Ace Discovery Too Cool! Cartoons – Cartoon Hangover Shorts #3

Help us, Ace Discovery! Save us
from the Neon-Nazis! SLAM PUNK! WOO! Haha, suckers!
You’re funny, Ace! You’re funny! Godammit, turn that **** off.
What? NOOO! Come on, man! It’s movie night! Movie
night! Movie night! Movie night and I let you pick again-
Yeeeaah! And you pick this.Again. Oh come on, man, this is great! you got the
lines! you got the chicks- I got a beaten old piece-of-**** space ship
and a retard shouting in my ear. Well… what do you wanna watch? Otherwise? …Robot Dirty Dancing?
AAAAAAAAWWWWWW… Oh come on, that’s classic cinema.
It’s a total robot flick! Hey… Hey — you want a good
line? No!
Nobody puts robot baby in the corner. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW… SUCKS! Cracker Jack, outside, now. Bring the captain. Suck it! Woah, Jet, what happened to the ship?!
We just crashed, captain. Didn’t you feel it? I’m drunk, Jet. I’m drunk. We hit an asteroid field. Our faithful service
droid stuck his dick in the autopilot. Man, she was askin’ for it!
It’ll take a while to fix. Drive fried, hull breached, fuel cells low. Fuel Cells! Sounds like a job for an adventurer, right Jack? The volcano Ace, there’s always fuel in a volcano!
Captain I really don’t think it’s wise… Ok, see you, Jet! So how d’you know so much about volcanos. I been reading the Space Adventurer’s Handbook.
When did you learn how to read? Last week, you know, you were in hyper-sleep.
I blacked out in the shower, Jack, let’s not sugar coat it.
Chapter 2, sub-section F states that every volcano contains at least one alien society
with one or more crystals of power. Oh yeah… Hey Ace, you want some?
Nope. Aren’t you gonna get your gun out, Ace? There could be monsters down here! You didn’t finish that chapter did you? Canyons have monsters, volcanoes always have
sexy chicks. Icebergs have dudes.
Greetings heroes. Thou hast journeyed long. Now, choose your reward… Here lies the galaxy crystal. The most powerful energy source in the universe. And here, our sensual boudoir Where we– We ain’t sticking our wieners in
any chicks made of fire. Right Jackie? Oh yeah. Yeah take it off. OH GOD
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Hold it right there ya god– Stab him in the mouth! Captain! You’re back! And with a-
Come on, we’re out of here. Mmhmm… Uhuh… Ok, that oughta
do it. Now you’re gonna have to keep
that surgical skirt on for two weeks. Do your best to avoid open flames, And if you’ve
gotta touch yourself, try to just touch your balls. Ok?
Looks like you skipped the chapter on extreme-temperature intercourse.
Yeah well… At least I saw some tits. Although I think looking at them might have given me
retina damage. Plus one of them stepped on my nads! You cock’s looking at me. Hangover!

100 thoughts on “Ace Discovery Too Cool! Cartoons – Cartoon Hangover Shorts #3”


  2. time to pull my hood over my head, stuff my earbuds in my ears and turn up the volume till im deaf, and hide in the corner

  3. this shit is fire. where is the kick starter or whatever the fuck? This needs to be on adult swim

  4. Brave warriors is the best series you've ever done, I'm not telling you you're other cartoons are bad i just don't like them but other people like them

  5. Yeah, I tried to watch this again and get into it, but the crude humour, dumb robot, annoying child and… Duck aliens just ruin it.

  6. It's more that year since i first saw it and i'm still rewaching this. And i still don't get why did they bloop the words "shit" and "tits" but did not blooped "fuckas" and "dick".

  7. So I’m assuming Ace’s deal is he used to be a big shot adventurer, but now he’s just jaded and he has to deal with the annoying sidekick who constantly does stupid stuff. I notice he only once actually raises his voice and that’s when he gets stabbed. Ace just seems the sort of person who’s seen every possible permutation of any possible adventure and just wants to relax.

  8. sigh Adult cartoons need more than cussing, sex, gore and drugs to actually be funny and appeal to adults!

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