do..
you are like my heartbeat” “Saying whatsup,
your naughty thought moved me.” “Saying hurry up your
love talk has called me.” “From Sunrise to Sunset. It
is your voice in my heart FM channel.” “Either bed light or
moon light I can see..” “..if I am with you,
I do not need a moon.” “Like a satellite circling around you
my mind will not sleep.” “Like a filament glowing day long
A to Z your topic in crazy thoughts.” “Saying whatsup,
your naughty thought moved me.” “Saying hurry up your
love talk has called me.” “Either eat popcorn or listen pop song.
Not able to enjoy in this LOVE kick.” “Either Imax or Inox. Your cutout
is shown in disturbing equation.” “Life has changed due
to you like Ilayaraja melody.” “Dreams monsoon started In
rainbow colours drenching my world.” “Saying whatsup,
your naughty thought moved me.” “Saying hurry up your
love talk has called me.” Please excuse bhanu sir, please live me. Please leave me. Bhanu! Favoring wind started, start. Throw one more bullet. Why? One for Budha,
one for Guru, another for Saturn.. ..would be like giving equally. Okay baba. Sir! Bhai Phone from Hyderabad. Oh! Hello Bhai. Hi friend. Called on a good day. Sukra high days have just started for me.
Our Bhole baba just said. Not only that.. ..he said it is very good if marriage
of Rohit and Anjali is done at Sharja. In Sharja? Ha ha ha!
What friend, all of us are here. Can get it done fantastically. I see! You anyways do not have beliefs!
Respect our belief. Sukra has more strength
on Sharjah than India. Planet would also feel happy it seems. We shall do marriage grandly in Sharjah,
place the reception in India if you want. Jai Bholenath! Okay. Dimple. Hey Dimple, We will have
to go to Sharjah for Marriage. Sir, sir. Place of the Marriage is not
important rather it is important.. ..with whom is the marriage. We know that the son
of Bhanu Bhai is an idiot. There are rumours that he
raped and killed a foreigner earlier. Should we give our own daughter
in marriage to such idiot? Anjali is not my own daughter.
She is my brothers daughter Sir.. Which means.. Do not further think.
You will be breathless. You stupid. While your son is studying
happily in London. You are spoiling your daughters life
by giving in marriage to some one else. You will be smashed. Brother whose house is this? Bhais house. Why did you bring us directly
to bhais house. You have no fear at all. We have bhai but we
do not have customers. For catching customers
we should come here. How will we catch customers. I will set it up. If bhai comes to know he will kill us. I know bhai is not at home.
so I brought you here. Our work is with dimple. Dimple.. who is that ? Not possible for me. Cannot do
these ten lack and 25 lacks settlements. Not that sir, Bhai sir. Hey! Who is Bhai, man?
Bloody fellow Bhai. Whatever I say is final, go!
Saying Bhai sir, Bhai! Next! Dimple sir. Hey, hey what man?
Put the garland to me as it is heavy? That Bhai fellow is gone out.
Hang on him after he returns. We brought for you only sir.
We are your fans. Fans?
– Yes. Salutations!
– What fans? What this fans for me?
– Greet him! What this fans for me man? Why sir? Fans are only for Chiranjeevi?
Not for Aravind? Fans for Venkatesh Babu only?
Not for Suresh Babu? Devotees for only Rama?
Not for Anjaneya? Oh! Can be there, means? Bhai becoming so much great today,
Is the reason not your brain sir? People may not know what
really happened, but we know sir. Let it be man!
At least you have recognized. That is why sir, we became fans
for your face, Slaves to your brain. Just like your brain, we used
our brain and put small ventures. Like how we give share in profits to God
of Tirupati, we too will give you so. Ten lacks was left to us in our
first venture. Here is your ten percent. Wow! What is your name man? Son-in-law sir.
– Son-in-law? That is Son-in-law Seenu sir. Son-in-law Seenu? What is that name man? Why sir? When mother Rajasekhar,
brother Satyam exists.. ..why not it be Son-in-law Seenu sir? Yes! Can be, can be. But, people liking me call me Son, sir. Oh! They call you son? I too would call you son, man. I love you.
– Me too sir.. Hey! One personal request from me, man.
– Tell sir. In future I am thinking
to enter politics. All of you on my birthday, keep doing
blood donations, food donations and so on. Sure sir, definitely. We shall also do cow donations
and land donations sir. Veru Good. Veru Good. Hey man! Keep doing good ventures.
Bring the commissions correctly. Sure Okay. Thank you sir. Come back again. Thank you sir Very Good. Sir, shall I remove the garland?
– Shut up! Who is it? Why should you remove
the garland? Go! Want to remove garland You said customers. Now, if
you garland this guy how do they come. Now we will listen one call, look. Son! I will deal Dimple.
You distribute cards to customers. What sir, you called. You forgot the phone, Son. I did it intentionally. What?
– Nothing. Means, You are not taking
care about your glamour sir. Using many hair oils man!
Still fall is not stopping. Even face.. What to do man? Tensions of this guy, Do you think this guy is giving normal
tensions? How much glamorous I was? Okay sir! Will send you the
good creams that came into the market. Send man!
Hey, mainly to reduce these looses. Need to tight them a bit sir. To tighten or to loosen,
think these are clothes? Okay sir, I will look into that. Okay.
– Will leave, sir. Ok.. Where are all these customers gone? Wow! What a tempting personality! What is the need for tests?
– I will blindly marry him. Shut up! I do not even buy car
without taking test drive.. why will I commit
in marrying the boy. Hi, Ms. Anjali! Hi girls!
– Hi! Why are you late?
– Sorry. Heavy traffics.. Traffics? What traffics like graphics? Sir, you are cracking jokes
in english, they do not understand. It means too much of traffic. Yes, yes. Traffic. Anyway, there should
be some sense of humour. Oh, there should be
some time too along with it. Correct, correct.
By the way, he is driver, right? Why is doing over action?
– He is not just driver.. ..he is my childish friend too.
– Childish friend? Again english joke?
– Yes. We are childhood friends.. ..I mean we grew up together
by eating from the same dish. That is why child dish, childish. Wow! What a sense of humour?
– Bad joke. Come, you have to eat paani puri. Paani puri means? I know paani and puri.. ..but I do not know how
it looks when both are mixed. How will you know, sir?
You grew up in foreign. Yes, yes. Anyway, what is
this eating after calling for tests? Matching of our tastes is also a test. I like such simple things. Will you eat or not?
– Let us eat. This is puri.
– Puri is big, right? Why is it small?
Did they make it with low budget? Puri will be of this size only
in paani puri. Giri, how nice it is! How cute it is! It is so funny, sir.
– Look.. have to eat this.
– That is it? It is so simple. Wait, I am giving you five chances. You have to eat without even a single
drop of water spilling out of paani puri. At least one. Start.
– Okay. – Sir! Will you eat paani puri in
this pollution? Is it necessity? Giri, solution for my marriage
is important than pollution. I worship you, sir. Giri, it is very difficult. How well you are acting! Ms. Anjali, they are very sensitive. Mad girl! Sir, I think chances are getting over. Cool. Ms. Anjali, I passed.
Is the marriage confirmed? What? Will I marry
just for paani puri? So should I do Panipat battle? No. Come. What is this green balls? – Sir, they
are not balls, they are watermelons. I mean watermelons.
– Watermelons? Watermelons are red. Is not it, Giri? They look green but if you cut them,
they are red. Is it?
– Wow! It is red inside, Giri! What a wonder!
– Nature, sir. Poor guy! He does not even
know how water melon looks. What should I do now, Ms. Anjali? It is enough if you eat once piece.
Three chances. Red should not be seen and not even a
single piece should fall down. Start. Very difficult, Ms. Anjali.
I think it might fall down. All my tests will
be difficult like this. Giri! – Sir.
– I ate. It is like a half moon.
– It is beautiful, sir. Good, I liked your determination.
– Thanks. – Next test. Auto! Why are you watching like that? No! I can not believe this! What happened, sir?
