A New Vision for Ancient Art at the Getty Villa

To me, personally,
this installation is an important part
of what I really wanted to do when I
first came to the Getty. Virtually every
object has moved. The previous thematic
installation, of course, brought things together that
have the same subject matter. Now we’re broadly
following the history, the chronology
from the Bronze Age through to late Roman times. So each gallery has material of
a particular culture and period together. For visitors who are
coming to the Villa, I think what they’ll be struck
by in this installation is how beautiful, how captivating
the works look. We’ve taken a lot of
trouble over the lighting, over the cases, over the
juxtapositions of works, of what relates and
speaks to other things of the same period,
or what might be an interesting
contrast for some reason. I think the experience of it
as a display of ancient art will be quite a revelation. And that’s, I think,
the main message I want people to go away with. And the thing I want them to
remember about this experience is that these are
major works of art that deserve to be compared
with the great works of, whether it’s the Renaissance,
the Neoclassical Period, the 20th Century, whatever. These are really
important works of art. There will be also a few
surprises in this installation. There’ll be new things to see. But even more than
that, I think it’s the resonance between
objects that you’ll be able to appreciate in the
galleries in a way you couldn’t before that I think
will surprise everyone, whether they’ve been
to us before or not.

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