36 thoughts on “Alan Watts~ The Art of Meditation”

  1. My mind has wondered so far away that it arrived back where it started, and I don’t want to make that track for a long time. I’m glad I have Allan watts’ seminars to assure me that I’m right where I need to be, cuz my mind is too exhausted to go very far anymore.

  2. I play it at bed time and I always fall asleep to it after about the first 5 – 10 minutes. I then wake in the morning feeling rested and peaceful. I have also listened while meditating and while I am not listening to the words, his wisdom and clarity always make for a lifting experience.

  3. One of the best eye-opening books ive read is called "15 key Zen Insights describing the awakened state of consciousness" you can only buy it as e-book on ZenMasterMerch .com use promo code "zen30"


  5. It was all a joke at the end of the meditations and I fell for it hard. Good one Alan. You deserve to laugh at me.

  6. All Buddhas recommended to keep your mind on breathing pattern and first it feels long and later it becomes shoter breathing and do not feel it later and your do not feel body also and only remaing thing will be comfort and bliss and you can practice being in this position as much as you like and remove comfort and only select bliss or happiness to concentrate further and after with lot of practices you can see bright lights (that's called 4th dyana)before Buddha s enlightment also there were people having only up to this position and they were practice ing dyana and other powers .but loose path to enlightenment if your concentratration put on that.no escape again.but you should not attach to any shape or forma or power created by mind and untie that attachment and go on .so on enlightenment is the decomposition of the myth called mind ,self or soul.no I me myself really. Only +,- this is how everything created .so we are in an illusion.but to do this you need to know basic things ,why we should stop our existence like this .I know but if someone need it can tell.

  7. I find the voice of Alan Watts quite soothing. I find his words vastly helpful in my meditation practice which is in it's infancy. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Alan Watts is great, but I think he's wrong about Judaism and Christianity. The idea of the Hebrew God as a tyrant is largely a bad reading of the Old Testament, borne out of little familiarity with the flourishing and wonderful tradition of Talmudical hermeneutics and the Kabbalah. As for Christianity, the Holy Spirit does precisely what Watts seems to deny this faith—encompassing Christians in the Mission of their Messiah. I am neither Christian nor Jewish, but it is important to treat these faiths with respect.

  9. listened to this with the hopes of falling asleep at some point. Well I fell asleep and "woke up" in sleep paralysis. So I was still listening and following along, but panicked a bit and couldn't move even if i wanted to. This has happened to me, but I don't usually panic. Will have to try this again. Great stuff.

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