– How come it has only three wheels? Where is the fourth wheel? Sir, auto has only three wheels. So how will it balance? Did not you see auto till now? He does not know about autos,
he knows only about automatic cars. It is a poor man’s vehicle, sir. Is it? It is like erecting
a tent on scooter? – Stop it! You find my auto strange.. ..and I find your words
too equally strange. Get in, let us go.
– Sir. Stop. Sit in front. Wow! What a breeze!
Did you open the doors for wind? See the road.
– I know. You said you do not know auto,
how did you start? I mean it is bothering
me near the legs.. I pulled it to throw it out
and thereby it started. My God! Is it used to start?
Such a big key? Do not you really know what auto is?
– You first drive. Thank God!
You brought us safely. How much? 100.
– Only three per seat? Are we from share auto? Did you find out? No, I confirmed it.
I got doubt earlier. Brother, had you used
this intelligence on yourself.. ..than me then you would
have been driving a Benz car by now. Very sad! You ended up with auto! Make payment. This is how you are
cheating rich girls. They are not innocent. Once they fall,
they will squeeze us. Telling stories.. My God! Why are there so many people? Why are they fighting like that? They are not fighting,
they are buying. Should they fight for buying? This is a bazar. You should go and bring four dozen
bangles from that last Salim Bangles shop. That is it?
– No. You are failed even if one bangle
gets broken by the time you come here. It is fine that you asked for bangles.
What is this bang again? Poor guy! We too cannot bring
without breaking them in this crowd. Impossible. It is impossible
to impress Anjali too. Start.
– Sir! Sir, I think you might get crushed. Inevitable! I am ready to
do any sacrifice to satisfy her. Sir! Move! Move! Move!
Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! See how he is going
like a black ticket seller. Hey, baby! Come home tonight. We will eat biryani
and have fun on bed. Shameless! – Sir, why are you creating
nuisance in front of the shop? What do you want? Why do not you tell if you do not like? Why are you putting him in trouble?
– My goodness! See there! Now you can prepare for marriage. He is winning every
time and hurting my ego. Why did you see my waist?
– I did not see. No, you had seen. I am saying I did not see. No, you have seen it, I saw you. I am saying I did not see.
Do not you understand? What is it? What happened? He saw my waist.
– Hey! What is your nagging? I am saying I did not see. – In ‘Khushi’
movie Pawan Kalyan too had seen.. ..and lied like you saying
he did not see. – Ms. Anjali. He is hero, this person is villain. He is saying he did not see.
What is the need to quarrel? Let us go. – So will you
believe his words or mine? – Hey! I remained calm by thinking
why should I bother a rich girl. You provoked me. Now I will catch.
Will he do something? No, brother. She said it for fun. I too will fulfill my fun. No, brother. I did not touch till now. Is it? So my hand is good, brother. I will do the opening. Please, brother. No fights. Now see,
not even one bangle will remain. Sir, are you hurt? They got hurt.
– Of course. Others will only
get hurt all the time. Check them, none of them is broken. So did I pass all the tests? You reached semi-finals. I
will finalize after you reach finals. Wait for my call. Brother, I had seen
many test matches but.. many tests for one match? Once I consider it mine.. ..I am ready for any number of tests. Greetings, Bhai. Come. Brother, let us kill him. No. Killing him is important.. ..and also our staying alive. He might escape today. He cannot escape tomorrow.
– Brother.. Do not feel sad. We will kill him. God!
– Dad, did you call me? Rohit, Bole Baba has fixed the date. You go to India tomorrow
and bring Anjali. Her family too will come with you.
– Okay, dad. Hi, girls!
– Hi! Hi, Mrs. Anjali. Why are you looking dull, Mrs. Anjali? That is why she called you. What happened? Anjali had two best friends
Catherine and Sanjana from childhood. Three of them decided to attend every
occasion related to each of them. But Catherine is getting
married today afternoon in Kerala.. ..and in the evening Sanjana’s
delivery is due in Jodhpur. She is suffering in between, right? Do not take it easily. Both are at extreme ends of India. We will remain at the
start until we do not start off. But how?
Since we cannot satisfy both so.. ..daddy said to say sorry
to each of them and leave it. Leave about him,
I will take you. Okay? Really? But how. Chartered flight? Yes, sir.
Big contract. I have to go urgently. I understood.
You are earning in crores.. ..and throwing lakhs at me. Is not it? – No, sir.
You will receive big amount from this. How? – Sir, I love a girl. Sir, flight is required
if she were to love me. I did not ask about flight,
I asked about the share. Sir, I mean she is very rich. Who is that girl? Think she is Bhai’s daughter. Bhai’s daughter? Sir, I mean she is rich like him. You will get half of the
property after I get everything. I had never seen a fast fan like you.. ..even in the past. Thank you, sir.
– Mr. Raghuramraju.. ..his personal flights and power
plants. He is our client. -Okay. Hello, Mr. Raju. I am Dimple speaking. Tell me. – I want a
chartered flight urgently. Bhai’s personal guy.
– Who is he? Son-in-law.
– What? Son-in-law? I mean, think as son-in-law. Okay, I will arrange. – Thank you, sir.
Your work is finished. Thank you, sir.
– Hey! Why are you going
by saying thank you, sir? You have to pay me the
flight payment of three lakhs. I will send in one hour,
girl is waiting over there. Do not leave the girl. Sir, I will not leave. I should squeeze him properly.
I will squeeze. Greetings, sir. Welcome.
– Thanks. Arrangements are ready inside.
– Right, right. He and his stupid english. Wow! Thank you so much.
– It is not finished, there is still more. Gift.
– Why? How can you attend the
marriage in this dress, Anjali? You are giving lot of surprises.
Thank you. Daniel and Catherine.. Will you honour each other as man
and wife for the rest of your lives? I will. Daniel, do you accept
Catherine as your wife? Yes, I do. Catherine,
do you accept Daniel as your husband? Catherine. Catherine! Congratulations! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you so much, Anjali! Do not say thanks to me, say it to him.
I could come because of him. She said it is your wife. I thought
what gift should I bring you.. ..and finally brought
your friend as gift. This is the best gift
of my life you know. Happy married life! Anjali? Come. Congratulations!
– Thank you, Anjali. Did you attend Catherine’s marriage? I attended.
– Did you attend? Yes. How did you
go there and come here? He took me.. ..and brought me. Thank you.
– Congrats. You gave me a memorable gift,
you know. Who is he? My would be. “Everybody in the house!
Say yay! Yay! Yay!” “Everybody in the house!
Say yay! Yay! Yay!” “Mache! Mache!
Mache! Mache! Mache! Mache!” “Mache! Mache!
Mache! Mache! Mache! Mache!” “Hey, like a dynamite of hundred
tons blasting inside the heart..” “Like hitting a century in one ball..” “Life is suffering like this.” “Arrow seems to have
pierced the heart.” “Life is suffering like this.” “Arrow seems to have
pierced the heart.” “O girl, you have increased
my heart beat. What to do?” “Oh God!” “What is this chaos?” “Oh God!” “What is this chaos?” “Like the entire rain
from clouds falling in tub..” “Like the heat from
the pub making us crazy..” “Beauty is playing madly.” “Mirror has broken suddenly.” “My night has become bright
as if there is light. What to do?” “Oh God!” “What is this chaos?” “Oh God!” “What is this chaos?” “Everybody in the house!
Say yay! Yay! Yay!” “To measure the heat
inside this body..” “Thermometer of kilometer
length is required.” “To write the words of lips..” “..white paper of the size
of White House is required.” “To hide the..” “ inside the heart..” “To hide the love inside the heart..” “Entire world should come together.” “You have increased my pulse
rate to dollar rate. What to do?” “Oh God!” “What is this chaos?” “Oh God!” “What is this chaos?” “Even if I forget my date of birth..” “..I will not forget the
date of meeting you first.” “Even if I forget my own name..” “..I will never forget
your cell phone number.” “Even if my life..” “..leave me..” “Even if my life leaves me..” “I will not leave
the hand that I hold.” “You have become like the
password of laptop. What to do?” “Oh God!” “What is this chaos?” “Oh God!” “What is this chaos?” What is this money given by you to me? Yes sir! I gave it to you. If required, see this cctv footage. Is he still alive? Have you given money to him? What he sir? It is you, right? You mean, gave the money to me? You means, to the boy with you sir. Who is that boy? – That is, that boy, to you..
– Hey. You do not talk.. ..answer to what I asked. Who is that boy? Son-in-law of Dimple sir. We met him here in this house. Dimple! ‘He is a bullet six feet tall” “He is like a rocket” What man?
You became direct to Bhai sir? Sir! You should not encourage
them like this sir. It is better for you to follow protocol. Who is this boy? He is my fan sir. Fan for you? What sir? You say fans for me?
Should we not have fans? But, it is not right to
make my fans move behind you sir. What is his name, man? Son-in-law sir. What? That is, Son-in-law Seenu sir. Son-in-law Seenu. What is this name man? Why not it should be sir? When Mother Rajasekhar,
Brother Satyam exists. Why can Son-in-law Seenu be there sir? Where do all these stay? What will stars know,
where would fans be sir? Kill you. Do you know who he is? Big cheater! Creating one like me, making
you a fool he is looting the money. Hey! Go and search the entire city man! I want all these,
including that duplicate. Okay sir. Move man. Ouch! How much he give you? Huh. Put the garland and gave a lakh sir. Sir. How much would they have collected sir? Means, Shall I tell you accounts? Ha.. no sir.. Ouch! Take this!
– Hi, uncle! Hey Rohit, Come, come, come. Why are you feeling tense? Nothing.. This idiot has
unnecessarily troubled me. Why could you not kill him? Will you kill? Leave his issue. Good you came. Anjali! Your would be Rohit. Hi Anjali! Though you have not seen me till now,
I saw you many times in videos. Uncle sends each of
your videos to my dad. Daddy! One minute. What happened girl? I am confused. Is he Rohit? Yes. He is Rohit. Then, who was that with
you in the mall that day? Yes, what if there? He said was Rohit. I, I liked him dad. Means, Whoever is beside me,
will he become Rohit? Will you love that guy? Sorry daddy! He is a big cheater. He has not just you,
cheated many more saying my name. Give his phone number. You, give the phone number. No dad. I do not have. Seen, how cheat he is. He is taken care by not giving
his phone number and address to anyone. Let him come in hands that bloody. Anjali, listen to what I say Anjali. I, who does not believe men
at all have believed you first time. I thought you are not like all. Why have you cheated me so much? Listen coolly to what I say. What would you say, one more lie? I have not given your number
when my dad asked. Do you know why? Few memories were left unforgettable
in my life because of you. Else, he would have killed you. I may have said lies
to get closer to you. But, my love is true, Anjali. Please, enough now. Run away anywhere.
You will at least remain in life. Never ever try to either
meet or talk to me. Anjali. Hey.. ..she has not listened to what I said.
She slapped me tight on me cheeks. Felt like to die. All girls in city are like this Seenu. They will not fall if you tell facts. If put in trap by not telling,
they say cheaters. What is this bullshit? Hey, hey what is this?
– Good evening sir. Anjali. Anjali. Why has he fallen drunk? Sir, Seenu is deeply hurted in love.
So, automatically we all are hurted. Love? Who is that girl? Daughter of Bhai. Poor girl, she has not understood well. Saying cheater she slapped and left. Hit and left? Hey! Who exactly is that Bhai? Bhai means Same to same. Bhai means a big head in city. Big head? So? Hey, Auto, auto! Hold on.. Hold on. Sir, I am new to this city.
Some Bhai it seems, need to meet him. Get in, We too are going to him. He is Bhai. Go. Namsate sir. My name is Narsimha. I have to talk..
– Tell. You? Bhai means you? Hello, I should be shocked
as you are alive, why are you shocked? Then, Is it your daughter
that my Seenu has loved? Who is this Seenu guy? Hey! You cheated me a lot man.. ..made me without life. Thought to die thinking it my fate.. ..but a small kid has given
me the courage and made me live. He is Seenu. He is very good. He will take good care of your daughter. Hey, I have not done anything to him. If you want I will go long
from you and vanish. But, you give your daughter
to him in marriage. He is gold, man! Not just you,
even the innocence in you has not died. What we need to talk here
is not about marriages, about deaths. Hey, get them here. Hey Yadi! Narsimha brother! Narsimha brother!
Are you alive? Are you alive brother? Yes man! But, what is all this?
How are you all here? Brother! Need to tell you one thing.
Your daughter has not died, she is alive. What man? What are you telling? Yes brother! Growing at him
is your daughter. Our Anjali baby! Hey! Is what they say is a truth? Is my daughter alive? Where is my Anjali, man?
Where is my Anjali? She is there. What would you do knowing
about living ones before dying? Hah! Hey! To help, once there was
no Sugreevs in this life of Rama. But, he is there now.
My Son-in-law is there. Look man, Son! Hello.
– Uncle! Our flight take off permission has come.
We are all in airport. Where are you? I am coming. Son-in-law.. hey! Son-in-law! Hey. Brother! Tie even him along with
all and burn all of them. Ok boss.. Son. ‘Liquor drinking
is injurious to health.’ ‘Smoking causes cancer.
Smoking kills.’ Hello. Brother. What happened? He is taken his men and escaped. Hey! They should not live. By the time Anjali gets married and
I come back, I want their dead bodies. What is this uncle? What is all this? You said have no body.
Is Bhai your brother? Ours is Nalgonda district. Siripuram village. The money in the name
was not in the village. The fluoride problem had
taken happiness in our lives. What can I do Narsimha sir? As you would do anything sir,
people have believed and voted you sir. Added you became the
Minister for the district. Narsimha sir,
Do you not think I have no pain. This is the fluoride plant plan.
To put this, it costs 50 crores. I made the Government
agree to invest 50%.. ..who would put the rest 50%. We will put. My Father-in-law has given
huge property along with his daughter. His soul will be happy if
I spend it for the good of ten. Thus, I will give Twenty crores
from the property.. ..he is given to put the fluoride plant. You also give whatever you feel.. ..all our children should be happy. He is not even considered
as brother and put me in jail. He will not give a single penny.. ..but is selling his entire property
for the village. It would have been good
to kill him and come to jail. You should not tell at others and cry. Pulling it is the manliness. What should I pull sitting in Jail?
Except the whitened hairs. If you give partnership,
I will give the idea. I am ready. Boss, it is 25 crores.. be careful. Why be afraid? I got security. I will go to God at Temple and then
meet the Minister to handover the money. You be here and take care that the meeting
of executive officer is done. Okay! Hi! Nandini. Anjali. Anjali. Anjali. Anjali. Anjali. What man, Are Anjali
and your sister-in-law dead? What would you alone do living brother?
You too die. Now, I will make the villagers believe
that you killed your wife and daughter.. ..and eloped with the money collected. Instead of dying in the hands of Police
and villagers, better die here man! Sir! Narsimha has killed the security
people and eloped taking all the money. Is it? Stop him! Catch. Narasimha. As he looks like me, police by seeing me
have believed that I eloped with money. They arrested our people.
Made people hate them. Reading all these in papers,
as I do not have any.. ..proofs to show me innocent
and left all alone thought to die. You just then came in to my life. What about Anjali then? Brother does not know about Anjali.
I will tell. Hey, you came in, we are going out. We did it all. It was us who killed your friend. One more good news,
his daughter is alive it seems. She has huge property on her name.. ..and even that is mine. But I should grow her for 20 years. I will. Kid! Your dad is very bad.. ..killed mother. Cheated the village
and eloped taking the money. Uncle. Not uncle kid, from today I am Daddy. Call me. Daddy. Daddy. That means. Is my daughter hating me? Yes brother! He is grown her with
poison from childhood. Means my daughter. Uncle, do not feel bad. I will
make your hating daughter love you. I will get 10 times of the
money back of what they looted. To the village you had gone far, I will
make that entire village come to you. How? All have gone to Sharjah.
Marriage is fixed there for Anjali too. Marriage is fixed by them.
I will tie the knot. Shift to Sharjah! Who is here man? Hah, who? There is no one speaking Telugu? Why sir? Shouting like that! If not shouting, will we tell singing? No hot water inside. It is Wednesday sir,
hot water will not be there. If it is Wednesday, will hot
water not be there? What is that? Yes sir! On Mondays
you should not take bath. On Tuesday, should not eat mutton. On Thursday, should eat eggs. There will be one rule
for every day here, sir! Who has kept foolish rules man? It is us. Who are you? If you are PA to Hyderabad Bhai, I am PA to Sharjah Bhai. Oh! Then we both are same to same.
Nice to see you Sorry! We both are not same to same Why? Is your rupee and our Dirham same? With your rupee, not even water
bottle comes in our country. With our Dirham,
full bottle comes in your country. Oh! What is there in money sir,
even dogs would earn it. But only men earn Dirhams here. But still,
what are these foolish rules, sir? Orders of our Boss. If we do not follow. Said to bury. Venkat, Is Vaastu cleared for sir? Not yet sir. Do it. What Vaastu? What clearance? Hah! What is this man, what? Stop, it will fall. What, if it falls? Sir, North East is increased sir. Is North East, the stomach? It is increased even for you no man? He can have, you should not have. Venkat! Do not keep more
than one roti per day to this sir. What is this torture when
we came for marriage, a good moment. Okay, what is your name? Peda, Peda Prasad. Peda? Peda!
– What peda? Sir.
– Boy is coming from London. Car is gone to airport sir.
He should be here in 10 seconds. Good. Hey! What is this man? That is, water problem sir. Bloody! Get ready fast, boy is coming. You go! I, myself will do some thing. You do not roam semi nude like this. Why? There would be audience here
who likes personalities even like you. He is not Peda, looks different. I am back.. How are you?
– Daddy, daddy.. I missed you, dad. How are you boy? Fine, fine. How is education man? Studies? Crap! Just by studies, I got vomit dad. I am eagerly waiting when
to take over your empire dad. That is my boy! Hey Son! Prem.
– Uncle, uncle! Good to see you again. Uncle! I have done worship
for you in London. Here, take it. Oh great..
– Bless me! Friend! Look,
your son is not become like you. He will come long way up. Your head, after you die
I will take over your empire too. What happened? – This is a bad moment,
we should not be out. Let us get in, come.
– Let us go in. Hello. Peda!
– Sir.. Give me any vehicle keys. Why sir? We have many drivers with us. I need to go alone. Come sir. Go. Hey, you.. Son-in-law. Come on uncle. Yes. Is he gone? There are air bags, why will he go? Uncle, go. Is it okay man? I am there, you go uncle. Ambulance. How it was happened? It was a hit and run case. Hello. Shankar calling from Hyderabad. Bhai disciple calling from Hyderabad. Hello. Tried Bhai phone. As I did not get called you. Bhai would have said all to you. Bhai is said everything. What now? That Narsimha and all his batch.. ..have made their passports ready
through a travel agency.. old city is the information we got. I called you with the doubt
that they have come to Sharjah. Oh! Okay! I will look into that.
You hang on. What happened Bhanu? Doubt that enemies
have entered Sharjah Baba! Want to Kill those rascals. Salutes to you. Salutes taken Javed sir. How many ever people have come.. Sharjah from Hyderabad
in the last four, five days. I need the photo identification
of all those with address. Sure! I will send. Get me all the details
of the passengers.. ..who travelled from Hyderabad
to Sharjah, the last one week. Yes Sir. Stop Bhanu.
– Why? Do not move for 5 minutes. Why Baba? Saturn is entering into the Three steps.
Minutes are not good. Saturn? Blue stone! Uncle, why have stopped there only? Come. I should not come for 5 minutes baby.
Saturn is in 3rd step. Stupid fellow. Sir, please take this. What is this? Is it Thailand tailam? Shall I apply this to the sirs body. No, this is urine. give it in the lab. Shit. Urine? Hey Dimple! You say bloody to urine of my dad?
Give respect. What respect to urine sir? Respect is not to urine.
That is to the person who passed it. Still, do not say urine always cheaply. What should I say then sir? Say susu, go to the lab. Yes sir. Coming, coming. Dimple sir. Oh god. You? You idiot! Why are you here? That was the don’s urine. Keep quiet sir! Is it any sacred
water or special? Let it go. Tell if you want, all would give a bit.
It may match with someone. Giving such cunning ideas
only you collapsed my place. Why did you come back here again? That is, to correct the mistake sir. Came to correct? Or came to clash with? We are saying the truth sir.
That duplicate guy.. ..knowing that we are your
fans has used us cleverly. Thus we cleverly came to know about
his next plan and followed till Sharjah. He is the one doing
the accident to Bhai sir. What? Is this accident by him? Yes sir! It was again Seenu who
admitted Bhai at hospital in time. How many time should I believe
that what you say is true? We know that you will
not believe by saying sir. That is why,
we shall show you, come Sir. What will you show? You come sir!
– Okay, come on. Who is he? Duplicate Bhai sir Narsimha. I will tell the matter to them. Wait sir. How if you be so innocent sir? What man? What happened? May would die in war, but Paramaveera
Chakra will be given only to one sir. What Paramaveera chakra man?
Tell clearly. Yes sir!
If you surrender him, maximum.. ..they would pat your shoulder
and say well done. What if we surrender
the 100 crores he looted? Paramveera Chakra will
be given put in flowers. What are you thinking sir? You are more mental than me..
– Sir. Bloody fools man! What sir? You have said like that? What if not man? What they giving
after collecting from him, man? We shall loot it. Paramaveera Chakra? Will become a bit late man! Yes.
– Sir. That is why you are
in this position sir. Sir, Bhai has lived due to your fan. If this matter is known to anyone
your position and image, Oh God! True man! They are still thinking
that he is some Telugu person. They should know that he was not there,
if my fan was not there. You too come, man!
– Sir! What should we do to him, then sir? What should we? Better if he is in your control sir. Very good idea! We will hide him secretly in my villa. I will see how we can pull
including interest from him. Hey! You all stay here,
you come with me. Okay sir. You! Why did you come here? Who is he? Do you know him? He is a cheater. No, not so madam. He is the one, who saved your father
and admitted in the hospital. This guy? Yes sir. Why were you there at that time? As I was there at that time,
was able to bring him here in time. Correct! What ask sounds like
why have made this guy live? It is not good that you are
insulting my fans. I do not like it. Fans for you? Yes sir! He is my fans
association President. Anjali. Dad! What daddy, looking newly at me? You are my daughter, kid. Thanks son. Its ok sir. I would have not lived,
if he had not come. Looked, heard sir! Sir! You lived because of the blood,
food donations my fans have done sir. You have unnecessarily misunderstood
me and slapped hardly. Sorry Dimple! Let him be with me
till the marriage is done. Why him here daddy? I will have some strength baby! Hey Friend keep him and be strong. But, one thing!
What happened to you was not accident.. was an attempt is my doubt. What are you saying uncle? Yes baby! That Narsimha fellow
and his batch may have.. ..landed in Sharjah
is the information I got. If that is true,
none would go back with life. Narsimha means. Your dad. Is he still alive? Uncle, before my marriage
I should see his death. Will show! You do not worry. He and his batch,
none will go back with life from here. You take rest, friend. What Anjali?
Anger on me is not still gone? Look, you may convince my dad,
but never convince me. Because, a cheater is always a cheater. Once a lover, always a lover. “Oh sweet heart filled full of heart Oh
sweet heart cannot be without seeing you.” “Even if channels change
Will the remote change for TV.” “Even if quarrels happen Will
the quality of your love change.” “I love you o Anjali I love you forever.
I love you o Anjali I want to be your.” “I hate you o cheater
I hate you forever.” “I hate you o idiot you
cannot be my lover.” “Getting up early morning
darling I should see your face.” “Hey look at your face in
the mirror before that, idiot.” “We should be along
deadly like Idli sambar.” “You are curry leaf in that,
will throw you out.” “Push or put aside my love
will not change.” “I love you o Anjali
I love you forever.” “I love you o Anjali
I want to be your lover.” “I hate you o cheater
I hate you forever.” “I hate you o idiot you
cannot be my lover.” “You should say tata when I go out.” “You are bad boy will
tell good bye instead of Tata.” “Should give flying kiss
with lips wherever I am.” “Make both lips as feet
and give a flying kick.” “Kick or cut me my
love will not change.” “I love you o Anjali
I love you forever.” “I love you o Anjali
I want to be your lover.” “I hate you o cheater
I hate you forever.” “I hate you o idiot you
cannot be my lover.” He is a new type coma patient. Eyes keep looking.. ..body will not move. No way, need to keep him,
what is it, tell man! Tell.. Say it! What is that look? One who could open your eyes, do you
think I cannot open your mouth? Tell man! Tell where is the money.. ..tell tell tell? Tell. Hey, you do not know about me man? Hey, I played Bhai like a ball,
what are you after all? Sir, you are putting more current,
may be he would die. He will not man,
I switched on the deviser. Sir, seems to be tired fully.
Have a peg and start again. You are right. Fix one peg man. Hey! By the time I finish
my peg and come.. ..should open your mouth
and tell the truth. Else, we will put the pepper spray! You will become like
a crow losing your eyes. Poor fellow. What sir?
Have you really played with Bhai? He is Bhai for outsiders,
Toy in my hand. You know how many times I made him VP? Hey, he had a girl friend
by name Ruksana. Beautiful figure. I made her fall for me. Gave him cutting that
she was going to Dubai.. ..and put her in pent house
at Dilsukh nagar. Ruksana is with You. Ruksana super figure. What man? What are you seeing? Looking as if I am trying
to beat your girl friend? Face will become paste if I hit. Feeling like an original, bloody? Hey, how many have I seen like you? Take the wine. You will be alive till I wake up. Sir, once he comes into consciousness
and tells where he has hidden the amount. We would be given our share, right sir! What giving, bloody sweet? Why do you say so sir? You said yesterday to be sharing sir. What sharing? What shares to
the batch traveling in share autos? Hey Place is mine,
plan is mine, risk mine.. ..current is mine,
money coming too is mine. Hey ! I am very mad about money. What madness is yours. After all my fans, Will you hit me? We are fans, you are hero.
Which film have you done, idiot? You only said. Hey idiot! Do the sitar step. I do not know the Sitar step.
If you want I will play sitar. I see! To play sitar,
are you any Mahanati Savitri? You shut your mouth, man. Hey! Why is your sound growing?
– Will it not grow for you? You will not give the share
Situation will be very wild. Hold this! Come on. Why did you him so much? The result of this will
be known tomorrow. Friends! From today till my
sons marriage, every day is a party. Bullshit! What is he man? Empties
entire party saying enjoy and party.. and my sister should beg. How will the property of our boss.
come to you? After he goes, it is ours only. Cheers. Friend! You recovered well. I am happy.. Take the blessings of Bhole baba. Baba. Long live. So much devotion, so much confidence. Humans will change Bhanu.
Changes do come. Friend, look! My son and your daughter, how enjoyment. Hi. Oh! I am not able to
see this combination, son. One more hour uncle! Calculations
along with combination will change. Understood! It is lungi baba, right! Yes!
– You go and be ready. Sir! Dimple sir. You are like hero sir. Day time they say so. It is in night that they say sitar
steps, drum steps and are beating me up. Sorry sir!
All has come due to those idiots. I have sent them now to Hyderabad. Then, why are you here man? That is, Bhai sir asked me to stay. Are you my fan or Bhai fan? Though I am at Bhai, I am your fan sir. You are ripened man. Bhai sir is canopy.
He asked you to come urgently. Oh! You became director or what? Should do this guy something! I too want the same. Peda sir. What is it man?
– Sir. Bhai sir is speaking some secret at
canopy. He asked none to come that side. Secret? Yes Dimple! In this Atlantic 1065.. ..there would be a baba
by name Lungi Baba. Give him this cash and ask
him to leave from here immediately. Why sir? That is, he is a old relation of mine. When I showed the Jatakam
for Anjali marriage.. ..he said no saying problem
for the bride groom. Now, I do not believe them.. ..but if Bhanu guy comes to
know he would stop the marriage. Sir! One small doubt. If there is such a big trouble, will
Bhole baba does not know about this? He does not anything man. They kept Bhanu wife delivery
on the date kept by him. What happened?
After Rohit was born, wife is expired. He is a fake Baba.
He is just there for survival. What is it that you are saying Peda? Yes sir. I heard their secret secretly. Marriage of our Rohit sir,
believing that guy means. No, no, no! First you go and get that Lungi baba
here. Give how much ever money required. Okay sir! Lungi dance, lungi dance, lungi dance.. Who is this baba? Ok, I know. Namaste Lungi Baba. Namaste. Lungi blessings.. ..lungi blessings Baba, my son Rohit. Namaste Baba sir. What in his face,
trouble is revolving like a cyclone. Trouble, what trouble? Do not know what trouble is,
and you are a big baba? Bhanu! What are you talking? Truths. You made to go for 30 rigs.
Oil came in 3. Why not in the others? There was no oil there and has not come. You were the one fixed
time for the delivery of my wife. My wife has died, why? Her time was up and has gone. Now your time is up. Go from here. Bhanu! You are insulting me. Will finish you. Go from here. Is it okay?
– Yes! You tell baba! My son is
getting married in four days baba! Marriage? Who is the girl? Uncle. Baba this is Anjali. Not at all matching.. ..who is the father of her? Friend. Go, uncle. Go. Hey, Dimple! Bhadra, you!
Why man? Play games with planets? I said you not to go
for this marriage, right? That is, I do not believe more in these. I have. I have. Baba!
Is any solution there for this? Yes! But, tougher and very tougher. No problem, tell it. You need to do a dummy marriage for
this Anjali baby at the same moment. Then the trouble will be gone in 24
hours. The guy marrying her will be gone. Later, you can get her
married to anyone you like. Okay then, we will see someone
and get the marriage done secretly. Not possible. We can cheat humans
secretly, but not the planets. They would be watching all from up. Is it right baba? Correct! We should follow
all traditions and processes. Marriage should take
place in front of all grandly. Only then the marriage problem will be
gone for girl and trouble will be gone. Friend! Are all these possible? In a place out of our nation,
where do we get the one we need? There is one guy. There is? Who Dimple? My fan Seenu. Seenu? Impossible.
I will not marry him. I hate Seenu. That is why, if you marry him,
he will become late Seenu. it is just dummy marriage baby, agree She may agree.
But, he should agree right! You stay sir! I will make him agree. But, he is a bit more mad about money. We shall give how much ever he wants.
Make him agree That much is needed. Give a crore. What? One crore? Yes! If it is me,
will be done in a crore rupees. If you go and ask he would
ask a crore Dirhams. You will have it. Not required, you go and ask. Not required, you go and ask. What is that you say sir? Should marry daughter of Bhai
in eager of crore rupees? That too a dummy marriage.. self-respect is
not into agreement sir. Bullshit! Do not have food to eat
and nothing else for all these. Still, fans should have
respect and not self-respect. Man! Will anyone lose crore
rupees in front of the eyes? Okay! Why are you doing a
dummy marriage? Will I die or what A small cutting for
toe or finger it seems. If it is toe or figure,
he could have married. Do not speak idiotic logics. Man with crores will
not risk even leg or toe. I committed and came
that you will marry. Will you marry for me as a fan or not? Okay Sir! With the respect on you,
I will kill my self-respect. You will not ask any share
in this crore, right sir? No, no! Not even need a rupee.
All is for you.. ..and then for me after you go. What sir? Nothing man! It is okay for you, right Okay sir. Thanks man! Will right
now go and tell them this matter. You hit me, after the marriage,
planets will eat like eagles. What? Have you agreed? Do not know what Dimple has said you.. ..but they said you will die
in one day if you do this marriage. No problem! I will be your husband
at least for 24 hours. That is enough. Shall I tell one more thing? Love is
a disease, medicine to that is to love. That is your Fate. Hi. Hi. Do not talk about that Seenu rascal.
He is a big cheater. Yes! I thought you will not
come to my marriage. But, he brought you and cheated a lot. By bringing you for my delivery,
he is done a bigger mistake, right? What girls?
Are you his friends or my friends? Yes! Your friends leave it. Okay! Tell what is
the program for the day? I have arranged a big ride for us all What girl? After making the bride,
should not go out, right? This is dummy marriage.
You both do not take it serious than me. Ok?
– Come, let us have fun. Ya ok..
– Let us go. Welcome. Why did you come here? We had asked to come. Anjali! You have a problem with him.
We do not have any. If even this is a problem, tell.
We shall leave. Not necessary. Just stay away from here. Have I climbed in your hug now or what? Shut up. God! Will you stop? Come, let us leave. Let us go. Oh God! So much depth, I cannot bear. Hey! Old aged would do this. Okay, I will do. You do later then. Okay. Hey, Anjali!
– Anjali.. please be careful. Its ok. Anjali, be careful..
– Its ok.. Oh God! Rope is not tied. Anjali. Hey. Anjali. Anjali. Oh thank god. Hey! You are mad, you would have died. I have not died, right? Thank you Seenu! Why did you jump
like that without any safety? I have not thought about myself
at that second. I thought about Anjali. What would I do living after she goes? Seenu. All these days I tried a lot to convert
the love on you into hatred. I hated wontedly.. ..but was not possible for me. I Love you Seenu! Anjali, this really true, right? Why do you say so? That is, if you come to know
again that this baba batch.. ..dummy marriage all these are false. No problem, whichever is false. I understood that your love is true. Then, all that is my setup. What? Yes! Should I keep watching
if some guy is marrying you? That is why all this. That is it or any more for me to know. Yes, but instead of me telling those
it is better you know them yourself. Not required. I knew about you,
that is enough. No problem if I do
not know anything else. I Love you. “You closed me in blue eyes
and gave the heart.” “You tied me in slant
looks and hugged the heart.” “After liking you how would I leave.” “Shall I hide you till
end like a line on palm.” “I will be a love letter in
the line on your palm.” “Daily I will be read to you like this.” “You closed me in blue
eyes and gave the heart.” “You tied me in slant
looks and hugged the heart.” “Hey! There is one heart
and it is to be given to you.” “Came to know because
of you and gave it to you.” “Never thought I need a company Felt
due to you and came along with you.” “If you get hiccups
will stop thinking of you.” “If you do not get sleep
will stop coming into dreams.” “You closed me in blue
eyes and gave the heart.” “You tied me in slant
looks and hugged the heart.” “You should be like
a river and I like the boat.” “Entire life I should
spend in your flow.” “You should be like the sky
and I should be the moon light..” “..should keep living
happily in your hug.” “In the job to keep seeing you,
will not put any leave.” “Now, any day will remember
only you and not anyone else.” “You closed me in blue
eyes and gave the heart.” “You tied me in slant
looks and hugged the heart.” Seenu. Sir. You are very good. You saved my friend once. By agreeing this dummy marriage,
you saved my son from the trouble. That is, trouble means
they said a some foot.. ..or toe is what they said.
That is all right? That is all! Good will be done to you Seenu! Salutes to you Bhanu sir! Majhar has sent me. Here is your file. Okay, Thank you. Thank you. What is that file, Bhanu? I brought it from the immigration. After getting the information that
Narsimha and his batch is down here.. ..who travelled from
Hyderabad to Sharjah. I asked to get details of
each passenger along with photo. None of them shall
go live back from here. You recognise that Narasimham batch. I know all of his batch. Look and say who are the rest.
Our men would take care of them. I saw them. Here he comes. Came, he is that. That adjacent one. He is the one. If you catch him,
all of them would be caught. Is it him?
– Yes Friend! It is him. Peda!
– Sir. Make copies of this and
distribute to all our men. Ok sir. He should not go live back. Yes sir. What is this uncle?
Poor guy, you brought him in to this. What if he is caught by mistake? He will not be caught. He would have been doing
shows by now in America. Shows! Hey! He is a big singer. He came in our flight. He said me that he would be doing
shows in America with his team. Do not know where he would
be leaving America by now. Thank God, you saved. Uncle! We need to
finish the work urgently. How much more? Two days only. Rambo! I am not able to forget
the insulting I had. Something is happening there. Those people from Hyderabad
are doing some tricks there. Bhanu should know that all
this dummy marriage is a fraud. Go, change the getup and enter the
palace. Observe all and collect proofs. Go. Hey! Do you understand how
much current is wasted because of you? It is wrong man!
You should not waste energy. Tell, where is the cash? You put some more current then I get up. Hey! I will change your treatment. I will bring some ash from
that Lungi baba and hit in your mouth. Let us see, How the result goes? Lungi Baba, Lungi Baba, What? Who are you, idiots? It is me, Lungi Baba. Are you Lungi Baba? Yes! Come Dimple sir. Let us play cards. Not playing cards, I will play with you. You cheat Seenu,
I will tell this to Seenu. You and your batch are
completely smashed, man! Any danger? Baba. Mad guy! That Seenu would take care.
You throw the card. Ok..
– You close the door! Okay. Seenu, Hey Seenu! Oh God! Dimple sir!
Close the door. Someone might see. What madam? No worries even if I see. But it is not good that you
take the dummy marriage so seriously? Who said this is dummy marriage sir? That is, that Lungi baba.
He too is dummy, right? Dimple sir, this is not dummy marriage,
this is love marriage. Love? When did that happen? That happened when you
arranged chartered flight for us. Oh I see!
You said think it is Daughter of Bhai.. ..and now you confirmed. I will say now.. ..close the door.
Someone might see you. Need to post this matter
urgently to Bhai sir. Friend! We are starting a new
business once this marriage is done. Dad! Which marriage? The dummy one? No man! The real one, yours. It is very much confusing dad. Wait for one day son.
All confusions will be gone. Friend! For the 250
crores of yours with me. I am adding 500 more crores
and planned a big project in Sharjah. Is it?
– Is the deal okay? Sir, sir! Hey! Can you not see us talking?
– That is, call from Pawan Kalyan sir. Pawan Kalyan?
– Pawan Kalyan? Yes sir. Due to my bad fate, he wants
to talk something with you urgently. Friend! May be some important issue..
Go! Go and speak. Come sir, come faster. Come sir, come. Hey! How is number at Pawan kalian? No number, nothing sir.
Think these are legs and not hands sir. What happened man? They hit me badly sir.
Not just the marriage is dummy sir. That Seenu fellow, that Lungi Baba,
his batch, entire batch is dummy sir. Let it be man! Am I original or what? Sir, What are you talking sir? I too am dummy. What about original, then The one you are daily
wasting current on. If you leak this to anyone outside. They will kill me.
Is this a matter to say outside? To him I put current,
spoke mad words and scolded. What would he do if he is out now? Is this at least correct? He always does this..
What else would he do? Sir! Actually there is no
mistake of mine in this. Even you would have done the same,
if you were in my place sir. Sir, mine is a small doubt sir! I
am a mad fellow and they played with me. You are a big Bhai sir,
how were you caught to them sir? You will get caught, once I wake up. He can only see and cannot talk. Sir, if what I spoke is registered
then do your head like this.. not registered then do like this. All registered. Looking him, may be all
the rubbish I spoke is registered. He will kill me, if he is up.
Oh God! Need to do something. Hey Seenu!
Do something and send me to India. I may die not bearing this tension,
if I am still here. No sir, they would get doubts. Firstly
they are a mafia batch, not good people. You will lose your eyes,
if you say them something. They are Gods in
comparison with you man! Sir! Our work will
be completed by tomorrow. Then, we all shall leave together. How would we go man?
– I will set that. Morning, our next scheme will start. What? A new scheme again? Yes sir, Operation Kiran Kumar.. Poor guy! Will you not leave him too? It is, need to use sir, right? Use man! Use! Hey! Hey! Shit. Rambo, what happened? Knew anything? No! Not to know about a few matters, it
is good for your health and life span. Jai Bholenath! Not live. What son?
Nothing has happened to you, right? Dimple sir!
Close the door. Someone might see. What man, how is his condition? Tied him to a camel
and left him in the desert Left him in the desert? You man! Anyone getting caught in
your hands becomes a peppermint. It is okay sir. Uncle!
For this operation to be successful.. ..we should get another best
scape goat like Dimple sir. Sorry sir! A chance to cheat! But, Difficult to get one like Dimple. You do not be tensed sir, He will catch. I got him. Look! Who is that? Peda. Peda. Caught a great guy. He keeps telling equations of rupees
and dirham whenever he finds time. With your shot his
madness would come on track. It would come. Where did you get this diamond sir? Said you not to eat non-veg
on Thursday, right? You are a security guard, understand? Why are you looking so pathetic? What body sir,
no problems even if ten people hit. Hey, why do they hit me man? Just joked. Rupees should not joke with Dirhams. I said right, Said he would talk so,
you wanted to say something, tell him! Bhai sir wanted to
speak some secret with us.. ..and asked none to come
to the Canopy side. Secret? You go,
I will not come.. Ok..
– Let us leave. Secret? Let us start. What is this swami? Petro plant, means petrol plant. Heard about Petrol bunk, but what
is this Petrol plant sir? I will show you.. Take a lighter. Wow. What is this wonder? Great!
– This is a plant giving petrol.. In Mexico, when a drugs
king tried to invent.. ..a new drug by mixing
Cocaine and heroin. This plant was born. My dearest follower Kiran Kumar Reddy.. bringing in a tone of
the seeds now to India. He will be growing
the crop in 10000 acres. Means, generations together
can live eating gold. Why are you telling me all this sir? Because he is listening. Fool! Shut up. This entire project would
cost a thousand crores. He is ready to put 500 crores. He asked me to be
requiring a good partner.. put the balance 500 crores
and take care of the business. That is why I had come
in this tour, Son! As you are my dearest follower,
I am giving you the first chance. Many thanks Sir. Sir! You do not say friendship, relation
and join someone else as partners sir. Yes sir! You must do
this project in solo. My thought is also that. I have 250 crores at Bhanu bro. Will tell something
and get that from him. Same way, will transfer
another 250 crores from India. Chance to cheat! Good. Do not speak
about this project outside. Keep this a secret. Otherwise,
I get bad mark at our Kiran Kumar Reddy. Okay Baba.
– Okay Baba. Is it true?
– Yes sir! I heard with my ears.
Saw with my eyes. Spoon petrol will not be
out by digging 10000 feet here sir. That is not a normal plant sir,
you get petrol by squeezing it sir. Dad! It is a miracle. He makes us invest in all dirty
businesses and does this in solo? Will tell. Friend! Need to speak to you urgently. Tell. Nothing. Needed some money urgently.
If you transfer my 250. Is 250 enough or you want 500? No, no! 250 is enough. Whom should I transfer?
You? Or Kiran Kumar Reddy? What, what? How do you know this? Wow! What an action man? Know everything friend!
Heard about the Petrol plant project. We did all legal and illegal
deals together till now. Will you do this now in solo? Not like that friend! There is some risk in this,
thought why to involve you in this. I like risk. Okay! We both shall do together. Fifty fifty.
– Okay friend! Peda.
– Sir.. Once the marriage is done
arrange to transfer the entire money. Why till then sir? You say yes,
will transfer in just 5 minutes. Sometimes,
delay would make miss the chances sir. Tell okay sir.
– Okay. Okay sir! Give your names.
I will send to Hyderabad in hawala He looks more idiot than me. Selected for that
reason only sir. Yes, yes. The name is Goverdhan Reddy in this. That is the name of
uncle of Kiran Kumar Reddy. It would not be good doing the business
on own name and that is the reason. Correct.. Whose is this second account number? That is of mediator. Transfer 5% extra. What? Should give
the commission correctly.. the mediator sir, what do you say? Correct. Hey! He is the mediator, right?
– Found out greatly sir. You tightened him even legally, man!
– Thought would be better. Hey! By the grace of God
you have not been in to Mafia.. ..otherwise entire mafia
team would have been ruined. Thank you Sir. Huh! Why are you feeling shy man? Friends! Today is a special day. Me and my friend.. ..are going to do a
sensational project together. In this sensational occasion. I am opening this sensational bottle. This costs 25 lakhs. Cheers. Even this 25 is a loss to him. What are you saying Seenu? Why all this keeping
the marriage tomorrow? Anjali! One last time,
listen to what I say. You will understand why. Go first. Please. Okay. Enough friend, it is already over. Leave it man! This occasion will
not come again. Enjoy. Daddy! I do not want this marriage. It is the dummy marriage,
you are talking about, right? Neither dummy nor the real.
I do not want marriage at all What?
– Hey, you stop! It is okay dear.
I will not do what you do not like. Friend, cancel this marriage.
We will leave to India. What! Talking as if you are looking
for the good of your own daughter. He is brought me up more than that,
even if I am not his own daughter. Why did he?
Just for the money behind you. Else, he would have killed you on the
day he killed your mother and father. Hey, what are you talking?
Anjali! You do not believe his words. Why should she not believe?
What should she not believe? For the one who killed his
own brother and sister-in-law.. is not a big deal to kill you. Means, my mother and father. Yes, he killed. Your father had lived due to his luck. Not just that,
cheating the people of own village.. ..looting all their money, he pushed
all those crimes on to your father. Ask him to tell no to this? That means my dad was. God! He is the cheater who made you without
Godlike father and Goddess like mother. I am the witness. Hey! It was you who gave
idea for all this, right? I am a criminal, I gave the idea. But, not a criminal like you who killed
own brother and sister-in-law, man! Hey, whether you like or
not all thought should happen. It is only after the marriage with my
son that you all will leave from here. Peda! I will take care, sir. Ok.. Anjali. What is this Seenu? You wanted me to know this. Yes Anjali!
Wanted you to know this truth. I want to see my father Seenu, please. Take me to my father. He is your father. He? He is your father away from
your love for the past 15 years. Daddy. For you gone away from the top
of this heart to come back.. ..on to the heart again,
it took so many years, dear. Sorry daddy. I said you many words. No dear! You are my daughter. Hey, all would search for
Son-in-law after daughter is born. But that God is given me
Son-in-law first and then daughter. This is the story. You have
no option but to make us escape. So much cheating? So many conspiracies?
All of you together cheat my boss.. ..will tell right away.
You are all finished. Sir, sir Peda sir. Hey Seenu, Seenu, just wait Seenu,
leave this single scene to me. Let me handle this. Let me handle this. What is it that you handle, man? Hey idiot! Once I ask you two questions,
you will get clarity. Who said to your boss about Lungi baba? Me. That was the reason,
why marriage has stopped. Who said your boss that
petrol comes on squeezing? Me. That is the reason man,
500 crores is gone in hawala. I will tell my boss that
all these have cheated me. Hey. You bloody fool!
As they know that you would say.. ..these have mingled you legally. Idiot, it is there that
mediator is given 5 crores, right? Whose account do
you think it is deposited? Check man! It is in your account.
Look idiot! Hah! This is mine. Yes! It is yours. Do you know Pakistan. I know sir. Kajikisthan? I know sir, it is in Russia. They are of Irikisthan.
No one knows where it is. Once entered, you are trapped. Son, tomorrow is the marriage.
How are we going? Peda sir is there.
He would take us in chartered flight. Me? In chartered flight. That is Irikisthan. Sir, If you are here
will Bhanu bhai let you live? He would kill. Idiot! Tell now, Is our
rupee great or your Dirhams great? Yes! Your brains earning
rupees are great sir. We do not have time, move. Move..
– Let us go. Bhanu. You are.. Bhai! The one with you all
these days was Narsimha. Dad! Anjali and others
are not to be seen. Not to be seen?
– May have eloped. Baba! It is you? All of them cheated you Bhanu!
They escaped from your house. See to that they do
not escape from Sharjah. Come.. come fast. Come.. come fast. Hey Rohit!
– Dad. Take Airport chief security
officer Hameed in line. Ok.. So, you are from the film crew? Yes, yes!
Hero, heroine and I am the producer. Oh! Who is the director? He is.. Is it me? Hey Rohit! What happened? They are not lifting. Not lifting the phone?
Try.. keep trying. What is the story? Story. Hero is a rich fellow. Aunt married a poor fellow. What does Atta mean? Atta means aunty. Tata upset. Tata Means? Tata means grandfather. Tata wants atta come back,
hero comes to India.. ..and convince Atta. Atta take back, Tata is very happy. Wow! Enjoyed. Very heart touching. You believe it, thank you very much. Now you can proceed. Come on! Security officer Hameed
bhanu bhai disciple. He can stop the flight
at any point of time? Come. Salutes taken Bhanu Bhai! Hameed is in line dad. Taken salutes, Yes! Send me their photos. I will send you Hameed bhai. Shit. Hameed is coming to stop the flight. Move, move. Come on. Hameed is coming to stop the flight. Hey, bloody, bloody. Move, move, move. Hey Seenu! Kill me man, kill me. Go, go go. Hey Peda! There would be
something called cyanide, right? Keeping that here, people would die! Will that be found in this flight,
by chance? Go, go we much Stop the flight! More, more you have to be more faster. Move, move, move.. go, go, go. Hey, you. Stop the flight. I said stop. Oh god. Stop the flight. Stop it. Bhanu!
– Baba. We should reach Hyderabad
even before they reach. Arrange it.
– Ok baba. You are super Seenu! I love you “Seenu, Seenu.” “Seenu, Seenu.” “Seenu, Seenu I am a fan for you,
will feed you sweet pan.” “Queen, queen you are my life,
will take beauty scan.” “I put tent in you solo
heart Printed your photo in me.” “Will make you climb sky,
will put bed on stars.” “Will give many kisses like the Helios.” “Hah, Son-in-law Seenu,
If you come hit is every scene.” “Hah, Son-in-law Seenu, For our dances
gives place is the silver screen.” “Seenu, Seenu.” “Seenu, Seenu.” “Son-in-law Seenu.. we are for him” “He is magical, son-in-law Seenu” “There is lightening in your smiles.” “I will give current to entire
city with that lightening.” “There is heat in your looks I will
cook with that heat to the entire city.” “Instead of sugar in the
coffee cup Will mix beauty sugar.” “Do not want any scent or Athars
Will put on the perfume from breath.” “Hah, Son-in-law Seenu,
If you come hit is every scene.” “Hah, Son-in-law Seenu, For our dances
gives place is the silver screen.” “Your heart is very soft Will
make that softness as a double cot.” “Your way is very naughty Will
make that as bed sheet on that cot.” “Instead of jasmines full in the
room Will sprinkle the sensuous words.” “Do not need incense sticks or smokes..” “..and fumes Heat in body
is enough will fire up.” “Hah, Son-in-law Seenu,
If you come hit is every scene.” “Hah, Son-in-law Seenu, For our dances
gives place is the silver screen.” Sir we reached Hyderabad,
but we are in the risk right. Yes risk, Seenu must do
something and put them in risk. Son I will go to wash room. Go, uncle. Oh god. We meet again. Son-in-law.. Be quiet sir,
Do not be tensed unnecessarily. Why are you embarrassed? You would know if you were in our
position, what that tension is? Look at him, seems like to die
with heart attack in an half an hour. Shall we go?
– Come on uncle. Your wish is going
to be fulfilled uncle! You are going like a king to the village
which felt you all these days as a thief. Okay, but will they
believe if truth is said? We will not tell. We shall show. What is that? True! All Bhanu had spoken
yesterday night in the party.. ..and the truths in the desert
are recorded in this. What about money then? Our men have already
drawn and started uncle. They will meet us on the way. What Dimple, looking tensed? What if not tension sir? This Seenu
has left that Bhai in chair like that. Who is in danger if gets up sir?
You tell, is it not me? Should have killed. I said to kill sir, this fellow is
a big sacrifice, has come leaving him. There is a bit mistake
even from my side in this. Had current in hand, if four points
more was put would have died in a shot. What are you sir, looking so? What if I was the Bhai,
thinking how would your reaction be. Talking is changed a bit, By mistake you
exchanged at the airport or what sir? What Dimple?
Why are you worried so much? What I spoke was such madam. he would just be looking at like that.
No movement in body. Will our words spoken be registered? That is why we say
not to slip the tongue. Do not recite Sumathi stanzas now sir. Heart is like to stop, Said heart is to
stop and vehicle has stopped, why? Narsimha brother! Come. Hey Peda!
– Sir? This is the amount
earned utilizing our innocence. Look at our hard earned money. Ask them to give us some amount sir. We would go to a place where
there are no humans and live happily. Hey, this has to go to
the place it has to reach. Not even a single rupee
should be touched by anyone. Even those earning working
hard will not have such commitment. When you do not give anyone,
why is this exhibition on roads? Let us move. If someone comes
in the mean time, it is a problem. He came. Son-in-law!
– Uncle. What are you looking like that son?
I am your uncle. He is Bhai. Son! I.. Hey! Who is son-in-law to you? Hey dimple come here tell. Tell that was the one
you put current, right? Why current issue now sir,
Am I any line man? Always say put current, put current
and torture me reminding. Son! Do not be confused. Son-in-law. He is Bhai. Do not believe him. I am your uncle. Seenu, Seenu! You planned this much
then how much I can? Seenu. Seenu. Hey Dimple, come here. Seenu. He had a pen drive just before. Here sir. I will leave now sir. Where? There are many
more to kill still by us. Hey, bury him first. Okay! Where have you
learnt to put current? Sir, please do not ask me anything sir.
My health is in no way good sir. Kidneys inside might blast sir. How is Ruksana? Sir. What is the situation here
and what is his emotion sir? What is my frustration?
Without considering all those.. ask about Ruksana,
what is this sir? Hey hey What is this, voice is raising? Sir, I will leave sir. Hey, where do you go man? I have a big work with you. Come! See the marriage of his daughter.. ..have some dale rice
and go happily to heaven. Hey! You go and bring that girl.. Hey! When you start some work,
that should be completed. You started and I will finish it. Seenu, Seenu! Son! He is taking Anjali. Bhai, he is coming. Move faster! Yadi do fast. We work hard there and get petrol there. Hero is wasting so much petrol
on the name of chases, look sir. Will hit with the chappal! When life is
going, you speak about petrol? You brainless fool! There is a meaning for
me not to be fighting for my age. Keeping so many muscles why
are you not fighting you Idiot! That is, I am not understanding
on whose side to fight sir. You are the Arjuna in Mahabharat,
bloody philosophy. Seenu. Hey, live him. Son-in-law. Son-in-law. Son-in-law. Are you ok.. Thank god! He cheated the village people of their
money and blamed your father for it! Stop. All go back. Take them to custody. Brother! We have not understood
you all these days. Excuse us. All due to you man. They crushed our lives
for their happiness. Correct sir!
What is our situation now sir? Need to search for another scape goat,
what else? Whom would we get sir? We will find someone. “Seenu.. Seenu.. Seenu.. Seenu..” “Seenu.. I am your fan
and will give you a sweet paan.” “Queen, queen you are my life,
will take beauty scan.” “I put tent in you solo
heart Printed your photo in me.” “Will make you climb sky,
will put bed on stars” “Son-in-law Seenu..
your entry marks a superhit” “Son-in-law Seenu..
you will put the silver screen on fire” “Seenu.. Seenu.. Seenu.. Seenu..” “Son-in-law Seenu.. we are all for you.” “You are superb, son-in-law Seenu!”

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